Sonic: The Awakening
Date of Release
5th of July, 2012
"War on Robotnik has begun"
—The slogan of Sonic: The Awakening

Sonic: The Awakening is a fanmade 3D platformer game based on Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 due for release next year. The game involves Eggman releasing an all new superweapon onto the world by hybridising a forest creature and a robot to create the ultimate cyborg .


It is the afternoon at Mobius, the atmosphere is calming, soft and relaxing to feel and there don't seem to be any sort of threats. The shadow of a creature can be seen during the cutscene walking casually, then tragedy strikes, as several airborne robots built by Eggman spot the creature and grapple it, taking it away to Eggman's fortress. Meanwhile Sonic the Hedgehog rests on the beach and sees the creature grappled by the robots around 20 metres into the air, this meant he had no way of stopping them from capturing the helpless creature. Soon afterwards more inhabitants of Mobius are kidnapped by the same type of bot, even to the point that they successfully captured Tails. Sonic vowed revenge against Eggman and sought out to rescue his kidnapped friends.


The gameplay of Sonic: The Awakening is drawn from Sonic Adventure and it's sequel. You can control Sonic using the Wii Nunchuk's analog stick and can interact with NPCs or other similar objects with the A-button on the main Wii Remote. You can also use your special ability by using the B-Button on the main remote.



Image Name Description Special Ability
06 sonic002
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic is the game's default character and one of the more decent speeders. Sonic witnessed his friends being kidnapped by Dr Eggman and is itching to get revenge on him. Sonic is one of the game's fastest characters, and can spin into a ball using the Spin Dash to get a large speed boost. His overconfidence however may hinder him during his quest to rescue his friends. Spin Dash
Tails Miles "Tails" Prower Tails is one of Sonic's most intelligent allies and can construct mechanical devices such as planes and other vehicles. Tails has the ability to fly higher than most of the characters in the game letting him reach areas others can't, however because of his speed he is not the best for trying to quickly complete a stage. He also has the ability to crack into Eggman's technology to override it. Cracking into Devices


Image Name Description Boss
At green hill zone by evmousser-d34hqm7 Green Hill Zone A basic area and Sonic's home on Mobius. The Green Hill Zone is the easiest zone in the game and the enemies in the area are generally weak overall. Egg Kaiser
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