Sonic: Equestrian Adventure
2D Platformer, 3D Free-Roam
Release Date(s)
Unreal Engine 3

Sonic: Equestrian Adventure is a fan game by Akamia Studios, and is the second installment of the Sonic Crossover series, the first being Sonic: Toontown Trials. It is set in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic world of Equestria.


Sonic: Equestrian Adventure is still in it's idea stage, and therefore, actual development has not begun. There will also be download content, adding new levels and one new playable character. This game's free-play mode will be able to communicate with a completed save of Toontown Trials, enabling the use of all the characters used (complete with Toontown Trials gameplay), their DLC costumes if present, special versions of the game's levels and bosses for them, and the use of Super Sonic/Super Shadow.


About 25 years before the latter events of the Shawn & Lisa saga, two high speed heroes from different worlds were set to cross paths in the magical land of ponies called Equestria. Their mission was to stop the evil Dragon of Despair, for he sought to bring misery to the worlds that both these heroes come from, effectively crippling their will to live with eachother and themselves. As these two heroes become fire-forged friends in the face of disaster, another evil threatens their worlds about 25 years later...

Sonic the Hedgehog opening

Sonic's storyline starts with Sonic, 25 years after the game's events, telling the story about what happened when he was a little kid, mere weeks before Dr. Eggman started making trouble on South Island, the very first time Sonic battled Eggman. He tells this story to two friends of his, Twister and Tempest Prower, relatives to Tails. The story flows into how Young/Classic Sonic discovered a dimensional gate to another world hidden on Christmas Island, his birthplace. The gate took him to this world, which was bright and full of life. Sonic knew that he was no longer on Earth. So he decided to explore this new world, seeking an adventure that he knew was waiting for him.

Rainbow Dash opening

Rainbow Dash's opening shows Rainbow in her friend, Twilight Sparkle's library, with her friends, about 25 years after the events of the game, and 20 years after the events of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic[1]. Rainbow Dash, having just left the world of Sonic the Hedgehog, and Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth having been placed back in that world,[2] started reminiscing about her first adventures with the blue hedgehog that had removed her from her state of being under Dr. Finitevous' control as Grey Rainbow. After her friends started to wonder what was on her mind, Rainbow Dash, under the pressure of the ponies in the room, decided to tell the whole story. The player is then shown Rainbow Dash as she was when she was a young filly, sometime after she had earned her cutie mark and moved to Ponyville, becoming their weather manager. There was a storm over Ponyville, that one day, and it was up to her to clear it, as the schedule dictated...



  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Classic)
    • Future Sonic the Hedgehog (final boss only)
  • Rainbow Dash (Young)
    • Grey Rainbow (final boss only, alternate skin unlocked after beating the game)
    • Present Rainbow Dash[3] (DLC character)


  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Rainbow Dash only)
    • Future Sonic the Hedgehog (Final Boss, Grey Rainbow only)
  • Rainbow Dash (Sonic the Hedgehog only)
    • Grey Rainbow (Final Boss, Future Sonic the Hedgehog only)
  • Zetsubo, the Dragon of Despair



  • Minions of Despair
  • Transk Tyranny Robots (during final boss, Future Sonic the Hedgehog only)
  • Heroes of Earth (during final boss, Grey Rainbow only)
  • Changelings

Voice Actors


Like Sonic: Toontown Trials, each playable character gets his or her own unique gameplay style. As there are only 2 playable characters (in contrast to Toontown Trials' 6), the two styles are the following:

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog, being in his Classic incarnation, retains his Classic Mode gameplay from Toontown Trials, allowing him use of all of his abilities from Sonic CD and Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Some adjustments may be made to these abilities based on feedback from players of Toontown Trials.

Future Sonic the Hedgehog

Future Sonic's gameplay is nearly identical to that of the Modern Mode gameplay of Toontown Trials, with some Quick-Time-Events added to the boss fight against Grey Rainbow, the only level Future Sonic is playable in.

