Sonic: Shattered Pride
Art by superemeralds
Film information

Directed by

Andy Muschietti

Produced by

Neal H. Moritz

Executive Produced by

Tim Miller

Screenplay by

Patrick Casey

Story by

Ian Flynn

Based on

"Episode Shadow" DLC from Sonic Forces


Kirk Thornton

Karen Strassman

Vic Mignogna

Mike Pollock

Liam O'Brien

Music by

Tomoya Ohtani


Stephen F. Windon

Editing by

Stacey Schroeder

Debra Neil-Fisher

Release Date(s)

4 June 2018

Running time

30 minutes



Preceded by


Followed by

Sonic: War to Take Back the Planet

"You're truly a disturbing creature, Shadow. You are coping with your own tragedy by ruining other people's lives. Why does everyone even dare to call you a hero?"
Sonic: Shattered Pride, also known as Sonic Forces: Shattered Pride, is a 2018 short film, based on the"Episode Shadow" DLC from Sonic Forces and being considered as a prequel to Sonic: War to Take Back the Planet.. Exploring the fate of Shadow, Team Dark, and the backstory of Infinite, it was directed by Andy Muschietti with screenplay by Patrick Casey and story by Ian Flynn, and stars Kirk Thornton, Karen Strassman, Vic Mignogna, Mike Pollock and Liam O'Brien. It was released on 4 June 2018.


In a desertified area, E-123 Omega has infiltrated Dr. Eggman's base, the Arsenal Pyramid, and is seeking to kill him. As he is blasting through the base's Badniks, Rouge the Bat contacts him and tells that he should calm down and wait for back-up from Shadow. To Rouge's irritation, Omega stubbornly refuses, firmly believing that he can get the job done swiftly and easily without Shadow.

Inside the facility, Orbot informs Eggman that the base was being attacked. The evil scientist discovers that the attacker is Omega and decides to finally make him pay for his betrayal, calling Infinite to deal with the robot and for Infinite to test his new. abilities

As Omega presses onwards, he soon comes across Infinite. Not aware of his identity but still classifying him as hostile, Omega challenges hom to a fight. Slightly amused, Infinite obliges and destoys Omega with a bright red flash.

Omega struggles to contact Rouge and give her his exact coordinates, but shuts down. Rouge then loses all communications with him completely. This prompts her to send Shadow into Eggman's base. Smiling, Shadow thinks to himself that there's so much for recon and heads out to the base.

Navigating through Eggman's dusty silo, Shadow manages to get inside the factory, and finds Infinite, who tells him that he fried Omega's circuts and then welcomes him. Although Shadow doesn't find his opponent familiar, Infinite reveals that he knows Shadow, and begins telling his backstory: he was once the captain of Jackal Squad, a mercenary group who were assigned by Eggman to protect his facility in Mystic Jungle. A couple of months ago, Shadow came to destroy Eggman's facility and effortressly killed the Jackal Squad in the process. As such, Eggman's sends Infinite to stop Shadow and informs him about his squad's ineffectiveness, Infinite then ambushes Shadow and tries to kill him himself, but is soundly beaten by the hedgehog, who tells him that he is weak like the other members of his squad, also advising him to do himself a favor and go home before leaving. Lamenting his weakness, Infinite tries to contact his squad, but gets no response. Realizing that his squad was killed, Infinite goes insane and contacts Eggman, wishing to know more about that one experiment the doctor had told him before. Shortly after that, Infinite lets himself get assimilated with the finalized Phantom Ruby prototype to become stronger and avenge his squad.

Finishing his story, Infinite then calls Shadow out on trying to cope with death of Maria by ruining other people's lives before attempting to crush Shadow by forcing him to relive some moments and memories from his past with his new power. Although Shadow figures out that this is just a virtual reality and escapes, Infinite is pleased with the results and gloats that not even Sonic can stop him now. Before Shadow can question Infinite about what he means by that, however, Infinite triggers the facility's self-destruction and uses it as a distraction to escape. At the same time, Rouge persuades Shadow to withdraw from the facility. Shadow does so with a broken-down Omega in tow

About a month later, Shadow is contacted by Rouge, who reveals that Eggman is launching an attack on the City. At first, Rouge tells Shadow to not to worry since Sonic and Tails are there. As Shadow recalls Infinite's words, however, Rouge alerts him that Sonic has just been defeated by Infinite and his replica allies.



Song title




Dust Silo Tomoya Ohtani Enemy Territory - Sonic Forces
  • Shadow goes to Arsenal Pyramid to help Omega.
Hello There Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • Shadow finds Infinite and a broken Omega.
This Fateful Night Tomoya Ohtani Eggman's Facility - Sonic Forces
  • Shadow raids Eggman's Mystic Jungle's laboratory.
The Breakdown Tomoya Ohtani Infinite's Beginning - Sonic Forces
  • Infinite gets brutally beaten by Shadow, goes insane shortly after and acquires the finalized Phantom Ruby prototype from Eggman.
Twisted Memories Tomoya Ohtani Null Space - Sonic Forces
  • Infinites forces Shadow to relive some of his past with his power.
An Emergency Head-Out Tomoya Ohtanii N/A
  • Shadow heads to help Sonic when he hears that Sonic has been defeated.
To Be Continued... Tomoya Ohtani N/A
  • End credits.


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