It's the 3rd Extreme Gear World Prix! Heroes and Villians alike have gathered from all over to compete and see who is the Ultimate Rider. The stakes are high and it's everything or nothing.
Sonic & Samus - Riders

Involved Characters

Team Heroes:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Samus Aran
  • Miles Tails Prower
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • NiGHTS

Team Babylon:

  • Jet the Hawk 
  • Wave the Swallow
  • Storm the Albertross

Team Dark:

  • Shadow the Hedgehog 
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Omega E-123
  • Lyc the Wolf

Team Space:

  • Six the Xenomorph 
  • Dark the Yautja
  • Rookie the Marine
  • XLR8 the Hedgemorph

Team Mega:

  • Mega Man 
  • Proto Man
  • Zero
  • Bass

Team Mushroom:

  • Mario
  • Luigi

Team Rage:

  • Angry Joe the Hedgehog 
  • AVGN the Fox
  • Eva the Doppelganger

Team Destruction:

  • The Deacon
  • Dark Samus
  • Ravage the Kitmorph
  • Reala  


Grand Metropolis. Earth.

Krak, an Antlean Mutant, flew into the view of a Camera. "Hello viewers sitting at home! Welcome to the Live coverage of the 3rd Extreme Gear, World Grand Prix! I am your host, Krak, and i shall be covering everything that happens here! Let's meet the Racers! 1st off, Team Heroes." Krak speaks. The screening cuts to Team Heroes.

Sonic, Samus, Tails, Knuckles, and NiGHTS are on screen. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are all in their Riders Appearance. NiGHTS is wearing Purple Sunglasses with Blue Tints on her Head. Samus is in her Zero Suit and is wearing Blue Sunglasses with Orange Tints on her Head.

"Hello there, Riders! You all set for the Big Game?" Krak questions. Sonic smiles and gives a Thumbs up. "Definitly." He says. "I'm looking forward to it." Tails notes. "Yeah. As long we stay focused, Victory is assured." Knuckles chuckles. "Determined... Very nice. Samus, this is your 1st ever Grand Prix, how are you feeling?" Kraks speaks. "I'm feeling good. I like a good challenge and i think we got some good Riders here... Yeah, i think i'll do well and have some fun." Samus replies. "Great to hear. Best of luck out there. Now, NiGHTS... May i just say on behalf of the Fans, it is great to have you back for a Grand Prix again. We really missed you in the 2nd Grand Prix." Continues Krak. "Aww... I'm happy to hear i got a lot of Support out there. It is great to back though, and i'll be sure to make my performance... Dreamy." NiGHTS responds. Krak laughs. "Great to hear. Best of luck, Heroes." Krak says. 

Krak goes about continueing to interview the other Teams. All Sonic Characters are in their Riders Appearance. Team Mega look the same as ever. Mario and Luigi are wearing their Caps backwards and have their Sleeves rolled up. Lyc is wearing Black Sunglasses with Orange tints. Team Space are their normal selves, except for XLR8; who is dressed like Sonic but without Gloves. The Deacon is wearing a Bandoileer. Dark Samus is in her Zero Suit form; but her Zero Suit is Black with Blue Stripes and her Sunglasses are Black with Purple Tints. Reala is the same as ever. Ravage is wearing a Bandoileer and Silver Goggles with Orange Tints. Joe is the same but now wearing Black Sunglasses with Black Tints. AVGN is the same except his Glasses are on his Head. Eva is wearing Black Shorts with a Black Tank Top along with Black Boots and Black, Fingerless, Gloves.

Grand Metropolis Race

The racers line up at the starting Line. Jet stood next to Sonic. "Sonic the Hedgehog... Long time, no see." Jet chuckled. Sonic grinned. "What can i say? I'm a fast guy." Sonic replies. "I can tell... Especially with the Team." Jet grins. Sonic looks puzzeled. "It's no where near what you're thinking Jet... We're just friends." Sonic states. The Clock beeps and begins to count down. "That's how it starts." Jet grins. Sonic rolls his Eyes. 3... 2... 1. Beep. "Better keep up!" Jet shouts as he blasts off on his Extreme Gear. Sonic grins as he catches up on his Extreme Gear.

The racers are speeding through the futuristic streets, leaving trails of wind behind them. Samus is currently in 8th place. She manuevers over to the Walls. "Gravity Drive activate." Samus commands. Her Extreme Gear, a Blue Hoverboard with Cyan Stripes, called 'Bounty', transforms and the back opens up. She attaches to the Wall and speeds along. When the Wall ends she jumps onto a Rail and Grinds along, using her Extreme Gear. She notices a second Rail next to her. Eva is grinding along, on her Extreme Gear, 'Dark Angel'. "Hi, Eva." Samus greets.

