Sonic:The Rise of The Dark Warrior is a Sonic fan-game that is exclusively on YoYo Games and, If one is ever created,the official website.

The Story

When a mysterious man appears,he begins to shred the universe into pieces.As the world is being plunged into darkness,Sonic The Hedgehog must take a stand and face his greatest challenge yet!Its a race against time as Sonic tries to thwart the plans of the Dark Warrior...Meanwhile,Eggman takes advantage of this.He figures that its his perfect chance to begin Eggmanland.He sends his best bots after sonic to destroy him once and for all.

The Characters

Confirmed Characters

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
  • The Dark Warrior
  • Eggman
  • Scourge The Hedgehog
  • Ashura The Hedgehog

Possible Characters


The game's current release date is End of Summer 2009.


  • It is most likely that Super Sonic will be playable one way or another.
  • The recent screenshot showing a cutscene involving Scourge has Sky Deck in the background.This is a possible stage.
  • The final boss is most likely a transformation of the Dark Warrior.The most popular belief is that a special armor change him into some sort of monster.
  • Some have thought Sonic would have a sword,mainly because of the name similarity with Sonic and the Black Knight.


The game is being produced by Razor Gamez,Also known as Razor Moviez(youtube),SlashTheHedgehog(Wikia)and Razorsprites(deviantART).He is also working on Video Game Superstars:Dodgeball