Sonic: War to Take Back the Planet
Art by Tyson Hesse
Film information

Directed by

Andy Muschietti

Produced by

Neal H. Moritz

Executive Produced by

Tim Miller

Screenplay by

Patrick Casey

Story by

Ian Flynn

Based on

Sonic Forces

Avengers: Infinity War


Roger Craig Smith

Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Travis Willingham

CIndy Robinson

Kirk Thornthon

Karen Strassman

Vic Mignogna,

Keith Silverstein

Matthew Mercer

Michelle Ruff

Quinton Flynn

Mike Pollock

Liam O' Brien

Music by

Tomoya Ohtani


Stephen F. Windon

Editing by

Stacey Schroeder

Debra Neil-Fisher



Original Film

Marza Animation Planet

Blur Studio

Distributed by

Paramount Pictures

Release Date(s)

14 August 2018

Running time

150 minutes




$225 million

Box office

$556 million

Preceded by

Sonic: Shattered Pride

Followed by

Sonic: The Last Minute

"The End Begins Here!"
Sonic: War to Take Back the Planet is a 2018 computer-animated film based on the Sonic Forces game, the Avengers: Infinity War film. It is a sequel to Sonic: Shattered Pride. It was produced by Sega, Original Film, Blur Studio and Marza Animation Planet and distributed by Paramount Pictures. It was directed by Andy Muschetti, with screenplay by Patrick Casey and story by Ian Flynn, and features an ensemble cast including Roger Craig Smith, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, Travis Willingham, CIndy Robinson, Kirk Thornthon, Karen Strassman, Vic Mignogna, Keith Silverstein, Matthew Mercer, Michelle Ruff, Quinton Flynn, Mike Pollock and Liam O' Brien. In the film, Sonic and his friends, united in a rag-tag group known as the Resistance, attempt to prevent Dr. Eggman an his new mysterious right-hand man Infinite from enacting their plans and retake the planet. It was released on 14 August 2018. The sequel, Sonic: The Last Minute, was released on 7 November 2019.


After his countless defeats by Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr. Eggman prepares his "invincible instrument of destruction" within his laboratory to finally repay Sonic for every single indignity he suffered at his hands and take over the world to enact his Eggman Empire. When everything is ready, he launches a large scale assault on the City, with his Death Egg Robot sentinels and various Badniks. While Tails manages to fight off some of the robots in his Cyclone mech, he ultimately loses and gets Cyclone destroyed. As things get grim for the survivors, Sonic appears on the scene, having answered Tails' emergency call from earlier, and bashes the Badniks threatening the survivors before challenging Dr. Eggman. Eggman, however, anticipated this and quickly summoned his allies, who block Sonic from reaching Eggman's Egg Mobile and turn out to be Shadow, Metal Sonic, Zavok, and Chaos. Among them is also an enigmatic newcomer, who formally introduces himself as Infinite before proceeding to swiftly overpower and utterly thrash Sonic with help from Eggman's allies .Tails, unable to watch he's friend getting beaten up so brutally, tries to fight Infinite, but is knocked out too, allowing Eggman to capture Sonic unnoticed.

With everyone believing Sonic to be dead, Eggman and his forces quickly took over, managing to conquer over 99% of the planet in a span of six months. However, Sonic's friends who managed to escape Eggman's invasion decide to continue the fight and form a rag-tag team called the Resistance to combat Eggman's rule, with Knuckles the Echidna as their commander and other members like Amy Rose, Team Chaotix, Rouge the Bat and Silver the Hedgehog. Excluded from the Resistance is Tails, as they can't contact him anymore after Sonic's disappearance.

Despite assembling a small army and fighting off Eggman's forces for quite some time, the Resistance is unable to stop them, and in addition, Eggman Empire also start to destroy any villages or towns who dare to rise against its rule. As the Resistance's core members discuss the situation, Knuckles arrives and updates them on the news from the battlefield before introducing a new recruit: a cowardly wolf (whom the Resistance named "Gadget" because of his glasses) who prior had survived an encounter with Infinite. Not long after, Rouge storms in and reports that Sonic is still alive, but is being held prisoner onboard the rebuilt Death Egg. When Amy formulates a plan to rescue Sonic, Knuckles sends Gadget and the Chaotix to the Spaceport, where they succesfully manage to steal a shuttle despite Infinite being nearby.