"Hey there... Fun this, isn't it?" Chuckles Eva. "Great fun... How's Lara?" Samus replies. "Oh she's doing ok... Shame she couldn't compete... There's nothing better than a Faker Race." Eva responds. "Good to hear." Smiles Samus. "Speaking of... Gotta go. WAHOO!" Eva jumps off the Rail and races along the Road. Samus notices Dark Samus catch up; on the Rail Eva was on, Dark Samus chuckles. "Hello, my Loathsome Counterpart." Dark Samus grins. Samus glares at her. "As anti-social as ever... What's a Matter? Jealous? Should be... I got a great paying Job, a lovely place to live, and Deacon is oh so satisfying... You wouldn't know though. You still live all alone in your Ship, begging for Jobs from the Federation, with no one to go home to after." Laughs Dark Samus. Samus growls. "As soon as this Grand Prix is over, i'm going too hunt you down." Samus snaps. Dark Samus laughs.

Samus boosts ahead, taking 6th Place. She races along side Mario. "Hello Miss-a Aran." Mario greets. "Hi there Mario... How you been?" Samus responds. "I been-a good." Mario answers. "Good to hear. Tell Peach i said hi." Samus replies. Mario gives a thumbs up. Samus boosts off. She uses a Ramp and when in Mid-Air performs a bunch of tricks. She lands and speeds along. She zooms past Shadow and enters 3rd Place. "See ya, Mr unsmilely." Samus taunts. Shadow rolls his Eyes. "Hmph... I'll show her... This is the Ultimate!" Shadow speaks. A bright flash appears. "Shadow's gone All-Star... I mean Extreme!" Krak announces. The Music blasting through Speakers turns to All Hail Shadow. Shadow flies along, glowing Blue, everything else slows down. It ends and Shadow was neck and neck with Sonic. "Hey up, Shadster!" Sonic grinned. "How many times... Do not call me that." Frowned Shadow. Sonic shrugged. They were getting closer to the Finish line. Shadow got a tiny bit in front of Sonic. "See you around, Sonic." Shadow smirked. He was prepping too boost. "Samus has gone Extreme!" Krak announced. Sonic and Shadow looked behind them, as a Techno Remix of the Metroid Theme played. Samus was using her Jet Heels to fly at Super Sonic Speeds. She passed the duo and crossed the finish line. Coming 1st place.

1st Time for everything

A short while later.

The rest of Team Heroes stood around Samus. "Good going out there." Sonic spoke. "Yeah, have you done this before?" Smiled Tails. "It's actually my 1st time in a race." Samus replied. "I could never have telled... You seemed experianced out there." Knuckles complimented. "Yeah. You didn't perform like a Newbie out there." NiGHTS followed up. "I just got lucky." Samus replied. "That was skill not luck. Even Shadow admitted it. You did great, Samus." Sonic responded. He gave a thumbs up. Samus nodded and smiled.

With Team Rage.

Joe was sat in a Treebranch; eating a Burrito, AVGN, AKA James, was flicking through an Issue of Nintendo Power, and Eva was on the Phone with Lara while twirling one of her Pistols. "No, no. I didn't do that Bad." Eva chuckled. There was a pause. "Hehehe... It was only the 1st match, i can take 5th place." Eva grinned. Another pause. "Yeah the others are fine. How about you? How's that Leg?" Eva spoke. A slightly longer pause. "Well atleast you can watch me do a great job, no way you can be bored that way." Eva chuckled. Another pause. "Hehe... Flawless Victories, Lara, Flawless Victories. See ya later then." Eva spoke. She hung up. Krak flew over.

"More interviews already?" Eva questioned. "No, no. It's the end for today. I'm just... Lonely." Krak replied. "I am not getting you a lady friend from Atlantis. It's hard enough providing for one Mutant Pet." Eva responded. "I'm not on about that. I just don't like being away for too long." Krak informed. "You know i hate that soppy stuff." Scowled Eva. "But you're my owner... Arn't you supposed to care?" Krak replied. "I care enough not to use you as Target Practice." Eva grinned. "I could watch these two all day." Joe chuckled. He noticed his Burrito was gone. "Huh... What the...?" Joe pondered. Krak was eating the Burrito. "I'm also hungry..." Krak chuckled. Joe frowned. Eva appeared next to him, hanging from another branch. "You let Krak, of all Atlanteans, 1-up you." Eva chuckled. "It wasn't my faviroute fill anyway." Rebuffed Joe, trying to brush it off. "Sure it wasn't." Eva grinned.