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash's gameplay will be based on that of Superman in Superman Returns, with some modifications made as the developers see fit.

Present Rainbow Dash (DLC character)

Rainbow Dash gains the ability to break the sound barrier using her signature move, the Sonic Rainboom. She also gains the ability to use the same technique to do severe damage to whatever she impacts, should she use it straight downward. This attack is known as the Sonic Rainnuke, named after the rainbow-colored mushroom cloud left after it is used.

Grey Rainbow

Grey Rainbow can freely use the Sonic Rainboom instantaneously, to parallel Future Sonic's Boost Mode. She can also spawn storm clouds to attack Sonic, and can use the Sonic Rainnuke as well.


Due to the difference in gameplay styles between each character, each character gets their own stages.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic's action stages focus on high speed platforming action and exploration, but you only have 10 minutes to get to the finish, so you had better get to the finish before then, or Sonic loses a life, and must start at the last Star Post he passed. Each stage consists of 2 Acts, with a boss (or in Act 1's case, a mini-boss) after each Act, and flowing seamlessly into the next Act, similar to Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

  1. Equestria Entryway
  2. Everfree Egress
  3. Mountaintop Might
  4. Changeling Channels
  5. Dragonden Dune
  6. Canterlot Course
  7. Finitevous Fortress (Boss battle only, Future Sonic gameplay)

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash has only one formal Action Stage, as her gameplay is centered around exploration and freedom to roam around the map, with combat mixed in when danger is nearby. Instead, she gets Missions, and the various locations she visits are identified as she approaches.


The locations Rainbow Dash can visit are the following:

  • Ponyville
    • Sweet Apple Acres
    • Sugar Cube Corner
    • The Library
    • Fluttershy's Cottage
    • Carousel Boutique
  • Canterlot
    • Princess Celestia's Castle
  • Appleloosa
    • Apple Orchard
  • Everfree Forest
    • Mountain Range
  • Cloudsdale
    • Rainbow Factory
  • Finitevous' Fortress (Boss only, Grey Rainbow played, cannot return)


The story related missions are the following:

  1. Storm over Ponyville! (Location: Ponyville, Objective: Clear the storm over Ponyville)
  2. Situation in Cloudsdale! (Location: Cloudsdale - Rainbow Factory, Objective: Get the rainbow overflow under control)
  3. A New Challenger! (Location: Everfree Forest - Mountain Range, Objective: Beat Sonic the Hedgehog in a race to the edge of the Everfree Forest)
  4. Attack of Despair! (Location: Everfree Forest - Mountain Range, Objective: Escape the Minions of Despair)
  5. Defense of Cloudsdale! (Location: Cloudsdale, Objective: Defend Cloudsdale from the Minions of Despair)
  6. Fly for Friendship! (Location: Canterlot, Objective: Defend Canterlot from the Minions of Despair)
  7. 20% More Speed! (Location: Canterlot - Princess Celestia's Castle, Objective: Help Sonic the Hedgehog defeat Zetsubo, the Dragon of Despair)
  8. Into the Future! (Location: Finitevous' Fortress, Objective: Defeat Sonic the Hedgehog)


  • This work was inspired by the successful Ace Attorney/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover fiction Turnabout Storm, by NeoArtimus.
  • The alliterative naming of Sonic's Action Stages is a nod to Sonic CD, which did the same with it's own Rounds.


  1. Seasons 1 & 2's events, specifically. The creator may have to watch Season 3 after it's been aired on TV and placed in Netflix before deciding whether or not it's canon to this particular fiction
  2. In this fanon continuity, many of Capcom's universes, including Ace Attorney, Street Fighter, and the rest of the Capcomverse featured in the Marvel VS Capcom series, are one and the same with the Sonic video game universe. There are even some elements of Archie's continuity, such as the characters, but they are all on Earth, rather than Mobius.
  3. The version seen in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV show.
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