Sonic: Revolutions is a TV series set in the chronological future of the game series, in which Sonic has retired and has found a new apprentice to take his place. The series' protagonist is Milo Prower, nephew of Tails. The series takes influence from Batman Beyond and Arrow, and seems to include darkness, death, realisticness, murder, conspiracy and more to seem realistic.

The series spawned a prequel about Sonic meeting tails and his first encounter with a villain organization, the Bounty Guild, and there is also a video-game about Milo where he time-travels and becomes a pirate. The game also has the downloadable Metallico's Chronicles, in which you play as Metallico Prower, the show's most recurring antagonist and learn of his early days in the Bounty Guild.


The series is set in 2040, several years after Sonic and Tails had given up hero work. Dr. Eggman is cybernetic and uses his company Meteotech which operates in futuristic Station Square. Sonic has been buying up shares of the company, with Tails employed there to find evidence against Eggman and reveal it to the cops. Milo Prower is an athletic fox with his uncle's mutation. He is the son of Metallico Prower, but Tails never reveals this. Tails is kidnapped while searching for evidence and Milo goes to retired Sonic for help. Sonic knows the impact that his retirement has had on the world, so he takes advantage of Milo's archery skills and physical capability to use in his stead, allowing him to don a hood and operate in Station Square as "the Hood".

  • Season 1 is mainly Milo searching for his missing uncle while by night working as a hooded vigilante who kills when necessary. In high-school, he tries to explain his mysteriousness and is often taken from school to fight for Station Square. Meteotech is apparently building illegal nuclear weapons and kidnapping, with Eggman apparently being investigated. In the two-part finale, Tails is rescued, with Sonic tortured. Milo breaks him from this "spell", which allowed Sonic to kill Eggman.
  • Season 2 shows Milo uncovering a mysterious conspiracy held by Niro Roberts, CEO of Teca Enterprises. Boom-Boom, a mercenary in Season 1, is now a recurring antagonist, revealed over time that Milo is the product of an affair between Boom-Boom and Moira Prower, his mother. Even more, Milo is uncovering a series of criminal activities his family had done in the past.
  • Season 3 seems to take a more serious tone. Boom-Boom has taken leadership of the Bounty Guild as part of a doomsday super-soldier plot to level Station Square. Eggman is re-introduced, where he is depicted as right-hand man of Boom-Boom, eventually betraying him and forcing Milo and Boom-Boom to enter a truce. Temporary. His terrorist plan was coming to fruition when Milo came to him and killed him with a pipe-bomb.
  • In Season 4, we see that Creatura, an inter-dimensional werewolf creature, has come to Earth and seeks to bring the rest of his kind to Earth. He even goes as far as pressing Sonic into his service, which delivers a fatal blow to Milo's career and confidence. Now, Creatura wants to use the Space Colony ARK for world-domination, but we all remember the ending of Sonic Adventure 2. Such a crash-course to Earth shall happen again if Milo doesn't get in fast. With no other option left, Milo kills both Sonic and Creatura and destroys the ARK.
  • Season 5 now shows that Alan Mak, G.U.N. general and commander-in-chief, is now on a mad grab for power and seeks to take over the United Federation for himself as Unity King. Milo and Helen meet once again and seek to defeat Alan and save the country from the war-hungry monster. Sonic is revealed as alive, and wants to beat Alan as well.

