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SonicTH is an Anime played in France, Japan, Australia, United States and the United Kingdom.This anime features the characters taller than they usually are.They would be the size of a typical teenager.They also have detailed the character's eyes to make them look more like the other characters a little.The design of the characters is somewhat different.Rated PG.

Pairings included

SonAmy,ShadIrma,KnuxOuge,Tailream,Mightoney and Knightenessa

Included Characters

Main Characters

Reappearing characters

Guest stars

  • Lord the hedgebat

Story Arks

Season 1

(Episodes 1-5)The Revenge Ark

The Revenge Ark features the return of Shadow who was shown earlier in the episode,to have been sealed into another dimension.Throughout the Ark,what happened to Shadow is shown more and more.Someone cast a spell on Shadow and he decided to take over the world.Sonic and Shadow turn into their super forms for a showdown which lead to Shadow being sucked into a different dimension.With the episoes shown,Shadow escaped the dimension in seek for revenge by sending the Earth through a Time Warp.Irma and Rouge try to stop Shadow which makes him stop in his plans.But by the time this happened,it was too late and the Time Warp was awakened.To stop this,Shadow gave chaos energy to the Time Warp to close but Irma and Rouge were already in the Time Warp.Shadow was disgusted in his actions and left Sonic to find them.

(Episode 6-8)The Chao Ark

Cream's chao,Cheese acts very strange over the past few days and everyone gets worried.Eventually,Cream asks Tails to research on this and Tails promises to Cream he would find the answer.Tails discovers,over a news report,the chao are going missing including Cheese's brother,Chocola.Cream and Cheese are told this and run away that night to find them.Tails sees them gone and tells the others.Sonic,Tails,Knuckles,Cyclone and Amy go to look for them.Cream and Cheese find Chocola in a room sick and cold.Going to get Chocola out,Cream is aproached by Silouhette.Everyone finds Cream and Cheese but were attacked by strange creatures which came from the ground.After the monsters were defeated,Cream lead them all to the other chao and Sonic freed them.Chocola and Cheese dance together,showing they were happy to be reunited.Cream,Amy,Sonic and Cyclone watch them dance while Knuckles and Tails looked at the other chao figuring out their habitat.Tails says they would have to live in Cream's house until Tails figured out where they lived.At Cream's house,Knuckles is trying to keep the chao under control.Cream tells Sonic and Tails she saw a strange man that took her.At first,Sonic wondered who he was but was told by Tails to worry about it later.

(Episode 9-12)The Worship Ark

Cream has a dream with her being chased by a strange figure and is interupted by a giant creature.Cream wakes up with a shock and looks around the room.She gets up to get a drink of water but is interupted by a vision of the previous Ark.It featured her finding Chocola and being aproached by the silouhette and she screams.This wakes up Tails and he asks Cream if she was hurt.Cream said she was worried if she did something wrong when she went missing.Tails didn't it expect it to affect her so much and smiles.He smiles and tells Cream it will be alright.Cream smiles back and says she'll trust him.Tails suggests they would go for a walk tommorow.Cream agrees to this and they go back to bed.The next day,Cream and Tails depart and go for some smoothies.Sonic walks into Cream's room and discovers a chip on Cream's pillow.It was a communicator.Sonic looked at the logo on the communicator and recognised it on the room wall where found Cream in the previous Ark.Sonic looks onto the computer and types in the logo name"Worship co."Sonic finds a page on wikipedia and prints it.He gives it to the others and Knuckles reads it out to everybody.

"The Worship co. was an evil foundry created by a man called Worship.He formed this group ten years ago.After his wife died,he was heartbroken and made an attempt to bring her to life.But GUN didn't allow this and destroyed the experiment but in the process,crushing her heart.Enraged by this,Worship wanted revenge on the world.He gave his soul to a mage called Shinobo for an army of monsters to destroy the world.One hero,however,stopped his plans which angered Shinobo,so he sealed Worship to the underworld where he would be for the rest of his days..."

Amy says if the guy was dead,he wouldn't be behind the crime.Sonic said it was confusing and then,he remembers the communicator and says Cream was working with Worship co..This was confirmed when Cream tazard Tails and Worship showed up.Cream asked if he would give her freedom and he said he would never  have released Cream and got one of his creatures to murder Cream.Amy and Cyclone stay behind while Knuckles and Sonic went to find Tails.Finding Cream's body dumped into the forest,Sonic tries to help her but it was too late.Cream is able to give coordinates to Tails's location.Once the two reached the caves of Worship,they find Tails and tell him about Cream's death.They are then interupted by Worship and says she isn't completely dead.He had her soul in his possesion.Sonic tries to take it but is hit back.Once Worship sends them all to their knees,he goes to crush Cream's soul.Tails is determined to save Cream's life and manages to stand.Worship goes to finish him off completely but is hit in the head from behind.As he passes out,it is revealed Amy hit him from behind with Cyclone who mentions what they would do without them.Sonic and the others go to Cream and revive her.They all return back to Cream's house and Sonic thinks for a moment about Worship.What he was planning to do?

(Episode )The Amy Ark

Amy goes to prove herself worthy of Sonic by defeating Worship by herself.Meanwhile,during the scenario,Cream and Tails are trying to save a girl who GUN is after.By trying to do this,Tails is threatened that Cream would be killed in the process.Tails gives himself up to GUN so Cream and the girl would be safe.Amy is attacked by Worship's warriors known as Knightmares on her attempt to stop Worship.Sonic manages to save Amy in a nick of time.The two return to their friends where Cream tells Tails made the ultimate sacrifice to GUN.Sonic goes to help Tails,telling Amy to stay behind.Sonic goes to GUN and finds Tails on one of the GUN battleships.The GUN commander attempts to kill them and Amy reveals herself to have followed Sonic.She said she would never leave without them.The three ran from the Gun commander and eventually,were out of sight.However,the GUN commander forced one of his troops to set after them and kill them on sight in the most "Bloody ways".Eventually,the three reached the escape pods.GUN troops found them as soon as Tails got away.Sonic says he would hold them off while Amy escaped but Amy disobeyed and said they were going to do it together.The two knew there was no escape and jumped from the window.Amy and Sonic held onto each other awaiting death but Tails flew by in his plane and saved them.

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