Meanwhile,Tails in the City is trying to fix a severely damaged E-123 Omega. As he apologizes to the robot for not being smart enough, the fox cub is suddenly ambushed by Chaos. Resolving to not be afraid, Tails fights Chaos and almost defeats him, when Classic Sonic suddenly emerges from a portal he was sucked into following a recent battle in his dimension, and finishes off Chaos. Tails is truly relieved to see him again and suggests a theory that Infinite's powers may have pulled Classic Sonic into their world, which Classic Sonic confirms (by sign language). Tails then awkwardly asks Classic Sonic to help him to find his Sonic and save the world, to which Classic Sonic agrees without hesitation. Regaining some hope, Tails and Classic Sonic set out to save the world, while also developing a bond.

Back with the Resistance, Rouge reveals that Eggman has only kept Sonic alive for these six months because he just wanted to torture him for a while and then banish him into space to die. However, Eggman got wind of the Resistance's rescue attempt and moved the banishment ahead of schedule. As such, the Resistance storm the Death Egg. Once onboard, Gadget chooses the only correct route to reach Sonic. As all of this is happening, Sonic is about to be banished by Zavok. However, the Resistance's commotion onboard the Death Egg unlocks Sonic's restraints, allowing him to engage Zavok in a fight that results in Zavok's defeat. As Sonic makes his escape, he finds a scared Gadget under attack from Egg Pawns, saves him, and they return to their world via a shuttle. After getting reunited with his friends, the Resistance patches Sonic up and asks him to team up with Gadget to destroy the Arsenal Pyramid, a weapon factory supplying Eggman. Despite the wolf's cowardice and Sonic being considerably worse for wear after Eggman's torture, Sonic readily agrees and quickly accepts Gadget as his partner.

After the duo destroy the factory, Sonic heads to Mystic Jungle to help Silver, who is being attacked by Infinite. Although Silver manages to hold his ground against Infinite and even makes him drop a strange gem, he is ultimately beaten to the ground. When Infinite prepares to kill Silver, Sonic stops Infinite and takes him on. While Sonic fights much better then before, Infinite still overpowers the hedgehog and tries to finish him off, but Sllver appears and distracts him long enough for the duo to escape. Meanwhile, Tails and Classic Sonic traverse through the Green Hill, having detected Eggman's prrsence on Tails' radar, and soon find Eggman talking with Infinite about their plans. Eavesdropping on them, the duo learn that the Infinite derives his power from a gem called the Phantom Ruby, whose defective prototypes have been destroyed by Infinite to keep them from falling into Resistance's hands. After the villains' meeting is dismissed upon the notion that the Resistance will soon be erased, Tails and Classic Sonic emerge from their hiding and fight Eggman, who uses the Egg Dragoon against them. Despite him losing, the doctor still gloats to Tails and Classic Sonic that the Resistance will be wiped out by his "final plan" in just three days. Before Tails can learn more, Eggman escapes.

Having helped to retake Park Avenue in the meantime, Gadget is sent to check out two life readings in Mystic Jungle. There, he finds a Phantom Ruby prototype. He also finds Classic Sonic and Tails, who had came here to find Sonic. Gadget then reunites Classic Sonic and Tails with the Resistance and Tails relays Eggman's plan to them. Sonic soon after is called to Sunset Heights to stop Shadow, who is leading an invasion on the City. Upon finding him, he and Sonic engage in a brief scuffle before the real Shadow arrives and helps take his imposter down. After the fake Shadow fades away, Shadow then joins the Resistance and reveals that the Shadow serving Eggman is merely a replica created by Infinite, as are the other villains, meaning the Eggman's army can be practically endless,

Knuckles soon after launches a massive assault codenamed "The Ninth Shaft": to claim Eggman's undermanned headquarters, Metropolis, only for the entire thing to turn out to be an ambush, as Eggman has anticipated that the Resistance.would seize such an opportunity. Infinite then arrives on the scene and uses the Phantom Ruby's power to eradicatre 80% of the Resistance army, forcing Knuckles to pull for retreat. While escaping the carnage however, Gadget comes across Infinite himself, who remembers who Gadget is. Recalliing some words of encouragement from Sonic, the wolf stands his ground against Infinite. Infinite attempts to kill Gadget, but is suddenly countered. Although Infinite quickly figures out that Gadget has a Phantom Ruby prototype, he lets him live regardless, knowing that the defective prototypes only work once.

