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Sonic: Nazo Unleashed is an adobe-flash animated fan-movie created by Chakra-X and is a remake of Sonic: The Power of Nazo, also made by Chakra-X. It involves of a being made out of pure negative energy collecting the Chaos Emeralds for an evil plot of his. The voices, except for Nazo's, who was voiced by Omahdon, were taken from some Sonic games, most of which had to be edited to create new lines.


Main Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog (Dark, Super, and Hyper)

Miles "Tails" Prower (Super)

Knuckles the Echidna (Hyper)

Shadow the Hedgehog (Super, Dark, and Hyper)

Nazo the Hedgehog (Perfect, Hyper)

Shadic (Hyper)

Other Characters

News Reporter

Amy Rose

Cream the Rabbit

Rouge the Bat

Other Sonic Characters

Voice Actors

Sonic: Josh Keaton

Tails: Mona Marshall

Knuckles: Troy Baker

Shadow: Vic Mignogna

Nazo: Ron Pearlman

Amy: Laura Bailey

Cream: Michelle Ruff


"The Chaos Emeralds possess both Positive and Negative qualities. When the negativity becomes too great, the being that is Nazo is said to be born from the darkness, unleashing it's wrath upon the world. Light, alone, cannot shine on this darkness. It is not until the Light and the Shadow unite to rid the world of the new darkness..... And so, the battle begins....."

Stage 1: Chaos Assault

Knuckles the Echidna was sitting by the Master Emerald in Angel Island. Suddenly, a mysterious, platinum hedgehog came out of a Chaos Emerald and took the Master Emerald and the Emerald he emerged from with him and Angel Island started to fall.

A few hours later, the same hedgehog stole another Chaos Emerald from a jewelry store, and tested his increased power by destroying Downtown Metropolis. The situation has been reported soon enough. Somewhere outside of Central City. a familiar black-furred hedgehog was listening to the news on radio. He is greatly annoyed whenever he hears Sonic's name.

Later, in the badlands of South Island, Tails and Knuckles are seen flying through and see Sonic doing his usual run. Tails and Knuckles meet up with the blue hedgehog and Tails explains the situation to him (albeit through thought balloons showing pictures of the situation). Sonic grabs both Tails and Knuckles and speeds off to find the figure who stole the Chaos Emerald.

Minutes later, the trio stop at an area in the badlands. Tails spots 6 of the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald. Knuckles then "senses some strange energy". The figure who stole the Emeralds appears in front of the trio. Knuckles attempted to attack him twice, but both attempts failed, and he was knocked out. Sonic slightly became enraged by this. The figure, who is known as Nazo from this point, attempts to attack Sonic but the blue hedgehog manages to reflect it back at Nazo but dodges the attack. Nazo fires multiple Chaos Flares at Sonic, but he manages to dodge them all. Nazo questions "how fast IS this hedgehog?". Tails watches the fight from afar while Sonic jumps on Nazo's head taunting him to "catch him if you can". Nazo uses Chaos Control, much to Sonic's surprise and gets smashed back to hard ground. Nazo charges up a blast of energy at Sonic but someone appears in the nick of time to save Sonic from the blast. Just then, a hedgehog named Shadow appears. Sonic asks "what took him so long". Shadow states he only came for the Chaos Emeralds. Nazo asks who Shadow is, with Shadow stating that he's "the ultimate life form" and Chaos Controlled his way to Nazo. The grey-furred hedgehog attempted to attack Shadow, but missed. Both hedgehogs fire shots of Chaos Energy at each other but both get deflected. Shadow appears behind Nazo, pointing his trademark pistol at his head. Tails thinks it's "cool", while Sonic thinks that "he must be kidding". Nazo elbows shadow into a small hill nearby and, and gets knocked out, making the last Chaos Emerald Nazo needs fly to the rest. Nazo questions if Shadow really is the Ultimate Life Form and then attempts to fire at Sonic again, only to have Tails hit him by the back. Nazo then quickly kills Tails. Sonic is shocked by this and falls down to his knees, screaming "NO!".

