Sonic & Rainbow Dash: Defenders of the Core
Sonic and rainbow dash logo2
Capcom, Sega, Disney, Hasbro, Lauren Faust
Capcom, Sega, Disney, Hasbro, Lauren Faust
PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U
Release Date (s)
Jaguar European TBA 2013

Jaguar american TBA 2013
Jaguar flagen TBA 2013

Jaguar Australian TBA 2013
Original Score:
Daniel Ingram
William Kevin Anderson
Single-player, multiplayer, online multiplayer
DVD-ROM, Blu-ray Disc

Sonic & Rainbow Dash: Defenders of the Core is an upcoming title developed by Capcom, Sega and Lauren Faust. The game is a crossover action/adventure game featuring characters and stages from the MLP: FiM series and the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is also the first game to feature guest characters from different franchises.


Kelda the Griffin, after being foiled Rainbow Dash and Gilda some time ago, goes into Sonic's world and teams up with Dr. Eggman. Together, they made Exodus Crystals, which freeze people in a crystalized prison. When word of the situation reaches Equestria and the Princesses, Celestia and Luna, send Rainbow Dash to team up with the Sonic Heroes to stop Rainbow Dash's enemy and Sonic's Arch-nemesis from completing their mission to use the Earth's energy to achieve world domination. Will they succeed?


Main Good Guys

Main Villains

Supporting Characters


Main Good Guys

Sonic: Johnny Yong Bosch
Rainbow Dash: Ashleigh Ball
Tails: Kate Higgins
Knuckles: Steven Jay Blum
Amy Rose: Lisa Ortiz
Cream: Jessica Boone
Cosmo: Amy Birnbaum
Shadow: Jason Griffith
Rouge: Megan Fahlenbock
Sally: Kath Soucie
Blaze: Laura Bailey
Silver: Scott McCord
Antoine: Rob Paulsen
Bunnie: Stephanie Mills
Sonia: Louise Ridgeway
Manic: Greg Cipes
Mina: Ashley Johnson
Jet: Vic Mignogna
Roll: Monica Rial
Mickey: Bret Iwan
Twilight Sparkle: Tara Strong
Ben Mare: Jason Marsden
Applejack: Ashleigh Ball
Pinkie Pie: Andrea Libman
Brian: Tom Kenny
Fluttershy: Andrea Libman
Rarity: Tabitha St. Germain
Lord Eric: Vic Mignogna
Derpy Hooves: Tabitha St. Germain
Angie Orange: Janyse Jaud
Lightning Dust: Britt Irvin

Main Villains

Dr. Eggman: Mike Pollock
Kelda: Cindy Robinson
Mephiles: Dan Green
Scourge: Roger Craig Smith
Fiona Fox: Rachel Wilson
Scratch: Phil Hayes
Grounder: Gary Chalk
Coconuts: Ian James Corlett
Snively: Charlie Adler
Sleet: Maurice LaMarche
Dingo: Peter Wilds
Nazo: Marco Grazzini

Supporting Cast

Tikal: Bella Hudson
Shade: Luci Christian
Eduardo: Tom Kenny
Marine the Raccoon: Kate Higgins
Maria: Bella Hudson
Galaxina: Veronica Taylor
Dena: Kari Walghren
Raymond: Suzanne Goldish
Laura: Moneca Stori
Emily: Amy Birnbaum
NiGHTS: Julissa Aguirre
William Taylor: Riley O'Flynn
Helen Cartwright: Victoria Ashby
Marshall: Rachael Lillis
Suzette: Kerry Williams
Vector: Keith Silverstein
Espio: Kyle Hebert
Charmy: Coleen Clinkenbeard
Julie-Su: Kate Higgins
Wave the Swallow: Kate Higgins
Storm the Albatross: Dan Green
Hope: Monica Rial
Molly: Bella Hudson
Rotor: Brian Donovan
King Damashi: Dan Lorge
Queen Aleena: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Spike: Cathy Weseluck
Nyx: Daveigh Chase
Apple Bloom: Michelle Creber
Scootaloo: Madeleine Peters
Sweetie Belle: Claire Corlett
Tough Apple: Scott McNeil
Princess Celestia: Nicole Oliver
Princess Luna: Tabitha St. Germain


Sonic's Challenges

  1. Race the Girl [Challenge: Race Amy throughout the Chemical Zone]
  2. Break the Targets [Challenge: Similar to a challenge from "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" of the same name]
  3. Metal Sonic Throw-down [Challenge: Defeat Metal Sonic]
  4. Sonic to the Rescue [Challenge: Rescue Amy from Scratch and Grounder]
  5. Eggman's Carnival [Challenge: Defeat Eggman's Clown Robots]
  6. Missing Tools [Challenge: Retrieve Tails' Toolbox]
  7. Sticks and Stones (Sonic version) [Challenge: Beat Fake Discord while not obeying his misleading advice]
  8. Super Rivalry [Challenge: Super Sonic vs. Super Shadow]