Recurring Cast

  • Milo Prower/The Hood : 16-year-old nephew of Miles Prower and protagonist of the show. He was unknowingly the by-product of an affair between his mother Moira and the mercenary Metallico Prower/Boom-Boom. When his uncle Tails is kidnapped by Dr. Eggman, he goes to middle-aged Sonic for help. He gives him lessons in athletic combat and archery and uses him as a superhero. He is a talented detective, as well as a believer of his mentor's quote "Only kill as a last resort".
  • Sonic the Hedgehog : The franchise's main protagonist and a secondary protagonist in Sonic: Revolutions, serving as the mentor for Milo and is basically elderly Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond. Due to entering retirement years ago, he finally sees what quitting has done. But he can't spring into action, so he has Milo serve as his replacement while helping with his forensic expertise and tactical mind. In Season 4, he is given incredibly-hideous burns and scars from an explosion and was pressed into Creatura's service, essentially serving the role Two-Face did in The Dark Knight. In the episode "Alas, poor foe", Sonic is killed by Milo and says in his dying words of what will happen if Creatura succeeds.
  • Max Prower : 20-year-old half-brother of Milo and (upon discovering his little brother's career) bouncer and enforcer for Sonic. While oftentimes not agreeing with Milo's killing, he does know that crime is going down due to his activities.
  • Moira Prower : Mother of Max and Milo and supporter of the "Teca Conspiracy". While in prison for conspiracy support, Moira hired a mercenary, Metallico Prower, to free her. They had a relationship that wasn't easy due to Metallico's career. Knowing of the danger, she leaves him, but not before learning that Metallico had gotten her pregnant with Milo. These days, her support of the Teca Conspiracy is by overseeing assembly of unknown weapons, while also trying to sabotage the plan. In "Savior", she confesses the existence of the Teca Conspiracy to Station Square and is arrested. In the Season 3 episode "Return", she is murdered by Boom-Boom.
  • Dr. Eggman: He has become a cyborg and is Season 1's main antagonist, then as a secondary antagonist in Season 3. He is the CEO of the Applied Sciences corporation Meteotech (introduced in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity) and while everyone believes he is no longer evil, the work his company does proves otherwise. When Miles Prower was uncovering evidence against him, he had the man kidnapped, unintentionally creating Milo's superhero identity. He is killed in the two-part season finale "Crazy man", but it's hinted he will return. In "Cheat", he is resurrected in Metal Sonic's body, but is destroyed yet again by Milo. In "Super-soldier" and "Armies", he is revealed to be inside Metal Sonic's body, serving under Boom-Boom as vengeance against Station Square. He betrays Boom-Boom and forces him to ally with his son Milo. Sonic later beats Eggman to death with his bare hands.
  • Metallico Prower/Boom-Boom : Older brother of Tails and true father of Milo. He is a recurring antagonist in the show, as a terrorist-for-hire and is a recurring antagonist in Season 1 and Season 2 and as the main antagonist of Season 3, then deutertagonist in Season 5.
  • Commander Alan Mak: A minor character in the last episodes of Season 3 and Season 4, but is actually the hidden main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, showing his true colors in Season 5 as the season's main antagonist. He seeks to take over the world by military force, having been the one who masterminded Creatura's plan, which was to throw the world into chaos. Now, Alan is seeking to take over the world, but is killed by Wave the Swallow in The Finale using a suicide vehicle.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower : Sonic's sidekick back in the day and Milo's uncle. He's like a father figure, working at Meteotech to help Sonic buy the company. He is gone for most of Season 1, appearing in flashbacks and stuff. He is rescued by Milo in the two-part season finale "Crazy man". In Season 4, he replaces Sonic when his friend turns evil.
  • Peter Halifax : Father of Max and step-father of Milo. He is an employee at Teca Enterprises and supporter of the Teca Conspiracy.
  • Niro Roberts/The Copycat : While initially serving as a victim of Eggman's schemes in Season 1, he becomes the main antagonist of Season 2. He is the CEO of Teca Enterprises, apparently losing all he cares for in Station Square. He begins the Teca Conspiracy, a plan to blow up Station Square and even got help from criminals worldwide to do so. He is the Copycat, an archer supervillain acting on behalf of these criminal supporters. In "Savior", he plans were almost to fruition, but the Hood interfered and the device was disarmed. Niro refuses defeat and falls to his death.
  • George Creatura : An inter-dimensional werewolf-like beast who posed as a human, as CEO of the toy company Entertainment Manufacturers. He is soon introduced in the Season 4 three-part story arc "Supernatural" and soon took the role as the main antagonist of Season 4, in which he wishes to unleash his inter-dimensional werewolf brethren upon the world with Eggman technology. He soon pressed Sonic to his service and wanted him to find the 7 Chaos Emeralds to put his plan to work. In the finale "Final Sacrifice", Milo drives Creatura's ship directly into the ARK, destroying it. While Milo got away via escape pod, Creatura was unable to save himself from the explosion.


Season 1

  • Pilot: In 2019, Sonic had attempted to steal a weapon from Dr. Eggman. It goes haywire when Sonic is forced to kill several innocents to destroy the weapon. He retires from hero work with that sin. In 2040, Tails is kidnapped while searching for evidence against Dr. Eggman's company Meteotech. His nephew Milo goes to Sonic for help, so he gives him a hooded vigilante outfit, with a bow and a series of custom-made arrows and his Phantom Blades from his time stranded (see Sonic the Hedgehog: Stranded Revelations for more information).
  • Pilot, part 2: Milo has discovered that Metal Sonic is responsible for the kidnapping. Milo interrogates Metal, but he kills himself so Milo couldn't learn more. Striking at Dr. Eggman himself, Milo is brutally beaten by Eggman, when Sonic comes to the rescue in a hovercar. Angry at Milo for disobeying him, Sonic still allows him to continue being the hooded vigilante.
  • Sound Pyscho: A villainous sound-manipulating robot named Ear-Shatterer has been robbing Meteotech's rival, Teca Enterprises, of sound-wave equipment. Milo is desperate to learn what he's doing. Soon, Milo discovers that Ear-Shatterer is planning to level Teca Enterprises' weapons-shipping. Milo offers him a chance of redemption, but he refuses and leaps into a smokestack to his death, with the smokestack exploding.
  • Shadow of the villain: Shadow the Hedgehog is responsible for a series of Teca Enterprises explosions. Sonic finds it hard to believe he would do this, so Milo investigates. Shadow is being controlled by Eggman through a control chip in his brain. Electrocuting him heavily, Milo brings him to Sonic, who manages to remove the chip through surgery.
  • Bridge over troubled water: A field trip to the Station Bridge led to Milo seeing people planting explosives there. As the Hood, he beats up one of the people, who says Eggman is trying to sabotage shipments for Teca Enterprises' new security robots. Milo stops this by throwing the explosives into the water.
  • Revelations: The mercenary Killian Fredson is revealed to be alive, as a robot. Sonic wants to destroy this evil, but Milo thinks he's finding this way too personal. Killian was under the employ of Dr. Eggman to steal a nuclear weapon from a heavily-guarded vault in the sewers. Milo has to kill him before the weapon is found.
  • Terrorist-ho!!!: Milo's new enemy, Boom-Boom, is a pyscho-terrorist planning to blow up City Hall. Dr. Eggman hired him to do this and frame Teca Enterprises. A fox-man is hiding under Boom-Boom's mask. When asking Sonic, he says he knows nothing of him, but he actually knows him as the man who killed his mother; Metallico Prower, Milo's true father.
  • Destruction: Boom-Boom has been hinting to Milo that they are related, but Sonic keeps claiming he doesn't know. Milo knows his mentor is hiding something, so he goes to Boom-Boom. He tries to kill Milo for stopping him, but Milo is forced to kill him by tackling him off the building, breaking Boom-Boom's neck. Milo is furious at Sonic for hiding knowledge from him and demands an answer. He says that Boom-Boom killed his mother and accused his father of the crime. Sonic still hid something and said that he's hiding something for Milo's own safety.
  • Psychiatry: A new killer referred to as "Dr. Maniac" has been targeting people discussed at a therapist's office, Dr. Frank Richards. Milo investigates and finds that Dr. Maniac is someone under his employ, who believes solving the patient's problems (by killing the ruiners of lives) will help severely. Milo offers him legal protection, but he refuses and kills himself.
  • Crazy Man, part 1: Dr. Eggman has been discovered as accused of forcing hundreds out of their homes and life-savings for construction. Milo learns where Tails is being kept and finds the place (an old bunker under Station Square) and breaks him out. Furious, Tails tries to get revenge by killing Eggman, but Milo stops him.
  • Crazy Man, part 2: Dr. Eggman, now finally caring about the Hood's existence, kidnapped Sonic and subjected him to torture and placed a control chip in his brain, giving him the personality of genocidal Metal Sonic. Milo, desperate to save his mentor, breaks into Meteotech and catches Eggman, fighting him until Sonic attacks. Milo electrocutes Sonic, destroying the chip. Then, Sonic uses his laser gun to blow up Eggman's head, his body falling into a smokestack. While Milo thought this one-man-war was finally over, Sonic doubted Eggman was dead. Teca Enterprises bought up Meteotech later on.