The Chaos Emeralds glow and Sonic thinks about those who have been attacked by Nazo. Nazo tells Sonic that he has "wasted enough of his time". Sonic suddenly transforms into his Dark Super Form. Nazo attempts to attack Sonic but simply blocks it away. Nazo then tries to go melee on Sonic but Sonic being in his Dark Super Form, manages to punch Nazo far away. Sonic stares blankly but Tails, in Sonic's mind, begs Sonic to stop and transforms back to normal.

Sonic summons the Chaos Emeralds around him and transforms into Super Sonic. Shadow wakes up while the blue hedgehog was still transforming, though Sonic is unaware of this......

Stage 2: Vengeful Duet

Somewhere in another area of the badlands, Nazo is seen still standing and Chaos Controls himself back to where Sonic is at and finds the blue hedgehog in his Super Form. Nazo recalls Super Sonic, as he is made out of negative Chaos Energy, and states that Sonic is "more naive than he thought" and the two begin to fight.

Sonic gains the upper hand at first but Nazo manages to beat Sonic out of his Super Form. Shadow then appears behind Nazo but is, once again, punched away by the negative-being. to the ground. Shadow, dramatically, gets back up and transforms into Super Shadow, and sees Sonic knocked down and fights Nazo by himself. Shadow, like Sonic, gains the upper hand at first but Nazo manages to dodge Shadow's next attack and throws him to a cliffside. Shadow gets back up and continues fighting Nazo. Meanwhile, Sonic is seen running around and collects 200 Rings. He sees the fight and simply chuckles. Back with the fight, Shadow and Nazo are still evenly matched, but Nazo manages to get Shadow back to the ground and prepares to fire another "Chaos Eruption," only this time, it's bigger. Shadow manages to get away and slam Nazo's head and send him back to the ground. Shadow then fires multiple Chaos Arrows and finishes it off with a Chaos Spear. Nazo is badly wounded but regenerates again. Sonic transforms into Super Sonic again, and sees Shadow seemingly preparing to use Chaos Blast, but is stopped by Sonic and Shadow is given 40 Rings.

The two Super Hedgehogs team up to take Nazo out. Sonic suggests that they use "Light Speed Attack". The two hedgehogs then charge up to attack Nazo, who can't see their movements. Sonic and Shadow manage to knock out Nazo temporarily. Meanwhile, Knuckles wakes up from Nazo's attack and heals the badly-wounded Tails. The two-tailed fox sees Sonic and fly their way to him.

Back with Sonic and Shadow, Sonic flies up to space and then shoots himself down to Nazo. Nazo prepares to use Chaos Flare but Shadow distracts him long enough for Sonic to land a painful kick to his head.

The entire environment they we're just at is nearly destroyed. Sonic and Shadow see that Nazo has disappeared but Tails and Knuckles get to Sonic's location. Sonic transforms back to normal and the three have a reunion party, while Shadow transforms back to normal too. Nazo then quickly takes all the Emeralds and puts all the Master Emerald on the Altar.

Knuckles and Tails question what they're gonna do. Shadow states that "they have to get them back, no matter what". Sonic then also states that "they'll show that creep the real power of Chaos Control!". Knuckles and Tails are ready and the four heroes are teleported to Angel Island.

Stage 3: Island Finale

The four heroes have been teleported to Angel Island. Knuckles spots Nazo on top of the Master Emeral. Nazo reveals that whenever a negative activity is done with the Chaos Emeralds, Nazo himself began to form. Nazo then prepares to transform into his true form. 

Nazo, once his transformation is complete, then tells the heroes to refer to the negative-being as "Perfect Nazo". Sonic gets annoyed with Nazo and turns into Super Sonic, but Nazo simply stops his attack and blasts him back. Shadow catches the badly wounded hedgehog stating this "his weakness disgusts him". Shadow transforms into Super Shadow and attempts to use Chaos Spear, but Nazo simply deflects it. Shadow uses Chaos Control, but Nazo counters it with his "Perfect Chaos Control". Shadow gets extremely annoyed and removes his Inhibitor Rings, transforming into "Dark Super Shadow" in the process. Knuckles wonders what's wrong with Shadow, while the enraged Ultimate Life Form prepares to attack Nazo again. Nazo is curious as to what Shadow will do. Shadow then used Chaos Blast at Nazo, even when knowing that it won't work.