Rainbow Dash's Challenges

  1. Great as a Wonderbolt [Challenge: Team up with the Wonderbolts to drive Eggman's Robots out of Cloudsdale]
  2. Flying Rivals [Challenge: Race Kelda to the Finish]
  3. Helpin' Around [Challenge: Help Amy whack some robots]
  4. Dashing Friends [Challenge: Race Sonic through Green Hill Zone]
  5. Sonic Rainboom [Challenge: Do a Sonic Rainboom]
  6. Fearless Friend [Challenge: Protect Fluttershy from Metal Rainbow Dash]
  7. Sticks and Stones (Rainbow Dash version) [Challenge: Beat Fake Discord while not obeying his misleading advice]
  8. Ultimate Showdown [Challenge: Super Rainbow Dash vs. Dark Kelda]

Others' Challenges

  1. Amy Rose: Whack-A-Bot [Challenge: Smash 24 robots or more before time's up]
  2. Cream: Beach Blanket Blow-up [Challenge: Fight Robots on the Beach]
  3. Tails: To the Skies [Challenge: Destroy a wave of Robot Flyers with the X-Tornado]
  4. Cosmo: Shadow Down [Challenge: Finish what Shadow started as he rests to recover from the fighting he managed to do]
  5. Shadow: Shadow to the Rescue [Challenge: Rescue Cream from Scratch and Grounder]
  6. Silver: Silver to the Rescue [Challenge: Rescue Blaze from Scratch and Grounder]
  7. Sally: A Princess' Duty [Challenge: Defend Princess Celestia and Princess Luna from 4 waves of Eggman's Robots]
  8. Blaze: Burning Flames [Challenge: Team up with Amy, Cream and Cosmo and defeat Scratch and Grounder]

Tag Team Challenges

  1. Silver and Blaze: Free the Future [Challenge: Prevent a horrible future that Mephiles is trying to create by defeating him]
  2. Amy and Sally: Girl Power [Challenge: Defeat Fiona Fox]
  3. Manic and Mina: Power of Music [Challenge: Use the Power of Music to defeat Coconuts]
  4. Knuckles and Rouge - Master Emerald Defense [Challenge: Defeat waves of Eggman's Robots to protect the Master Emerald]
  5. Tails and Cosmo: The Doctor is Out [Challenge: Find and defeat Dr. Finitevus]
  6. Roll and Mickey: No Guts, No Glory [Challenge: Bring down Snively and free everyone from his control]
  7. Bunnie and Antoine: Battle of Lovers [Challenge: Defeat Scourge and Fiona]
  8. Sonic and Rainbow Dash: Faster than Machines [Challenge: Race Metal Sonic and Metal Rainbow Dash to the Finish]


Rainbow Dash

  • Wonderbolt
  • Shadowbolt
  • Super colors
  • Gala dress
  • Kung Fu attire
  • Regular with Goggles
  • Winter Wrap-up Vest
  • Firefly's colors
  • Sonic Blue with regular mane and tail
  • Mare Do Well costume
  • Commander Hurricane costume
  • DLC 1: 20% cooler prototype gala dress
  • DLC 2: Daring Do
  • DLC 3: Filly Rainbow Dash
  • DLC 4: Rainbow Chaos


  • Riders costume
  • Super colors
  • Werehog colors
  • Goku costume
  • Spider-Hog
  • Classic Sonic
  • Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Alt. Costume
  • Sonic and the Black Knight attire
  • Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson costume
  • Jedi costume
  • DLC 1: Sonic Claus
  • DLC 2: Darkspine colors
  • DLC 3: Excalibur Sonic
  • DLC 4: Quick Man Sonic


  • Original dress
  • Riders costume
  • Winter Olympics outfit
  • London Olympics swimsuit/leotard
  • Trademark swimsuit
  • Beauty Queen Etna costume
  • Thor-based attire
  • Classic Amy
  • Space Channel 5 outfit
  • Disney Rapunzel costume
  • DLC 1: Nimue, Lady of the Lake
  • DLC 2: Sonic X swimsuit
  • DLC 3: Shippuden Sakura costume
  • DLC 4: Sailor Mini Rose (from the Sally Moon special comic)


  • Riders costume
  • Super colors
  • Naruto costume
  • Blacksmith costume
  • Ali Baba
  • Gyro Man suit
  • Tanooki suit
  • Classic Tails
  • Robin Hood costume
  • Good Guy outfit (like the Good Guy dolls from Child's Play series, but with the exception of his trademark sneakers)
  • DLC 1: Baseball shirt
  • DLC 2: AoStH Tails colors
  • DLC 3: Pilot suit
  • DLC 4: Regular with metal arm