Season 2

  • Countdown: The Season 2 launching episode shows Milo's older brother, Max Prower, getting suspicious of Milo's recent behavior. His suspicions are rised when Milo came home with a broken arm (he was trying to rescue a celebrity hostage and broke his arm). Eventually, Max decides to follow Milo to Sonic's home, discovering the hideout cave underneath as well as the discovery that Milo is the Hood. Sonic winds up beating him up so Milo can disarm a bomb, with success. Max agrees to never reveal this secret and serves as the muscle, the bouncer of this little "revolution".
  • Crisis, part 1: Boom-Boom has resurfaced, apparently with a cyborg neck. Milo tails him to a warehouse, where he is shocked to find his mother (Moira Prower) telling Boom-Boom to kill Niro Roberts, CEO of Teca Enterprises. Niro is attacked in his own home by Boom-Boom, who escapes.
  • Crisis, part 2: Sonic managed to print a recording of Milo's investigation, who uses it to get answers from his mother. She states that she was conspiring with Niro, but no details were said. As the Hood, he tries convincing, but all that is revealed is illegal science being a part. While learning more, Milo is shot and brought to Sonic by Max.
  • Crisis, part 3: While Milo hovers between life and death as Sonic and Max try to save him, Sonic starts saying things about "an affair". Max tries to talk to Moira about "the affair" and she says that Milo was the product of an affair between herself and Metallico, with Peter Halifax actually being his stepfather. While talking to Sonic, Max learns that Metallico was responsible for murdering his mother and framing his father for the crime. When Milo recovers, Max tells him everything. He wasn't really convinced that Sonic trusted him.
  • Shock: Niro Roberts' conspiracy is being studied by Milo, who learns that Niro is planning heavy destruction. Copycat is a new villain, a Hood imposter with equal archery power. Rescuing hostages, Milo tries to uncover his identity. It is soon revealed to the audience that Niro is the Copycat.
  • Cheat: Meteotech has apparently been trying to resurrect Dr. Eggman. The villain had cheated death yet again by having his mind implanted in Metal Sonic's body. Having deduced the Hood's identity, he attacks the hideout and Sonic uses an electric wire to kill Dr. Eggman, with Metal's body taken apart.
  • Protege, part 1: Milo seeks help from a recently-freed criminal Helen Mant. To this end, he makes her his protege and takes him on missions against criminals. When learning that her father is a dangerous mob boss, Milo has to stop Helen from murdering him.
  • Protege, part 2: Milo fails to stop the assassination, but his dying words were "the device...can't stop...the Teca device". Milo is convinced that the Teca Conspiracy is about this device. Upon arriving at a Teca lab, he finds that everyone who knew about the device was dead and the computers were destroyed. Helen attempts to kill Milo, but is arrested.
  • Precinct 32: The SSPD has branded the Hood a fugitive, a criminal who must be brought to justice. Even the mercenary Boom-Boom has given support of this. Milo attempts to find Boom-Boom, who says that the cops would pay well for his capture. Milo uncovers evidence of the deal and the detective who hired him was arrested. With the amount of publicity the Hood is getting, the Chief calls off the hunt for the Hood.
  • Dodger: After 3 whole months of no sighting of the Copycat, he has returned, now with a plan to kill the Hood. Milo is caught by the Copycat. Escaping, Milo goes to Moira in his Hood costume and convinces her to confess the Teca Conspiracy to the public. She discovers that Milo is the Hood, angry at her son for being a killer. Milo simply says "Like father, like son" and leaves to fight Copycat. Milo is caught again, but Moira's confession allows the police to take a turn.
  • Savior: Moira has revealed to the public via news broadcast that Teca Enterprises is planning to level Station Square with a device that is basically a ticking time-bomb. Milo escapes and learns that Niro is the Copycat, breaking into Teca Enterprises to fight him while Sonic and Max try to find the bomb and disarm. Milo offers Niro a chance of redemption, but he refuses, saying that everything he cares about was ended in this city; his wife, his money, the respect of the public. He wants to end it all. The bomb is soon disarmed, ending the Teca Conspiracy. Niro refuses to accept defeat and falls to his death. While Moira has been arrested, Milo still sees a job well-done.