Shadow is severely weakened when he turns back to normal. Nazo then appears beside Shadow and the black hedgehog asks who he is. Nazo answer that HE is the Ultimate Life Form. Nazo then beats Shadow to the air then to Sonic's position, knocking both hedgehogs out. Nazo mocks at Sonic's and Shadow's attempts to stop him. Tails tells Knuckles that Nazo "can't get away wirth this". Knuckles states that "even his attacks are useless". Tails looks at the rubble Sonicc and Shadow are at, while both hedgehogs remember their closest friends. Tikal comes to their minds and the hedgehogs recall her prayer. Both hedgehogs soon open their eyes, with Sonic's eyes being as red as Shadow's.

Knuckles remembers something about the Chaos Emeralds, which they are growing slightly larger, one-by-one. Once all the Emeralds have transformed, a large ray of light blasts out of the rubble, revealing Sonic and Shadow in their Hyper Forms. Nazo is shocked at this, while the two hedgehogs fuse their bodies together.

Once the Chaos Unification is complete, it reveals a white hedgehog with streaks on four of his bottom quills. Nazo asks if the white hedgehog is Sonic or Shadow. The white hedgehog introduces himself as "Shadic". Nazo chuckles at this as "it will only delay the destruction of this universe". Nazo prepares to destroy the Earth, only to be kicked in the face by Hyper Shadic. Tails and Knuckles turn white from the sight they witnessed. Shadic and Nazo prepare to fight. Tails, Knuckles, many people in Station Square, including some of Sonic's friends, Metal Sonic and Dr. Eggman, are watching the fight from their positions. Shadic and Nazo continue to fight vigorously. Nazo is then blasted back to Earth by Shadic's "Spin Dash - Chaos Control" combo, only for Nazo to land safely on the ground but tired. Nazo and Shadic have a short chat, only for Nazo to absorb the negative energy of the Super Emeralds right after, changing his appearance slightly, but increasing his power. Nazo then explains what his true goal is. That goal is to obtain as much energy as possible, but there is one entity that he will never be able to surpass. Knuckles then figures out it's the Master Emerald. Nazo states that he won;t be able to reach an amount of infinity, and his solution is to destroy Earth, which will shatter the Master Emerald to pieces and scatter around space, rendering it impossible to be restored. Nazo then states the he "won't be damned to eternal subordination towards that rock." The heroes are then angry at what Nazo is after.

Nazo prepares to unleash his ultimate attack, the Master Breaker. Shadic then absorbs ALL the rings around the world. Shadic and Nazo then fire their respective attacks towards each other. Nazo gains the upper hand at first, but Knuckles suddenly transforms into Hyper Knuckles and Tails into Super Tails, both of which they rarely transform to. The two manage to distract Nazo from shooting his blast any further, and Shadic manages to break through the Master Breaker. Knuckles is thrown by Tails to Nazo and bash him to Shadic's Billion Ring Chaos Wind. Nazo is seemingly destroyed, only for a small void to appear out of nowhere. Shadic briefly turns into his normal form and Knuckles asks what he'll do. Shadic decides to head inside and finish it off.

Nazo is seen inside the void and decides to try and the destroy the Earth again, only for Shadic to appear in front of him, along with the Super Emeralds. Due to Nazo being weakened from Shadic's Billion Ring Chaos Wind, Shadic can manipulate the Chaos Energy that Nazo stole and re-neutralize them into the Super Emeralds, causing Shadic to reach his full power, destroying Nazo once and for all.

All of Station Square celebrates and Sonic and Shadow defuse. The two rivals then give each other a thumbs up. Sonic is seen jumping from bottom to the top of a mountain, then breaks the fourth wall with his finishing pose, ending the movie.

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Stage 1: Chaos Assault

Stage 2: Vengeful Duet

Stage 3: Island Finale

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