  • Riders costume
  • Trademark swimsuit
  • Olympics attire
  • Aerith costume
  • Poison Ivy costume (animated series)
  • Wereseedrian form
  • Galaxina colors
  • Hinata outfit
  • Princess Tiana costume
  • Tinker Bell costume
  • DLC 1: Poison Ivy costume (Arkham Asylum)
  • DLC 2: Adult Cosmo
  • DLC 3: Halloween costume (Composite Maria/Molly)
  • DLC 4: Witch costume


  • Riders costume
  • Super colors
  • Sir Gawain
  • Sinbad
  • Chaos Knuckles (Green Knuckles)
  • Ryu costume
  • Akuma costume
  • Classic Knuckles
  • Red Prince Costume with Gold Trim
  • Enerjak
  • DLC 1: Regular w/ braids in ponytail
  • DLC 2: KH1 Riku costume
  • DLC 3: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Alt. Costume
  • DLC 4: Sonic movie costume


  • Riders outfit
  • Alternate Sonic GX outfit
  • Original design
  • Soul Reaper Ichigo costume
  • Trademark swimsuit
  • Classic Sally
  • Blond concept Sally
  • Original design without vest
  • Adventurer outfit
  • Vampire costume
  • DLC 1: Mecha Sally
  • DLC 2: Arabian costume
  • DLC 3: Sally Moon costume
  • DLC 4: Winter outfit


  • Original outfit (from Sonic Adventure 2)
  • Riders outfit
  • Sonic Heroes outfit
  • Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Alt. Costume
  • Trademark swimsuit
  • Mai Shiranui costume
  • Ninja costume
  • Sonic Rivals 2 Alt. Costume 1
  • Sonic Rivals 2 Alt. Costume 2
  • Carmen Sandiego costume
  • DLC 1: Spy Gunner costume
  • DLC 2: Sonic Adventure 2 Dark Rouge
  • DLC 3: Sonic Adventure 2 Christmas
  • DLC 4: Sonic Adventure 2 Halloween


  • Riders outfit
  • Original outfit
  • Trademark swimsuit
  • Pirate outfit
  • Ninja outfit
  • Hawaiian dress (like Lilo, only orange)
  • School clothes (Sonic High)
  • Radical Edward (Cowboy Bebop) costume
  • Space Channel 5 outfit
  • Disney Alice costume
  • DLC 1: Sonic X Swimsuit
  • DLC 2: Orange One-Piece Swimsuit
  • DLC 3: MM8 Roll dress
  • DLC 4: Original outfit with Baseball shirt


  • Riders outfit
  • Sir Lancelot
  • Alucard costume
  • Sonic Rivals 2 Race outfit
  • Sonic Rivals 2 Flame outfit
  • Sonic Rivals 2 Mercenary outfit
  • Super Shadow colors
  • Vegeta costume
  • Megamind costume
  • Vampire Nosferatu costume (based on Nosferadow)
  • DLC 1: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Alt. Costume
  • DLC 2: Sonic Rivals 2 80's outfit
  • DLC 3: Mephiles colors
  • DLC 4: Phantom of the Opera costume


  • Riders outfit
  • Original outfit
  • Burning Blaze colors
  • Lady Percival
  • Trademark swimsuit
  • Olympics attire
  • Winter Olympics attire
  • London Olympics leotard/swimsuit
  • Disney Esmerelda costume
  • Disney Cinderella costume (princess dress)
  • DLC 1: Chinese ninja dress
  • DLC 2: Cursed pyro ninja
  • DLC 3: Akiza's outfit
  • DLC 4: Phoenix costume from MvC3


  • Riders outfit
  • Super colors
  • Sir Galahad
  • Inuyasha costume
  • Sonic Rivals 2 Race outfit
  • Sonic Rivals 2 Lightning outfit
  • Future Trunks costume
  • Tron Legacy costume
  • Jedi costume
  • Prince Charming costume
  • DLC 1: Concept Silver
  • DLC 2: Sonic Rivals 2 Christmas outfit
  • DLC 3: Sonic Rivals 2 Cyber outfit
  • DLC 4: Sesshomaru costume


  • Riders outfit
  • Kenshin costume
  • Zorro costume
  • Musketeer costume
  • KH Goofy costume
  • Captain Hook costume
  • Jack Sparrow costume
  • Raphael (SC2) costume
  • Prince Phillip costume
  • Matrix outfit
  • DLC 1: Green version of regular
  • DLC 2: Mihawk costume
  • DLC 3: Long John Silver costume
  • DLC 4: Jedi costume