Season 3

  • Terrorism: The start of Season 3. Milo tries to stop Boom-Boom from destroying a Station Square bridge, but fails. The police arrange a manhunt for the Hood, thinking he destroyed the bridge. Desperate, Milo hunts Boom-Boom and gets him to confess.
  • Destructor: Milo is given an opportunity to wrestle with the Wrestling Commision. Milo's popularity rises. But when he is instructed to lose a fight with the biggest, strongest wrestler they have, Sonic saves him and learns that the Wrestling Commision has placed a massive bet on Milo losing. Milo beats his opponent, making the Wrestling Commision go bankrupt.
  • Humanize: Milo has been investigating illegal production of human-like robots with their own personality. Moira was apparently a supporter of this, as black market money is what kept the Teca Conspiracy strong and alive. Milo destroys all the robots. 
  • Return: Boom-Boom has kidnapped Moira from prison and also took Milo. At an abandoned warehouse, Milo watches Boom-Boom say that his new employer has requested the doom of Station Square. And that also means kill the Hood. Boom-Boom kills Moira and is attacked by Max. Milo tells Peter everything he knows of this; the affair, the breakout, the murder of Moira, all of that.
  • Super-soldier: The plan that Boom-Boom is putting together is in desperate need of a serum made from Black Arm DNA. He finds the serum and gets super-soldier power. Milo finds out and devises a plan to steal all the samples and gets Sonic and Max to participate. While Sonic was loading the samples on a truck, Milo runs into Metal Sonic, who is now commanded by Boom-Boom. Metal steals the truck and drives away, with his whereabouts being tracked.
  • Armies: Boom-Boom's new serum-enhanced army has been created. But they are in need of something. Weapons. Lots of weapons. To this end, he plans a series of armoured truck robberies, with Metal doing the planning. Milo uncovers the surprise that Dr. Eggman is still inside of Metal's body, serving Boom-Boom for vengeance.
  • Funding: Sonic says it was time to deliver a crippling blow to Boom-Boom's plans by destroying his source of funding; black-market robots. Max triggers a riot and helps Milo dump the robots in the ocean. With that, they decide to head straight for a military camp outside the city. Commander Alan Mak tells Milo of a series of convoy heists. Milo heads to an abandoned camp in the woods, only to find that it had been cleared out.
  • Truce, part 1: Boom-Boom had now arrived at the camp, stating that Eggman was responsible and has abandoned the Bounty Guild in pursuit of personal gain. Milo decides a truce with his evil father to catch Eggman. While Sonic didn't seem to like the idea, what other option was there? Mercenaries are guarding a brewery, with Boom-Boom suspecting that Eggman was inside. Milo sneaks in with his father, only for the two to find that Eggman had already left, with the stolen convoy equipment sent to Rocky Island (which hasn't been home to the Bounty Guild for years). The brewery is destroyed.
  • Truce, part 2: Sonic and Max were accompanying Milo and Boom-Boom on a trip to Rocky Island. Sonic still didn't believe that Boom-Boom was worth trusting, but there were no other ways to catch Eggman. Arriving at the island, they find that Eggman had restored fortress status to the place. Sonic devises a plan to infiltrate the place and steal back everything. The plan is put in jeopardy when Boom-Boom came after Eggman himself. They all get captured.
  • Truce, part 3: Milo and Boom-Boom escape, to find that Sonic was already out...hoping to finally kill Eggman. The assassination doesn't go well, as Milo dragged him out of it. Eggman took the opportunity to prepare transport of these supplies. While Sonic was potent on killing Eggman, Milo sought to stop him. However, Sonic's fury led him to beating Eggman to death with his bare hands. Milo gets the supplies back to Alan Mak, then asks Boom-Boom of his plan. After all, he owed him. Boom-Boom says that the plan was to terrorize Station Square to such an extent that the government would have to nuke Station Square. Boom-Boom disappears, severing ties with his son.
  • Fury: The plan that the Bounty Guild had put together is coming to fruition; the army is released on Station Square, throwing the city into chaos. Desperate to stop this, Milo tries to find Boom-Boom, while Sonic works on an antidote to the super-soldier drug that made it all possible. Alan Mak was told to nuke Station Square to stop this, but Max sabotages this by disabling all jets and dropping all nuclear weapons into the ocean. Milo manages to find Boom-Boom, proclaiming that the plan was over. The two fight to the death, then Sonic's antidote is finished (he had started making it a week before). He gets it to Milo, who ignites it and kills the super-soldier army. Boom-Boom was stabbed by a pipe bomb and dropped off the building, finally destroying him. The Bounty Guild disbands later, as Milo's job was done.

