Sonic the Hedgehog: Dire Situations, more widely known as Sonic: Dire Situations, is a platformer game developed by Sonic Team and published by SEGA. It was released on 27 October 1995 in Japan and 3 November 1995 in Europe and North America.


While devising a plan to steal the Master Emerald again, Dr. Ivo Robotnik gets a trace of a strong energy source, but not from the Master Emerald. This turns out to be the Silver Ruby, a gem that Mint the Hedgehog is protecting. As he invades the island, a large storm encases a portion of Mint Island, striking Dire the Werewolf’s grave, reviving him. He immediately runs off, unsure of what to do.

Meanwhile, Sonic takes the Tornado to Tropics Town Zone, where he begins exploring the island. Dire runs into him, and, mistaking him for an enemy, tries to kill him, but Sonic restrains him and explains his past doings, and they team up to find the energy source and make sure Robotnik doesn’t reach it.

Eventually, the pair reach Toxic Caves Zone, where the Silver Ruby was being hidden. Robotnik finds and steals the Ruby, electrocuting Mint in the process. Sonic and Dire track down Rocket Station Zone, latch onto a rocket, and make their way to the Death Egg, where Robotnik uses his Laser Of Doom to stop the duo, but the Death Egg is destroyed, and Dire disappears while Sonic makes it down, making sure to retrieve the Silver Ruby. Due to a lack of Chaos Emeralds, there isn’t a bad Ending in the game.


Gameplay focuses on Sonic the Hedgehog and Dire the Werewolf. Sonic has his abilities from Sonic 3 (minus the Insta-Shield). Dire is immune to ceiling spikes and also has the Insta-Shield. Dire has a lower jump height than Sonic, but higher than Knuckles.


  1. Graveyard Zone: A gloomy plains area where Dire was buried until he rose.
  2. Crystal Cavern Zone: A mysterious cave with ancient temples.
  3. Tropics Town Zone: a beautiful tropical village where the hedgehog clan once lived before being wiped out.
  4. Pleasant Prairie Zone: the prairie beyond Tropics Town, home to Eagoals. and Meerbots.
  5. Splashy Sea Zone: A giant lake on Mint Island, home to beautiful coral reefs.
  6. Toxic Caves Zone: A cave that Eggman littered with his chemicals, making the area dangerous. This is where the Silver Ruby was located.
  7. Lava Powerhouse Zone: A station Robotnik built in the underground area powered by lava, creating Badniks and other gadgets for Eggman’s plan.
  8. The Machine Zone: A giant futuristic fortress serving as a last resort if Plan A went on a wrong turn for Robotnik, which it did.
  9. Scorpion Desert Zone: A dry, barren area that The Machine crashes to. It is ridden with Scorpions, and guarded by a Mechanical Sphinx.
  10. Pyramid Zone: After the Sphinx is shut down, Sonic and Dire explore the depths of the Pyramid, littered in ancient art.
  11. Forest Zone: A cool, clean forest with lots of trees and Lumberbots, as the Death Egg launches.
  12. Rocket Base Zone: The launch station for the Death Egg, still having rockets for unknown purposes.
  13. Death Egg Zone: Eggman’s giant creation has risen once again, and it is up to the duo to bring it down and retrieve the Silver Ruby.

Bosses (Mega Drive/Genesis)

  • HeadDrive (Graveyard Zone): a giant robot built by Robotnik that can shoot explosive heads at the player.
  • EyeEye (Crystal Cavern Zone): A robot that can shoot 20 small eyes at you. It’s storage capsule is the vulnerable spot, as the eyeball hurts you, and the eyelid bounces you up really high.
  • Zoom Mobile (Tropics Town Zone): Eggman uses a generator to create Zoom badniks, and attach boosters to them. After shooting 6, Eggman lowers into vulnerable territory.
  • Laser Eggman (Pleasant Prairie Zone): Eggman digs 3 holes in the prairie ground and uses a laser to blast the player, but has half second frames where he’s vulnerable to attack.
  • Submarine Eggman (Splashy Sea Zone): Eggman shoots torpedoes out of his submarine, and the blue ones can backfire at him and generate an air bubble to prevent drowning.
  • Scorpio Bot (Toxic Caves): The player must destroy the antenna before advancing, in which Scorpio Bot will shoot his legs at you. You will need to get it to hit itself without taking damage.
  • Egg Broiler (Lava Powerhouse): There are 5 Eggheads in the broiler, and 4 hits destroys one and shoots you out of the broiler. Destroying the last Egghead destroys the whole broiler, freeing you from it.
  • Statue Eggman (The Machine): Eggman uses a statue with several different attacks depending on its state. After destroying the entire mech, Eggman tries to escape but is knocked over by Sonic and Dire.
  • Mecha Sphinx (Scorpion Desert): A robotic version of the Egyptian Sphinx that is guarding the pyramid.
  • Jet Mobile (Pyramid Zone)
  • Hei Hou (Forest Zone)
  • Egg Missile (Rocket Base Zone): Eggrobo pilots a spike ridden Eggmobile littered with missiles to kill you.
  • Laser of Doom (Death Egg Zone): A giant laser eye that can shoot lasers in many spots, with A very small vulnerable frame window.

Bosses (Master System)

  • Ghost Mobile (Graveyard Zone): Eggman uses 8 ghosts to try and hurt you, then a Mecha Ghost that can kill you even with rings.
  • Drill Eggman (Crystal Cavern Zone): Eggman uses two large drills to protect his Eggmobile and bring down obstacles to hurt Sonic and Dire.
  • Egg Truck (Tropics Town Zone): Eggman pilots a Eggmobile-Truck with a grounder in the back throwing bombs.
  • Meermine (Pleasant Prairie Zone): Eggman pilots a mechanic Meerkat that can drop mines out of its mouth.
  • Octobot (Splashy Sea Zone): A robotic octopus built by Eggman approaches ready to stop Sonic and Dire.
  • Barrel Eggman (Toxic Caves Zone): Eggman moves barrels around the arena, making some platforming impossible, other times easy.
  • Lava Eggman (Lava Powerhouse Zone): Eggman uses spike floors to crush Sonic and Dire, but they avoid certain death and reach Eggman, who uses a lava dispenser to try and fry the two.
  • Pod Eggman (The Machine): Eggman hides in pods as Sonic and Dire use floating spike platforms to reach him.
  • Axe Eggman (Wood Zone): Eggman chops pieces of wood to try and hit you, even throwing down entire trees To hurt you.
  • Frost Eggman (Ice Mountain Zone)
  • Ball Eggman (Launch Base Zone)
  • Laser Eggman (Launch Base Zone)
  • Big Arm (Launch Base Zone)


Graveyard Zone:

Crystal Cavern Zone:

Tropics Town Zone:

Pleasant Prairie Zone:

Splashy Sea Zone:

Toxic Caves Zone:

Lava Powerhouse Zone:

The Machine:

Scorpion Desert Zone:

Pyramid Zone:

Forest Zone (Genesis):

Wood Zone (Master System):

Ice Mountain Zone (Master System):

Rocket Base Zone (Genesis):

Launch Base Zone (Master System):

Death Egg Zone:


Final Boss:



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