  • Riders outfit
  • SatAM Bunnie
  • Comic Bunnie
  • Edward Elric costume
  • Daisy duke look
  • Regular with robotic parts in Rex's colors
  • Red Leotard with Gold Robotic parts
  • Purple leotard with regular robotic parts and a cowboy hat
  • Halo Spartan armor
  • Matrix outfit
  • DLC 1: Sandy Cheeks costume
  • DLC 2: Rogue (X-Men TAS) costume
  • DLC 3: Lexi Bunny-esque costume
  • DLC 4: Spencer (MvC3) costume


  • Riders outfit
  • Trademark swimsuit
  • Misty costume
  • Berri's Trinity costume
  • Regular with red vest
  • Mira Clay's New Vestroia attire
  • Outfit from the S Factor: Silver & Sonia (Sonic the Hedgehog ROM hack)
  • Ulala's outfit from Space Channel 5
  • Disney Aurora costume (pink princess dress)
  • Disney Ariel costume (princess dress)
  • DLC 1: Chun-Li's Street Fighter Alpha attire
  • DLC 2: Tigress (Kung Fu Panda) costume
  • DLC 3: Knuckles Red biker costume
  • DLC 4: Artemis (Young Justice) costume


  • Riders outfit
  • Light Yagami (Death Note) costume
  • Conker's jacket
  • Shun's New Vestroia attire
  • Punk Rocker outfit
  • Protoman Manic
  • Regular with cape
  • Earthmaster looks
  • Lupin III costume
  • Pirate costume
  • DLC 1: Cloud Strife costume
  • DLC 2: Nightwing costume
  • DLC 3: Spectra's Mechtanium Surge attire
  • DLC 4: Rath costume


  • Riders outfit
  • Original outfit
  • Trademark swimsuit
  • Concert outfit
  • Asuna Kagurazaka costume
  • Terra (Teen Titans) costume
  • Spellcaster outfit
  • Yuna Songstress outfit
  • Kim Possible costume
  • Disney Jasmine costume
  • DLC 1: Yuna FFX-2 attire
  • DLC 2: Winter clothes
  • DLC 3: Gwen Tennyson's Alien Force season 3 attire
  • DLC 4: Regular with jacket


  • Sir Lamorak
  • Storm the Albatross' colors
  • Gold feathers
  • Shadow Prove costume
  • Shade Man suit
  • Ratchet's outfit (from Ratchet Deadlocked)
  • The Flash costume
  • New Goblin costume (from Spider-Man 3)
  • Disney Aladdin costume (with his trademark gloves and sneakers)
  • Jedi costume
  • DLC 1: Edward Falcon costume
  • DLC 2: Jak's combat racer outfit (from Jak X)
  • DLC 3: Court Jester outfit
  • DLC 4: Military outfit


  • Original outfit
  • Battle outfit
  • Trademark swimsuit
  • Roll Caskett outfit
  • RS Roll outfit
  • Mega Nova Corps outfit (from UMVC3)
  • Hyper Armor (from MvC2)
  • Gym Outfit
  • Outfit from Mega Man: Upon a Star
  • Kamen Rider R
  • DLC 1: Ninja outfit
  • DLC 2: Kamen Rider outfit
  • DLC 3: Roll.EXE costume
  • DLC 4: Rainbow Brite costume

Mickey Mouse

  • Trademark Disney outfit
  • Fantasia outfit
  • Musketeer outfit
  • House of Mouse outfit
  • KH Birth by Sleep outfit
  • Mickey and the Beanstalk attire
  • Prince and the Pauper attire - Pauper
  • Captain Mouse (Captain America costume)
  • Jedi outfit
  • Scrapper/Monster Mickey (from Runaway Brain)
  • DLC 1: Prince and the Pauper attire - Prince
  • DLC 2: Spider-Mouse (Spider-Man costume)
  • DLC 3: Epic Mickey appearance
  • DLC 4: Disneyland attire

Special Features

The game also contains special features unlike many Sonic games. They consist of the following:

  • Picture galleries containing the following:
    • Concept art
    • 3D models
    • Screencaps of various Sonic shows and games, plus the Sonic the Hedgehog anime movie (featuring Metal Sonic)
    • Screencaps of various episodes from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • Video galleries containing the following:
    • Four Sonic episodes; one from each known Sonic show
      • Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) - The Doomsday Project
      • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog - Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad
      • Sonic Underground - Friend or Foe
      • Sonic X - The Last Resort
    • Four episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; featuring Rainbow Dash.
      • Griffon the Brush-Off
      • Dragonshy
      • Sonic Rainboom
      • May the Best Pet Win
    • Cutscenes of the game
    • Cutscenes from various Sonic Games
    • Clips from Sonic shows and movies
    • The Sonic fan film
    • Clips from different episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    • Cutscenes of Kingdom Hearts games
    • Cutscenes from Megaman 8
  • Sound Test
  • An exclusive OVA: Sonic & Rainbow Dash: Plan to Eradicate Two Worlds

More coming soon...

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