Season 4

  • Supernatural, part 1: The start of Season 4. Milo was meant to investigate a series of murders that were so gruesome that to keep a PG rating, the bodies are not shown, with only the saying that it looks like they were attacked by wild animals. Arriving at a toy factory known as Entertain Manufacturers, Milo sees that some kind of hairy werewolf-like creature was murdering a worker and stealing some toys. While Sonic and Max were confident that a Meteotech experiment had gotten loose, Milo seemed to believe that this was the work of a werewolf. A real werewolf. Later, Milo confronts the beast as it was running from police, discovering that the creature was indeed a real werewolf.
  • Supernatural, part 2: Milo has run into this werewolf stealing more toys. Halloween was coming up, so there must be something wrong. By checking for strange energy frequencies, a signal is coming from the Entertainment Manufacturers. There, Milo finds the head of the company George Creatura claiming he doesn't know. However at that moment, George transforms into the werewolf and flees. The next day, it became apparent that Entertainment Manufacturers had an upcoming TV event known as the Anima Onerariis Spooky Marathon. Apparently, you would use a special mask sold by the company to allow view of the event. Milo knew something was wrong now, as he had discovered strange: Meteotech trans-dimensional devices. What could this mean? Was Werewolf Creatura (Milo's new name for the beast) planning to send thousands to an alternate dimension?
  • Supernatural, part 3: With mere days away from Halloween, leads on Creatura's plan had all led to one result; supernatural genocide. By confronting the monster himself, Milo discovers that Creatura hails from an alternate reality populated by werewolf-like beasts brought to Earth through weak portals. This led to werewolf sighting all throughout time. The werewolves intended to reach Earth and conquer, but the rifts aren't strong enough, so they need an equal amount of life-energy to replace them in their dimension. Milo states that this plan sounds too sci-fi horror-like to be original (a reference to Coran Cochran's plan). While Creatura was waiting to trigger this TV event that would activate the masks' dimensional devices, Milo rushes to the rescue to shut off this event, succeeding. However, Creatura had a back-up plan: activate the masks manually via satellite. When Creatura arrived at the satellite control center, Max Prower was waiting for him. Max then shoots Creatura in the face with a crossbow, killing him. He then orders the satellite destroyed from the control center, stopping this plan. However, several werewolves had already escaped to Earth and Milo now had to hunt them all.
  • Season of the Witch: Milo had his sights set on a new werewolf creature named Brutalizer, who was apparently skilled in magical forces and was even rumored to have resurrected Creatura. The beast was all-out seeking to cause madness across Station Square by saying he shall blow up a hospital if the Hood doesn't face him. Milo then confronts him at the hospital and fights him. He then states that he indeed resurrected Creatura. However, his magic wouldn't save him from a shot to the back by a SWAT sniper. This kills Brutalizer, but there were still minions of Creatura to hunt.
  • A Governor No Longer: Governor Ronald Peralta has come to Station Square, unaware that Creatura's 2nd-in-Command Mantid was carrying out a plot to kill him. While Milo knew of this, he was unable to get away from being arrested along with Mantid. While Milo seemed to think that Mantid in prison meant the Governor was safe, it was soon made apparent that Creatura was to have him bailed out. Later, Milo gets Sonic's help to Mantid's cell and kill him. However, he finds the body of the warden instead and sees that Creatura and Mantid were there, having murdered the warden and intended to bring Milo to execution for plotting to kill the Governor. The next morning, right as Creatura was about to kill him, Sonic and Max get in the way and stop the execution, then giving Milo a hatchet, which he buried into Mantid's shoulder right as he about to kill the Governor (he was in attendance). Sonic then convinces the SSPD to wipe out his criminal record, as he has just saved the Governor from the real culprit.
  • Belly of the Beast: Milo and Sonic have entered disguise as werewolves to get more info on Creatura's new plan. They find themselves inside his submarine, where Creatura himself was there to show the spies around. Max then arrives and stealthily kills all the enemies around the route while Sonic was to distract and annoy the guards. Then, the three spring their Trojan Horse trap, kill many of the werewolves and even took the life Creatura's bouncer Fortis. However, Creatura was smart enough to have the submarine crashed into an underwater cliff to destroy it. The three escaped via escape submarine.
  • There Can Be Only One!: Creatura has been arrested by the SSPD and Milo himself arrived for interrogation. He started asking about recent kidnappings, which were mainly to kill the victims. It soon became apparent that Creatura wasn't responsible, as while he was in prison, Max calls and says that Sonic has been kidnapped. Creatura said that he had also captured Tails and they were in separate buildings, each with bombs timed so perfectly that Milo could only save one of them in time. He goes to where Sonic was, but instead finds Tails. The bombs go off right as they run away. Sonic was alive, but with Two-Face-like scars and burns and was in a hospital. Creatura is broken out by Brutalizer, who survived. Then, Creatura arrives at the hospital and tells Sonic that he was in prison when the abduction happened. Sonic was persusaded to help Creatura in his unknown plan of destruction. In following episodes, Tails took the role of tech advisor and detective scientist.
  • Stalker: With recently-recruited Sonic at Creatura's side, he sends his new ally on his first task; steal a ship that leads to the Space Colony ARK. Milo and Max didn't seem to know what Creatura wanted with the ARK, but Tails did. After all, he saw what it could do. What it would've done. Milo then boards a ship bound for the ARK and sees that Sonic and Creatura were looking for the 7 Chaos Emeralds to power it up. Milo returns to tell of his findings. A Chaos Emerald is found around the Mystic Ruins, so Milo goes there to stop Sonic from getting away with the artifact.
  • My Precious: Milo didn't seem to get any ideas what was on the ARK that was needed by Chaos Emerald power, but he decides to find them anyway and goes to Rocky Island to find 2 more. A werewolf search party was already there, but Milo had managed to kill all of them and leave with the Emeralds.
  • Revelations: While Milo has already gotten hold of 3 Chaos Emeralds, Creatura winds up with the other four and to learn of what the ARK has that is needed so desperately, he travels there. He soon discovers that the ARK holds a super-weapon known as the Eclipse Cannon, which needs all 7 Chaos Emeralds to get the power to destroy the world. Naturally, Milo does a little sneaking and sees that Sonic had been pressed into Creatura's service due to a twisted lie involving the abduction. When Milo was discovered, he had to flee and told of his findings.
  • Alas, poor foe: Sonic goes to the hideout and steals the 3 Chaos Emeralds there, then delivers them to Creatura. Creatura soon broadcasted his plan of destruction throughout the world and said that he doesn't need to bring his kind over; the Eclipse Cannon can take care of the job easily. Milo finds that Creatura has come back to Station Square to broadcast this. Tails then gets Alan Mak to bombard the fort he was hiding in. Milo was inside to find the monster and kill him. He was injured from a shelling and tries to get into the fort's main satellite tower, only to find that Sonic was there waiting for him. Creatura was about to leave on a spaceship and had left Sonic to handle the fort. He leaps at Milo and strangles him, while his foe confesses that Creatura had arranged his abduction from prison so as to kill him, but soon took advantage of his loss. Sonic refused to believe this, forcing Milo to stab Sonic through the chest with an arrow. As he lay there dying, he tells Milo of how proud he is of what he has become and that if the ARK is powered-up, it will crash to Earth and destroy it. Milo then bid farewell to his mentor-turned-enemy and walks away.
  • Final Sacrifice: Milo comes back to the hideout and tells Max and Tails that Sonic is dead and Creatura advances in his plot. Desperate to stop him, Milo sneaks onto a ship that Creatura was using to reach the ARK. Fighting his way through, Milo confronts Creatura at the bridge. Creatura fights Milo like a beast, eventually stabbing him and throwing him at a control panel. Milo then fires an arrow into Creatura's chest and steers the ship directly into the ARK, snatching the Chaos Emeralds and getting into an escape pod back to Earth. Both the ship and the ARK were destroyed in the explosion, with Creatura dead and Milo arriving in Station Square as a victorious man.