Realizing that they need to stop the Phantom Ruby to win the war, the Resistance sends Tails and Classic Sonic to infiltrate Eggman's computer network in Chemical Plant and find the Phantom Ruby's weakness: it is directly powered by the Death Egg's core, and it's powerless without a power source. In the meantime, Sonic and Gadget's freindship grows stronger after they defeat a Metal Sonic replica together. After that, Sonic and Silver are called to the Floral Forest Village, Cream the Rabbit's hometown, to help with the evacuation, which they successfully do despite picking up a fight with Infinite. Putting their next plan into motion, the Resistance sends Gadget to create a diversion in Green Hill while Sonic shuts down the Death Egg's defense systems, allowing Classic Sonic to destroy the Death Egg, which causes Eggman and his crew to retreat to Metropolis. Believing they have gained an edge now, the Resistance target Metropolis once again. However, when Sonic and Tails find Eggman, Infinite suddenly appears and banishes Sonic into Null Space, with Gadget getting pulled along with Sonic while trying to save him. Eggman then reveals to the baffled Tails that he knew the Resistance would target the Death Egg, so he built a backup power supply for the Phantom Ruby under Metropolis. Meanwhile, Sonic and Gadget manage to escape Null Space (due to Gadget unconsciously activating his Phantom Ruby prototype) and rejoin the battle in Metropolis. When the duo catches Eggman off-guard with their return, an irritated Eggman retreats with his crew to prepare his endgame, which is only two hours away, while the Resistance siezes Metropolis.

After regrouping, the entire Resistance (excluding Tails) eventually confronts Infinite and a huge army of replicas and badniks at the Eggman Empire Fortress in a desperate effort to reach the Phantom Ruby's last power supply. As Infinite attempts to kill the Resistance however, Omega, now fully repaired by Tails, arrives and distracts him. Infuriated by the persistence of the opposition, Infinite initiates Eggman's endgame immediately by creating a large virtual sun over the planet to incinerate the Resistance. During the clutter, Tails notices that Gadget has a Phantom Ruby prototype, and theorizes that he can use it to dissipate the sun. Since the prototype's configuration only lets Gadget use it, the wolf climbs up the imperial tower and neutralizes the virtual sun (destroyng the prototype in the process), giving the Resistance a fighting chance and a morale boost. At the same time, Sonic himself confronts Infinite while he is weakened from forming the sun, only for Infinite to regain his full power in his battle with Sonic. At that point, Gadget comes to help Sonic, and together, the two heroes defeat Infinite for good. However, the Infinite that was defeated turns out to be a replica.

Warned by Eggman and Infinite that they aren't done yet, Sonic and Gadget manage destroy the Phantom Ruby's final power supply, seemingly winning the war. After Sonic and Gadget meet up with the Resistance however, Eggman reveals that the reactor's rubies were fake and that Infinite has fused his prototype with the original Phantom Ruby and then overclocked it, achieving his complete form, which then appears as Eggman flies away and leaves Infinite to destroy the Resistance.. With the Eggman Army outnumbering the Resistance, Sonic confronts Infinite alone and destroys his Ruby, causing the replicas' army to vanish and allegedly leaving the Resistance as the victor. Just as the Resistance prepared to celebrate, Infinite then revealed that he is still alive because he had actually fused the reactor's prototypes (which were still functional) and activated his own prototype (now fused with the original Ruby), causing a half of the Resistance to atomize out of existence, including Gadget, Vector, Charmy, and Cream, the last of which clings to Sonic, tearfully begging him not to let her go. As a shell-shocked Sonic can't process what's just happened, Tails realizes that this was Eggman's true final plan and then sees Classic Sonic fading away due to his time in this dimension running. Meanwhile, Eggman in his Egg Mobile notices that he's begins to atomize out of existence too, but simply smirks, as now, he knows that Infinite has completed their plan. Infinite himself then retires in an empty village, considering his job finally done.

In a mid-credit scene, Tails picks up a strange colorful gem while returning to Resistance HQ. While Tails, Shadow, Amy and Silver analyze it, Blaze the Cat suddenly appears and demands the gem from them. In a post-credit scene, Big the Cat and Froggy also fall victim to the cataclysm.



