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Adventures of the Saturday Morning Warriors, or ASMW, is a fanfiction series created by me, BearfootTruck. As the title suggests, the series is a mix of elements from AoStH & SatAM, with many elements from the classic & modern games as well (but don’t all Sonic media have elements from the games?). The series also has a few nods to Sonic X and the Archie comics series, plus a richly-detailed fanon of my own.

As a whole, this series is intended to be light-hearted & zany. After all, it is meant to pay tribute to early Sonic canon, where life was cheap and the canon was fast & loose. Nevertheless, there are plenty of dark & serious moments as well. There is also an undercurrent of 70’s flavor here. Overall, while the series takes detours from normal Sonic canons, it also sticks closely to them.


For 25 years, the Kingdom of Mobius had been at war with the Roseinian Empire, a country similar to the Soviet Union. The two sides suffered many losses. Finally, King Maximillian Acorn signed a peace treaty with the Roseinian president, bringing an end to the hostilities. For the first time in many years, happy days seemed to be returning. Then, a mad scientist named Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik staged an aggressive coup, banishing the King & Queen. To further cement his power, Robotnik roboticized most of the Mobian population and resumed hostilities with the Roseinian Empire. Now, with the world on the brink of doom, it’s up to our favorite blue hedgehog to save the day!


The main setting of the series is in the country of Mobius. Strangely enough, the planet as a whole is also called Mobius, but it also goes by the name of Aigess. The series takes place at an indeterminate point in the future, although characters are often seen using technology from the 20th-early 21st centuries.


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For guest stars, please see the pages for each individual story.


  • Strangely, TV shows, movies, music & video games from the real world make appearances in this universe. No one really knows what sort of sorcery is responsible for this, apart from the "fast & loose" thing.
  • In this universe, it's common for characters to take on a "legal name" in addition to their common name, mainly for distinguishing themselves from other individuals with the same name. For example, Sonic's "legal name" is Sonic Maurice Ogilvie. Two exceptions are Knuckles & Shadow. Knuckles didn't bother because he's the last Echidna (well, as far as he knows), and Shadow didn't bother because he's the Ultimate Life Form, and according to him, "other people are unworthy to have my name!"
  • Many stories in this series include a combination of the numbers 6, 23 & 91 somewhere in the story. This is a reference to the US release date for the original Sonic the Hedgehog: June 23, 1991. Occasionally, there are also combinations of the numbers 11, 24 & 92; referring to the release date of Sonic 2.