Season 5

  • Unity, part 1: Drawn In: The start of Season 5. 2 years after Sonic Riders: The Final Campaign, Milo is shown practicing his archery, as news of a strange military movement has reached Station Square and he wants to be prepared for it. Alan Mak has been gone for the 4 years that Milo has been "retired" from being the Hood, and it was made obvious by Tails that Alan was leading this military event. Milo is then told by Max that a train full of terrorists is leaving Station Square armed with Meteotech weapons, one of which is a battalion of Meteotech mech-suits, each one about 20ft tall and able to fit one human pilot. They go to stop this train, getting onboard and fighting the soldiers, but only find that the captain was under Alan's command. Milo blows a train car off the train with Max and Tails onboard, while Milo stays on the train and is beaten badly.
  • Unity, part 2: The Campaign: Milo is now pronounced a prisoner of Alan, who looks rather distraught about this. He is imprisoned on Alan's train of soldiers, where he states that the United Federation has been in chaos since Creatura threatened to end the world. All the other countries and continents were in the midst of unity and revolution, and with North America being the last continent to suffer from this famine of peace, Alan was commissioned to re-unite the continent under Presidential control. Milo then busts out of his cell and winds up lost in the Dusty Desert. Max and Tails are wandering the train tracks, when Helen Mant appears in a truck and picks them up. The three head for Soleanna, one of the states that Alan hasn't taken control of yet. Milo comes across a battle going on between Soleanna soldiers and Alan's troops, which Milo throws himself into. He drives off Alan's attack, and the soldiers take him into a temple in the desert, their base.
  • Unity, part 3: Drill Siege of Soleanna Castle Town: Milo now sits within the base of several Soleanna soldiers, where he is presented with a sword as a reward for driving off Alan's attack. He is also presented with his archery equipment and a transport back to the Castle Town of Soleanna. He is taken there by a blimp, which lands in the town and lets himself get settled in. Meanwhile, Helen winds up seeing a massive, mobile drill trying to drill a massive hole in the outer fortress walls leading into the town. Desperate to stop them, Helen attacks the drill and stops it from getting through the wall by clogging up the engine and blowing up the cockpit with Alan's lieutenant inside. Milo notices the drill explode and rushes to see Helen demanding from a soldier to know who's doing this. He dies before they learn anything.
  • Siege of New City: Alan's troops has regrouped and are prepared to attack New City, which is a powerful strategic location to attack Castle Town. The troops attack, while Milo and Max desperately attempt to stop him from winning this battle. In the battle, Max's leg is blown off by a bomb. Milo gets onto Alan's train, but is unable to stop him from taking over New City. The battle was lost to Soleanna and Milo had failed, also with the following revelation that the terrorists with the mech-suits were, in fact, Alan's troops. While our four heroes are re-united and are able to flee on a blimp, New City and Soleanna was now under the control of Alan. This was now civil war. Later, it is revealed that Sonic is actually alive, where he is being cared for by a hermit.
  • Rebellion: Milo comes across a band of teenagers outside Soleanna who seek to drive Alan out of the Castle Town. Their motives are clear, as they do have the features of war heroes, but they are revealed to be attacking Alan directly before he leaves Soleanna on his train again. They would be blowing up the train while there are still war prisoners onboard, innocents. They stop these renegades, but lose Alan in the process. Later, Sonic is shown heading back to Station Square, then finding out that Milo was gone now, travelling the United Federation to stop Alan.
  • The United King: A meeting goes on between the various leaders of the world, while Alan presents himself. Milo and the others were present as well, as they see Alan's speech. He declares that the President is powerless now, and he now rules the scattered United Federation as Unity King. He declares plans to sign over many neutral lands across the land and rule as Unity King, to establish a corrupted monarchy. While Milo scrambles for support from an ambassador for Russia, he declares that too much of Russia's history has been spent suffering from political problems and revolution and his support won't be lent. When Max tries to sneak aboard Alan's train before it leaves, he is shot in the chest multiple times. Milo is enraged (of course) that Max has been killed, and declares that he will rip the tyrant's heart out. Later, Sonic is shown driving to the meeting location, when he comes across Milo, revealing that he is alive and ready to stop Alan.
  • The Civil Expedition: Milo and Helen come across a rebel army marching through a forest to Westopolis, which is currently controlled by Alan. They decide to get in it, then fight in a massive battle with Alan's troops, where Milo is taken prisoner. He is sentenced to execution at a public trial by Alan himself, brought up to a firing squad in front of many people who wanted to see the carnage. Suddenly, a hooded figure wearing a similar jacket to Neo's in The Matrix movies appears, takes out snipers posted on rooftops and then attacks the firing squad. Milo is freed and the hooded figure tosses him his sword as they fight their way over to a rebel hideout. There, we see that Sonic is alive and is now leading these rebels to defeat the Unity King, while also revealing that Metallico is the hooded figure who saved Milo. It is explained that the Metallico character that Milo fought in "Fury" was a clone made at Meteotech and now, he wanted to kill Alan for his evil schemes.
  • Swords-master: Milo is being taught by Metallico how to fight with a sword, as they need all the skills they can get, from firearms to sword combat to all-out warfare. During one such exercise at an abandoned gun store, Alan's troops break in, led by Metal Sonic, and a fight ensues. Metal is decapitated by Metallico while the troops are defeated and Metal's head is brought back to the hideout for data analysis. It is revealed to them that Alan is currently dealing with how to dispose of hundreds of bodies, and that he will shut off all transports and communication systems for a month while this happens. A protester rally is broken up by troops who fire on them and kill people in the crowd, regardless of who's who. This was the body disposal event happening right here, so the rebels fight off the troopers.
