Sonic: Revolutions is a stealth combat action-adventure historical game set around the 1700's in the location known as the River Valley. The game is set two years after Season 4 of the TV series Sonic: Revolutions and follows a new adventure that Milo Prower sets out on. While he helps his uncle Tails with an experiment involving the Chaos Emeralds, Tails, Milo and Max are all sent through time to the River Valley and must become pirates so as to find the Chaos Emeralds and go back home, while also taking on a pirate who wants the Emeralds also: Rodrigo Marik. To make sure he doesn't get them all, Milo sets out on his new ship the Bullfinch and starts conquering and capturing pirate bases and towns to get back home and kill Rodrigo.

There is also a 3-part DLC gameplay pack named Metallico's Chronicles, in which you play as Metallico Prower. It is available as a separate game on PS3 and PS4.


Gameplay here is very much like most Assassin's Creed games; a combination of stealth, parkour, combat and open-world. Like in Assassin's Creed: Unity, you can run into buildings without loading screens. The massive map of River Valley is explorable with many side quests, with basically 40 hours of story mode or so and 130 hours of completing all side quests and acquiring all collectibles. For exploration, you go around in a heavily-armed ship, making for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Assassin's Creed: Rogue-like pirate/naval gameplay. Firing Milo's trademark bow and arrow is like in Assassin's Creed III, where you fire on highlighted targets when not in aim-mode, but this isn't the only long-range weapon you can use (you can also replace it with a rifle or blunderbuss). Also, Milo has different kinds of projectiles he can fire from his trademark Phantom Blade (referred to as Hidden Crossbow); poison to kill, berserk to make enemies attack each other and firecracker for shooting explosives at enemies or destroying gas barrels. You can also throw bombs; poison gas for killing enemies in a radius, berserk gas for making enemies attack each other and shrapnel bomb, which sprays shrapnel at enemies in a radius and kills them.

As with Assassin's Creed: Rogue and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, you can arrange for renovations of certain buildings so as to get an increasing income that can accessed from banks, specifically $100 per building every 10 minutes. Since previous Sonic games didn't allow you to swim, you must dock with a location you wish to visit, as you cannot swim. You can also buy new kinds of weapons that existed from that time, such as a musket worn on back, a sword coupled with a dagger, a blunderbuss for killing enemies in a radius of aiming and explosives, a flintlock pistol and more. You can customize Milo to that extent and give him alternate costumes, colorings, weapons, etc. You can also arrange renovations for your cove base. You can be boarded if your ship is rammed, so you must kill the enemy captain before losing too many crew members.


We open up the game with Milo lying awake at night, unable to stand himself. It's been 2 years since he was forced to kill his mentor Sonic and had saved the world from the evil Creatura. Now, he is called to service by Tails, who claims that the Chaos Emeralds are acting funny. He goes to the hideout and sees that the Emeralds are reacting to this energy source very much like the Sol Emeralds and is doing something, a "time displacement". Tails wants to know what they should do and recommends seeing if they can time-travel. And so, Max and Milo are sucked into a rift the Emeralds spawned and were blasted through time, on a beach in the "River Valley" area. They see that they were warped through time due to the presence of pirate and privateer ships attacking each other. They see an escaped slave running from a slave catcher, which then causes Milo to fire an arrow into the slave catcher's back. With the knowledge that they were in another time, Milo and Max decide to see if they find what they need to get by until they return to their time. By visiting a local general store and stealing the slave catcher's money, Milo manages to buy himself a sword and dagger, as well as a flintlock and ammo for his Hidden Crossbow. Later, we see that Tails had been warped to this time as well and was being held hostages by pirates. They rescue him from the pirates, killing them all in a massive fight. Tails then confirms that the Chaos Emeralds were warped too and were now scattered across the River Valley.

Milo is introduced to the ways of the sea and steals the pirate's ship, deciding to keep the pirate compound as a home-base. Later, Milo gets himself into a serious situation; privateers were attacking them due to their use of a pirate ship. They are boarded, which led Milo to leap onto the enemy ship and kill the captain. At this time, Milo winds up seeing a hallucination of Sonic begging him to not kill anyone, but Milo dismisses the illusion and fights the privateers anyway, cutting down their flag and hanging up one of their own. Later, Milo travels to a smuggler's cove and finds that gangs are controlling the River Valley, pirates who fight the Colonial powers for dominance in the New World. Milo gets into the cove and fights the smugglers and sees that they had collected a Chaos Emerald. Knowing that all 7 would be needed to get back to their own time, Milo takes it and goes back to his pirate cove, upgrading it by donating money to install cannon-littered walls outside the cove as defense against attackers. Then, he arranged the construction of a manor up on a cliff that he decided he would live in.

