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Sonic: War for Mobius
is a TV show that I want to make. It will take elements from the past Sonic cartoons, SatAM and Underground as well as some of the video games such as Sonic CD, the Sonic Adventure games, Shadow the Hedgehog, the Sonic Riders games, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic Unleashed and the comics. Unlike most Sonic cartoons, Sonic: War for Mobius will have a darker and more serious tone than SatAM. The show will be rated TV-PG, due to mild violence. The show will run for 7 seasons with a total of 232 episodes. A sequel Sonic: Armageddon is already in works.


Like AoStH, SatAM, Underground and the comics, this show takes place on Mobius. Julian Kintobor, leader of the War Ministry, was to be appointed Minister of Science by the King of Mobius, Maximilian Acorn, who was about to close the War Ministry. However, unbeknownst to King Max, Julian was really a double agent and the new leader of the Overlanders. By this point, while Julian had developed the SWATbot model to support the invading force, he had found an infinite energy source known as Alacritas. That night, Julian gave a young officer and trusted ally named Colonel Dominus Bellum, leader of the Overlander forces outside Mobotropolis permission to deploy his troops and begin the invasion. The Kingdom came under siege in several various locations simultaneously in order to prevent retaliation. King Max was soon brought before Julian, whose schemes were finally revealed. Having renamed himself Ivo Robotnik, Julian demonstrated to King Max the roboticization process on several captured Mobians. Following this, he proceeded to banish King Max into the Zone of Silence as he had with Kodos during the Great War. With the king now disposed of, Robotnik ordered Colonel Bellum to round up the remaining citizens of Mobotropolis and the Kingdom then roboticized them. Approximately 45% of the city's population was roboticized, while the rest managed to escape to the Great Forest while others switched sides and allied themselves with the newly formed Mobian Empire. Due to those actions, Bellum was promoted to Imperatoris and was later appointed supreme commander of the newly formed Imperial Military. After the invasion, Alacritas was the main energy source in the Mobian Empire and it's military might outmatched many of the planet's armed forces, that it caused many of the nations to live in fear. 2 years later, the Mobian Imperial Government found an massive amount of Alacritas on the Hedgehog Kingdom and tried to force the population off the land. When they refused, Robotnik ordered the annihilation of the Hedgehog race thus began the Hedgehog Holocaust. Among the victims was Sonic's parents Jules and Bernadette Hedgehog, who were killed by Robotnik's best general Dominus Bellum. After the massacre Sonic swore vengeance on the Supreme Commander. After the Holocaust ended, Bellum developed a strong interest with Sonic. Even though the Hedgehog Kingdom was disbanded, many survived the holocaust, including the former Queen of the Kingdom, Aleena. During the last 10 years, Sonic joined the resistance to free Mobius from the oppression of the Mobian Empire.


Russell Crowe - Imperator Dominus Bellum

Rick Gomez - Sonic the Hedgehog

Steven D. Snyder - Knuckles the Echidna

Jen Taylor - Princess Sally Acorn, Tabitha the Cat

Lacey Chabert - Neesah the Hedgehog

Brianne Siddall - Miles "Tails" Prower, Finn the Wolf, Oliver the Fox

Valerie Arem - NICOLE

Mickey Rourke - Höchste Julian "Robotnik" Ivo. Kintobor

Emma Bell - Luna the Hedgehog

Various Actors - Imperial Military Personnel

Ray Winstone - Viceroy Victor Kintobor

Malcolm McDowell - Prime Minister Snively Kintobor

Tim Curry - King Maximilian Acorn

Aaron Eckhart - Jules Hedgehog

Colleen Clinkenbeard - Bernadette "Bernie" Hedgehog

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson - Rusty the Dachshund

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - Buk the Beaver

Mike Pollock - Dr. Ovum "Eggman" Kintobor

Jessica Boone - Alyssa the Hedgehog, Lizzy the Hedgehog

Stephen Lang - Air Marshal Sora Lang

Yuri Lowenthal - Prince Elias Acorn, Lewbert the Echidna

James Arnold Taylor - Rob O' the Hedge

Matthew Wood - Metal Sonic, E-102 Gamma, Eggman Robots,  E-101 Beta, E-104 Epsilon, E-103 Delta