  • Battle of West Hill: A bunch of rebel troops from "The Civil Expedition" are now making a stand at West Hill outside Westopolis, which attracts the attention of Milo. Helen goes to lead these troops against a division headed through Westopolis to West Hill. The battle rages while Milo and Metallico rush across the battlefield, as they defeat these troops and sabotage a blimp that would've made the battle lost to the rebels. Their leader, Franklin Geran, is now making his last stand and left the city to clean up the mess himself. Milo rushes through the area and behind the firing troops, where he impales Geran on his sword. The rebels acquire a military blimp and destroy the firing army, meaning that Westopolis is now under the control of the rebels and Alan's territory was decreased.
  • Return of Eggman: The rebel troops are now heading to Castle Labs in the mountainside of the Pacific Northwest, where Alan now hides to clone Dr. Eggman. Upon the troop's arrival, we see that Eggman is already cloned, as a cyborg, and ready to battle. While Milo and Helen rush to the castle, Eggman appears with 4 arms, each equipped with an illegal "laser-sword". During this fight, it is revealed that Wave and Storm from Sonic Riders are now on Alan's side. Eggman gets away, but the rebels continue their attack, where we see Wave leap out in an armored exoskeleton and fight off the attackers. Sonic fires a crossbow shot at Wave, right into her eye, causing the suit to crash. While the rebels lost the battle, Milo had discovered that Eggman is back, and now he'll be ready.
  • Hostage Crisis: A blimp is captured by the rebels, which they use to get to Montreal, which is under control by Alan. He is, in fact, here to put together a doomsday device, which no-one really knows the name of or has been seen by anyone but Alan. This was suspicious, but then Eggman appears on the blimp and takes much of the crew hostage. If they want these guys back, they'll surrender Sonic and Milo unconditionally in Montreal. In Montreal, Milo surrenders himself and fights against Eggman while the hostages are set free, with Milo having now acquired a laser-sword. The crew is back, when Alan appears to show off his laser-sword skills in a fight with Helen. Alan's eye is torn out by Milo, who rips it out with an arrow, then the rebels attack Montreal and take it back from the tyrant. Alan then reveals that he had been in charge of Creatura's attack on Earth; this was to throw the world into chaos so that Alan could appear without a problem. He also says that he was responsible for paying Metallico in his plan to destroy Station Square. He is forced to flee with Eggman and Wave, who is alive with an eye patch.
  • Scattered: Metallico now is taken prisoner by Alan, who is now headed for Station Square. There, he hears about soldiers discussing Alan's new weapon, which is powered by a Chaos Emerald apparently. A test-run is apparently happening tomorrow on a town that denied Alan's leadership, so Metallico has to sleep and wait. At the test-run, the cannon is shown obliterating the town, but the actual device is not attached to the ground, but is to be used in "a different, creative way" when it comes time to siege Station Square. When Metallico sabotages the weapon, Alan says to whip out the "other cannon", which will be used on Station Square. Metallico fled back to Station Square, to find the gang at home, waiting for Alan to arrive, when Metallico explains what he saw. An evacuation order is made, so there can't be civilian casualties in the coming battle.
  • The arrival: Now that the people are gone and the rebels are now in control of the city, Station Square waits for Alan's arrival. Milo and Tails go to get a closer look, where they see a platoon of robot exoskeletons marching for the city. Even worse yet, Alan is now sitting inside of a 200 ft-tall robot built by Dr. Eggman and houses the cannon on its right arm. Alan, now dressed much like Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 5 and Neo in The Matrix franchise, demands for the surrender of Station Square or else he will burn it to ashes. Milo refuses to back down, as if he does, the whole country falls. Alan then reveals his plan to march on Europe and Africa, seeking to take over the world himself, seeing as how he's got the capability. The robot then shows off its power by firing the cannon at the city walls, burning a gigantic hole in it and allowing the enemy invaders to attack. Meanwhile, Sonic pops onboard a blimp with Metallico to assassinate Eggman and Wave, fighting against them as the robot attacks. Metallico shoots Eggman's organic insides, lighting up an oil slick and burning him alive inside his own body, while Wave manages to get away to the robot. Milo attempts to penetrate it, to no avail, while the mecha keeps firing its weapon at random buildings. Helen and a battalion of rebel troopers attack the coming platoon of 20ft manned robots, which are obliterated by rocket fire.
  • The Finale: Milo has now penetrated the robot's armor and slips inside, where he steals away the Chaos Emerald that powers the monstrosity. Metallico crashes Eggman's blimp into the robot's head, damaging it. Milo then enters into battle against Alan, who is now stronger due to using the Black Arms super-soldier serum, while Sonic and Tails try to trip the robot up with cables. This does work, but Alan isn't defeated yet. He wasn't going to give up what he'd spent 4 years acquiring, then revealing that he had been the hooded employer of Killian Fredson in Stranded Revelations, thus making Milo want to kill Alan even more. The robot is destroyed, but Alan isn't giving up, so he gives himself some more Black Arms serum and is turned into a mutant zombie monster, who kills Metallico and is now besting Milo. Sonic then convinces Wave that Alan is evil and he is not worth saving by anyone, and right as Milo was going to be done for, Wave crashes a mecha into Alan, with the explosion destroying both of them for good. Now that the Unity King is gone, the UN is placed in a new state; various states are united under new leaders, such as combining Arizona, New Mexico and Texas under one flag and more. The ending to the series shows Metallico's funeral as his name was cleared, while Milo smiles at the victory with full knowledge that his father had finally redeemed himself.