One night, he is dreaming about how he killed Sonic and then he was chasing Sonic across an abandoned Mayan temple and then fights him and a series of Sonic clones. As they all converge on him, Milo was yelling and begging for forgiveness but was denied forgiveness. Right as a Sonic clone stabs Milo, he wakes up from his nightmare. He then prepares to learn about capturing forts and gang headquarters' and starts by capturing a gang headquarters. Later, he winds up coming into conflict with a pirate named Rodrigo Marik, who gets into naval combat with Milo and is defeated by the young fox. Rodrigo then flees on a rowboat and heads to the Pirate Republic town Tairktown, named after Rodrigo's grandfather, a popular pirate. Milo then tails the pirate through town, where he sees the pirate talking to another pirate named Malik Madrid. He tells Madrid about the "fantastic gem" he had discovered while exploring the open seas. Milo knew in an instant that he was talking about a Chaos Emerald and finds his fort, sneaking in and stealing the Emerald right as Madrid was walking in. Right then, a vision of Sonic is seen climbing the fortress' walls to escape by leaping into a hay-bale cart below. Then, Milo goes back to his ship (which he has now named the Bullfinch) and tells of his findings. With that part over, Milo heads to a fort owned by Rodrigo's pirate, killing the captain and dressing up as him so as to learn of Rodrigo's plans. Back at Tariktown, he talks with Rodrigo, who says that his gem has been stolen and sent another one to the safe-keeping of the pirate Charles Wayne. With this discovery made, Milo goes to another fort and hides in wait inside, hoping to ambush Charles when he returns. When he does, the Bullfinch bombards the fort, allowing Milo to slip in and steal Charles' Chaos Emerald. Later, Charles gets onto a ship and rams the Bullfinch, triggering battle. Milo slips onboard and stabs Charles with his sword, killing him.

Later on, Milo goes back to Tariktown to find and kill Rodrigo. During his escort through the town, Milo gets his crew members to prepare an ambush. When Rodrigo arrives in the ambush zone, the pirates led by Milo attack, with a big sword battle breaking out and Milo emerging victorious as Rodrigo flees, dropping a Chaos Emerald. Taking it, Milo was about to head back home when privateer ships arrive and form a blockade around Tariktown as a means of preventing pirates from escaping. Commodore Rogers comes to the town and proclaims that he is presenting a pardon for all pirates; take the pardon and give up piracy as penniless, but free men or be executed at a public trial. Milo clearly doesn't want involvement in this, so he prepares plans to build a Fire Ship that would detonate and blast a hole through the blockade to escape. 1 week later, Milo hears a private officer telling guards that the Commodore wishes to sink every ship in the harbor to prevent escape. Hoping to stop this, Milo follows the Commodore to his man-of-war to kill him. Meanwhile, Max and Tails were getting aboard the Bullfinch and had sent the Fire Ship to the blockade, with the explosion destroying two ships in the blockade, allowing escape. Milo finds the Commodore and shoots him through the back with his rifle/flintlock, which kills him. Milo then destroys the ship by shooting the gunpowder supply, escaping on a rowboat and making it to the Bullfinch and back home.

News reached Milo that Rodrigo hadn't taken the pardon and was docked at the harbor of New Draco, a major city and trading setting for goods importers and was the home of Governor Lakeman, who just happens to have a Chaos Emerald with him. Milo then heads there and goes to the Governor's mansion to steal the Emerald. He got it, but then finds Rodrigo about to shoot the Governor, which prompts Milo to rush up and stab Rodrigo. However, it was actually Madrid in costume, who wanted revenge on the Governor for arranging the fall of Tariktown. Later, the Governor arranges a social soiree at his home. Milo disguises himself as a noble and enters the party, sneaking through the place in hopes of finding evidence that Rodrigo is helping him. He eavesdrops on the Governor and Rodrigo, with the revelation that Rodrigo had allowed privateers to take over Tariktown and was about to bring the handover of New Draco to pirates. With this knowledge, Milo leaps down and kills the Governor but Rodrigo got away. The Governor says that he intended to keep other empires from taking over, but Milo doesn't believe this.

