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Sonic Team
Sonic: Monsters from the Other World
Sonic Team
Simulation, Action/Adventure
Playstation, Xbox, Computer Online
Jan 10th 2017
Single player

Sonic: Monsters from The Other World (ソニック:モンスターワールド, Sonniku: Monsutā Wārudo lit. Sonic: Monster World) is a game rated T for Teen by Sega. It is one of the first game that evolves monster game simulation.

About the game

The game follows an intro about a phenomenal void opens, as huge sparks ignite and zoom all over everywhere on planet Mobius. As dawn comes up, Sonic wakes up in a hurry to his favorite chili dog restaurant ordering a pair of chili dogs, but he's yanked by the arm in a bush, revealing to be Tails, his best friend, talking about something happening in the sky that landed toward the central park of Motropolis, showing Sonic the news about something phenomenal as the blue hedgehog runs super speed heading to the park. Right in time, a type of crystrallized rock in the middle of the kids' playground, where it seems have gotten destroyed, has been surrounded by scientists, biologists, etc. from a foundation known as U.B.P.A.F. As Sonic, without being noticed crossing the restricted area, takes a look at the mysterious rock as he touched it with his index finger causing suddenly to open quicker than a geyser. Sonic wakes up unconcious as he saw tall figures reveal they're monsters.

INTRO in the IN-Game

The vice-assistant of the U.B.P.A.F. presents herself to Sonic or any character in his/her stilt sub-house. After telling him/her the tutorials down, she was interrupted encounters an unexpected surprise from the royal princess Sally Acorn's mother, Queen Alicia Acorn, and her royal guards facing to the vice-assistant, saying salutations as the queen argues telling her how many times that she must give her a notification to her for some guests so she and the vice-assistant can have a meeting at the headquarters of the Acorns. The vice assistant scolds that her reminders are as stupid as a false tiara, making the queen a shocking expression. After the discussion was over, the queen stares at the character with a calm feeling saying that she has an uncomfortable interest on raising monsters in Mobius. Right are the talking dies down, the queen gives him/her a bag of gems as a gift and the vice-assistant tells him/her good luck as, she too, gives the player some a bag of red crystals and then she leaves heading back to the foundation.


  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Amy Rose
  • Tails the Fox
  • Marine the Raccoon
  • Cream the Rabbit

Featured Characters

  • Mina the Minotaur
  • Yuki the Snow Woman
  • Barry The Barometz


There are lists of locations of where of horde of monsters live from their habitats.


  • Werewolves
  • Vampires

Mystic Jungle

  • Alraunes
  • Dryads
  • Mandrakes (Female)
  • Wild Centaurs
  • Swamp Lilies

Medea Sea -

  • Mermaids
  • Sahuagins
  • Dagonians
  • Sirens (Near the coast of Medea Sea)

Mycedona City

  • Minotaurs
  • Harpies
  • Echidnas
  • Sand strikers

Dwelled monsters who lived under

  • Hellhounds
  • Ghouls
  • Hades Gates
  • Demons

Parallel Earth

  • Werehogs
  • Merhogs
  • Nagas
  • Zombhogs
  • Vamphogs (subspecies of Vampires)
  • Lamias
  • Werebats


  • Yetis
  • Glacier golems
  • Narwhals
  • Elkhorns
  • Sea Selkies

Anatarikan Ruins

  • Wendigos
  • Tasmanians

Heavenly Territories

  • Angels (Any species)
  • Retributions
  • Celestiums
  • Celestoids


Single Player

  • Free Mode - This is a main mode that can allow the player to explore, visiting other places, etc.
  • Story Mode - This mode is only for
  • Secret - The mode can be unlockable if the "Chaos Deities" achievement is completed.


She Wolf - Help female werewolves to their needs.

Chaos Makers - Capture demons with firelights after causing havoc to the village in Holoska at night

Stay Chilly - Serve glacier golems some ice bergs for as safe shelter without getting hit by fireballs from Dr. Eggman's Devil Ray.

Girl Who Cried Werehog - Rescue 5 humans from wild werehogs in Mystic Jungle.

Are you kitten me? - Adopt a kitten and give its needs for 5 days.

Miscellaneous/Related To This Game

There's a series of comics called Monster World: Sonic the Series. The title was originally called Story of Monsters or Sonic: The Monster Project. Sadly, Sega disappointly cancelled the series because the timeline was actually messed up and seems to be uncredited without the sources and has "cringey backstories", causing the comics to be discontinued. Sega Japan helped to make a remake of the series renamed for to be known as Sonic: Monster World Super Wave. The remake became a success, as the mangas were allowed in Comic Con, even on their website.


The game has codes apparently. It been updated in ver 5.0.1, now available but there's some codes that are defaulted and unable to be use for errors, which is now bugs are fixed. But If the player uses the wrong hidden or special code that is not suitable for NPC or an event, the platform will crash or a sign will show "No Code Is Available" or "Invalid Code Error".

See List of Special/Default (Cheat) Codes


  • Sonic and Amy are the only playables that have the ability to control a monster's feral static if the monster will began brutal chaos, with red crystals.

Monster Trivia

  • The Minotaurs are based on the greek myth, the Minotaur. The female minotaurs were originally going to be called "holstaurs", but changed it. There's a female character who is a minotaur.
  • The Sahuagins and Dagonians have a sharing resemblances to both love and hatred to mobians and humans.
  • Werehogs have a strong bond with minotaurs.


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