Rob Paulsen - Antoine D'Coolette, Spencer the Bird

Kirby Morrow - Josh the Hedgehog, John Gibson

Louise Vallance - Sonia the Hedgehog, Emily the Seedrian

Corey Burton - Argenteus Maximus

Meredith McCoy - Rouge the Bat, Brook Taylor

Mikey Kelley - Manic the Hedgehog

Tyler Ross - Charles the Squirrel

Craig Fairbrass - General Fuchs Schwarz

Liliana Mumy - Amy Rose

Gail Webster - Queen Aleena Hedgehog

Tara Strong - Cream the Rabbit, Charmy Bee, Sandy the Hedgehog

Deborah Strang - Vanilla the Rabbit

Hilary Duff - Mina Mongoose, Sue the Hedgehog

John DiMaggio - Nack the Weasel, Rocky the Rat

David Kaufman - Rotor Walrus

Tom Kane - King Augustus Hedgehog

Peter Oldring - Odie the Hedgehog

Selena Gomez - Carrie the Rabbit

Steve Valentine - Larry the Hedgehog

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Lilly the Hedgehog

Lucy Hale - Nikki Roberts

James Hanes - Mors Rourke

Lance Henriksen - LtCol. Sleet the Wolf

Brian Drummond - Lt. Dingo

Grey DeLeslie - Jur the Hedgehog, Courtney the Hedgehog

Cree Summer - Dulcy the Dragon, Bunnie Rabbot

Taylor Hannah - Fiona Fox, Abby the Hedgehog, Natalie the Hedgehog

Bill Fagerbakke - Big the Cat

Jason Marsden - Julian Kintobor Jr.

Karen Strassman - Angelica Kintobor, Wendy Laser

Laura Bailey - Tikal the Echidna, Cici the Hedgehog

Monica Rial - Blaze the Cat

Keith David - E-123 Omega

Kevin Michael Richardson - Field Marshal Choeros Trusk

James Keane - Vector the Crocodile

Samuel Witwer - Silver the Hedgehog, Espio the Chameleon

Steven Berkoff - Admiral Hitlof Cael

Jason Statham - Colonel Falek Bellum

Deobia Oparei - Major Deacon Lector

Tim Roth - Rego Lacertus

Michael Clarke Duncan - Cereus Candidum

James Horan - Xiāo Fáng Lóng

Ruben Santiago-Hudson - Sgt. Aemulo Simian

Shaun Paul Piccinino - Shadow the Hedgehog

Sarah Natochenny - Cammie Stewart, Dana Solo

Rachel Wilson - Sammy Nooken

John Leguizamo - Ixis Naugus

Glenn Morshower - Various Imperial Officers

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - "The Doctor"

Bruce Greenwood - General Abraham Tower

Johnny Whitworth - Scourge the Hedgehog

Frank Welker - Black Doom

Chriss Anglin - The President

Tony Todd - Mephiles the Dark

commander shepard-mass effect

and more



Imperial Arc

  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3

Mephiles Arc

  • Season 4
  • Season 5

New World Arc

  • Season 6
  • Season 7


  • Eggman and Robotnik are not the same character.
  • This is the first Sonic cartoon not to feature Eggman as a major antagonist.
  • This will also be the first Sonic series to have a TV-PG rating.
  • Bellum is also being considered to appear in the games and replace Eggman as the main antagonist of the franchise.
  • This is also the first Sonic cartoon where the antagonists get the most victories.
  • Sonic: War for Mobius will be broadcasted on Cartoon Network.
  • Keith David, James Hanes and Ruben Santiago-Hudson from Todd McFarlane's Spawn, Hollywood actors and voice actors fron the Call of Duty series and the video game Prototype were added to the cast to give the show more realism.
  • Unlike the video games and the previous cartoons, Sonic is a young adult (20) rather than a teenager(15).
  • Some of the characters have gone through changes in personality.
  • Sonic and Knuckles have more of a brotherly relationship, rather than a friendly rivalry.
  • Sleet and Dingo are more menacing and non-comical than their Underground counterparts.
  • Snively will also be more sinister and competent than his SatAM counterpart.
  • Vector will be a lot more mature and will have the personailty of a by-the-book NYPD officer.
  • Shadow's personality is similar to Alex Mercer from Prototype.
  • Naugus will have a similar personality to Violator/Clown from Spawn and the Batman Returns version of The Penguin.
  • Robotnik will be a lot more mysterious, menacing, vicious and less comical than his SatAM counterpart.
  • Despite retaining elements of humor, Sonic: War for Mobius will show a lighthearted tone of the horrors of war, swearing, the psychological effects some of the characters had on the conflict and the rivalry with between Sonic and Bellum.
  • It will also focus on the Mobian Empire's politics and culture.
  • It will also feature more of the Mobian Wildlife, which is mostly compossed of dinosaur like animals and huge insects.
  • It also lets the viewer see into the perspectives of various Imperial Trooper units in addition to the heroes' perspectives.
  • This is also the first series that Sonic is not the iconic character in the series (the role has been given to the Imperial Military).

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