1 month later, it was made apparent that Rodrigo had collected all the other Chaos Emeralds and found Milo's cove and found the ones there. Milo heads back to the cove and finds that Rodrigo had indeed ransacked the place and was fleeing on his ship, the Devil's Portal. Milo then gets back on the Bullfinch and gives chase, firing at the ship with Chain Shot and destroying the masts. He then boards the ship to get the Chaos Emeralds back, slipping into the ship's lower decks and killing every pirate that stepped in his way until finally finding the Treasure Room where the Emeralds were stored. Unfortunately, Rodrigo was there waiting for him. He draws his twin swords and Milo pulls out his sword and dagger and they did battle. Rodrigo then attempts to flee by reaching the top decks and fights Milo up top. Then, he cuts a weight-supporting rope to fly up to the masts and Milo follows by reaching the higher mast. Looking down, he sees an illusion of Sonic appearing in Rodrigo's place begging him to stop and just get the Emeralds. Milo then yells for Sonic to stop and leaps down at Rodrigo, tackling him off the mast and smashing through the deck into the Treasure Room, where a piece of wood down there impales Rodrigo through the heart, killing him. Milo then takes the Emeralds and shoots at the gunpowder supply as he leaps to the Bullfinch, escaping with ease while the Devil's Portal explodes behind them.

The next day, Milo prepares to go back to his own time and tells Max and Tails that it was time to leave. A portal opens up and the three go into it, with Milo promoting a crew member to captain of the Bullfinch and lord of the cove as he leaves. After the credits have rolled, we see that Milo has come back to the River Valley, looking on at the beautiful wilderness and the massive open river he had sailed along 340 years ago. Then, back home, he asks Tails why the Emeralds even made the time-travel event in the first place, to which he replies "I electrocuted the Emeralds just because."



To equip weapons, press the directional button displayed below the displayed amount of times.

  1. Sword and Dagger (down 1; used in combat and running and air assassinations; many, many kinds of swords and knives can be purchased)
  2. Unarmed (down 2; using the good ol' fists to fight and defeat enemies you don't want to kill)
  3. Firearm (left 1; you can kill enemies from afar, but enemies will hear the shot; you can buy more ammo storage pouches 30 maximum and you can also get different kinds of firearms, like average pistols worn on your left hip or a larger firearm like a rifle or blunderbuss worn on your back; if you so choose, you can equip a bow and arrow to replace the firearm and kills enemies silently)
  4. Poison Darts (right 1; fired from your Hidden Crossbow and kills foes quickly and silently, but you must buy upgrades for the darts for the effect to come faster; you can get 10 ammo maximum if you get another ammo pouch for the darts)
  5. Berserk Darts (right 2; fired from your Hidden Crossbow to make affected enemies attack each other, distracting others so you can slip in un-noticed; you can get 10 ammo maximum if you get another ammo pouch for the darts)
  6. Firecracker Darts (right 3; fired from your Hidden Crossbow to destroy gunpowder barrels or blow up targeted enemies or to attract other enemies; you can get more ammo 10 maximum if you get another ammo pouch for the darts)
  7. Poison Gas Grenade (up 1; thrown from afar to kill enemies in a radius; you can get more ammo 8 maximum if you get another ammo pouch for the grenades)
  8. Berserk Gas Grenade (up 2; thrown from afar to make enemies in a radius attack each other once affected; you can get more ammo 6 maximum if you get another ammo pouch for the grenades)
  9. Shrapnel Grenade (up 3; thrown from afar to explode enemies in a radius with a higher radius than the other grenades; but they will alert other guards; you can get more ammo 8 maximum if you get another ammo pouch for the grenades)
  10. Smoke Bomb (left 2; used when in combat and can break an enemies' line of sight or disorientate other enemies affected, allowing you to flee or kill them all while they are distracted)


  1. Milo's Hooded Costume
  2. Arno Dorian's Cloak
  3. Naval Officer Uniform
  4. Pirate Captain Outfit
  5. Shark-Hunter Outfit


  • The game was mainly influenced by Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Both games have the same gameplay, as well as the same forts and settlements you can take over. The game takes more influence actually from Assassin's Creed: Rogue.
  • This is the first (and so far only) video-game that uses characters from the TV series of the same name.
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