Song title Composer Remix Location
Years of Hatred Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Eggman reviews Infinite in his laboratory.
An Emergency Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Tails fights the Egg Pawns before Sonic arrvies.
Who is He...? Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Infinite arrives on the scene and beats Sonic.
Dark Ages Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Eggman Empire takes over the world.
The Rebellion Tomoya Ohtani Theme of the Resistance - Sonic Forces
  • Theme of the Resistance.
Your First Mission Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Gadget appears for the first time and goes to Spaceport with the Chaotix.
Watery Grave Tomoya Ohtani Chaos 0, 2, 4 - Sonic Adventure
  • Chaos ambushes Tails and engages him in a fight.
A Blast from the Past Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Classic Sonic arrives and helps Tails to finish off Chaos.
Jail Break Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • The Resistance storms the Death Egg.
Bowser Tomoya Ohtani Battle with Zavok - Sonic Forces
  • Sonic fights with Zavok.
Keep the Rabble in Line Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Infinite beats Silver in Mystic Jungle.
The Villans' Chatter Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Tails and Classic Sonic eavesdrops on Eggman and Infinite's meeting.
What's Up, Doc? Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Tails and Classic Sonic battle Eggman.
Two Buddies Reunited Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Sonic and Tails share a moment of reunion after Gadget brings them to Resistance HQ.
I'll Make You Eat Those Words Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Sonic fights with Shadow at Sunset Heights.
All Hail Shadow Tomoya Ohtani All Hail Shadow - Sonic 2006
  • Shadow arrives and helps to take out his imposter.
The Ninth Shaft Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Knuckles launches a massive assault on Metropoils.
Face-to Face Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Gadget comes across Infinite and fights him.
Sneaky Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Tails and Classic Sonic infiltrate the Chemical Plant.
Floral Catastrophe Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Sonic, Silver and Gemerl fight Infinite in Floral Forest Village.
The Distraction Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Gadget causes ruckus in Guardian Rock.
Death Crab Pursuit Tomoya Ohtani Death Crab Pursuit - Sonic Forces
  • The Death Crab chases after Gadget.
Network Terminal Tomoya Ohtani Network Terminal - Sonic Forces
  • Sonic storms a network terminal in Chemical Plant.
Death Prison Tomoya Ohtani Death Egg - Sonic Forces
  • Classic Sonic goes through the Death Egg.
Scrambled Death Egg Tomoya Ohtani Scrambled Death Egg - Sonic Forces
  • The Resistance cheers the destruction of the Death Egg.
Round Two Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • The Resistance attacks Metropolis for the second time.
All the Nothing Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Infinite creates a wormhole that transports Sonic and Gadget into the Null Space
This Place Does Not Exist Tomoya Ohtani Null Space - Sonic Forces
  • Sonic and Gadget are trapped in the Null Space until Gadget unknowingly activates his Phantom Ruby prototype.
Here Goes, Partner Tomoya Ohtani Fist Bump (Null Space) - Sonic Forces
  • Sonic and Gadget rejoin the battle in Metropolis.
Get This Over With Tomoya Ohtani Sun of Despair - Sonic Forces
  • The Resistance attacks the Eggman Empire Fortress.
Fading World Tomoya Ohtani Imperial Tower - Sonic Forces
  • Gadget makes his way to the virtual sun created by Infinite.
The Sun Is Gone Tomoya Ohtani Valor and Wonder - Sonic Forces
  • Gadget destroys the sun.
So Look Around You Tomoya Ohtani Battle with Infinite: Showdown - Sonic Forces
  • Sonic fights Infinite untill Gadget joins him.
I'm Not Done Yet Tomoya Ohtani Infinite's End - Sonic Forces
  • The defeated Infinite reveals himself to be a replica.
The Rubies' Reactor Tomoya Ohtani FInal Judgement: Reactor Core - Sonic Forces
  • Sonic and Gadget make their way to the fortress reactor and destroy it.
Overclockin' Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Eggman reveals Infinite's ultimate form.
Whatever It Takes Hyper-Shan Infinite (Linkin Park Mashup)
  • Sonic fights the overclocked Infinite.
We Won...? Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Sonic destroys Infinite, seemingly winning the war, before Infinite reveals he's alive.
A Sudden Shift Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Infinite activates his prototype, causing the half of the Resistance's to atomize out of existence.
My Work Is Done Tomoya Ohtani Porch - Avengers: Infinity Wat
  • Infinite retires in an empty village, having won against Sonic and his friends.
Fiery Princess Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • The mid-credit scene.
The End Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • End credits.


  • Despite being depicted on the poster, Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf don't appear in the movie.
    • On the other hand, Dr. Eggman and Infinite are not depicted on the poster, but appear in the movie.
  • Classic Sonic speaks in sign language because of a crippling injury dealt by his dimension's Eggman.
  • The film's tagline "The End Begins Here!" is the tagline for the Infinity Gauntlet comic book storyline.
  • Andy Muschietti has described the effect of the Infinite's prototype activating as being "not like the dusting in Infinity War", but rather as "celluar degeneration from not being able to process the sheer power of the energy the prototype has unleashed".
    • Muschietti has also stated that Classic Sonic did not atomize out of existence like the others, but simply returned home due to him not being native to Modern Sonic's reality and said reality not being able to hold him within itself anymore.
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