  • The show is mainly influenced by Arrow, a live-action superhero drama series, and Batman Beyond, a TV series in 1999 to 2002.
  • This is perhaps the darkest media adaptation in the series, as death and conspiracy have their parts in the show as well as many of the series' villains dying someway.
    • Also, this is the only time that Sonic dies and doesn't come back to life. However, hallucinations of him appear long after to haunt Milo.
  • The series takes some level of influence from most Assassin's Creed games. The Sonic: Revolutions video-game is the most notable example, as it shows similarities with Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Assassin's Creed: Rogue.
    • Many of the antagonists in both the show and the Assassin's Creed games are killed or have died in some way.
    • The protagonists of various Assassin's Creed games have hoods with eagle beak-tipped ends. Milo also follows this design. Sonic even says that the design for the costume "came from a video game once", referencing the franchise.
    • In Assassin's Creed, the antagonists, the Knights Templar, run a powerful technology corporation called Abstergo Industries. Meteotech's and Teca Enterprises' interior designs and motive match Abstergo Industries.
      • In fact, if you closely around the hallways and rooms in the companies' interior, you can see a translucent cross on the walls resembling the Templar cross. This is likely a coincidence.
    • Assassin's Creed III features a retired hero named Achilles Davenport, who trains the protagonist Connor Kenway in Assassins ways. In some episodes of the show, Sonic acts like Achilles, even dressing like him during Season 3.
    • The video-game adaptation of the show is set in time-travel, where Milo is stuck in the 1700's in a location known as the River Valley. The game Assassin's Creed: Rogue also uses a map called the River Valley, but the Sonic: Revolutions version is a lot bigger.
    • In the video-game, Milo travels across the River Valley in a heavily-modified sloop-of-war called the Bullfinch. The ship looks a lot like the Morrigan, your ship in Rogue. The two ships even share similar weapons, only the Bullfinch's weapons are easier to use.
    • The gameplay, UI (user interface), weapons, etc. match what is used in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Assassin's Creed: Rogue. The naval gameplay and land gameplay match perfectly: boarding incapacitated ships, docking with areas, entering "Travel Speed" to reach areas faster, occupying forts and settlements, robbing plantations, matching weapons, etc.
  • This is the second time in the franchise's history where a new, original character is the protagonist of his own TV series. The first time was with the anime series Sonic X, where a kid named Chris is arguably the main protagonist of the show.
  • This is perhaps the only time where Eggman actually dies in the canon timeline. The Shadow the Hedgehog storylines don't count, as there are multiple paths you can take and (supposedly) none of them are canonical.
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