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Sonic:Heroes of Mobius is a fangame developed by segafan13 and published by SEGA as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Sonic needs to Team Up with Gadget, the new character that appeared on Sonic Forces, to fight and save the world from the enemies known as Zancou, beings that are created from negative emotions.

It was released on TBD, released three DLCs until TBD.


Some months after the events of Forces, Gadget the Wolf goes back to Sunset Heights after doing some personal bussiness.

But just after reaching the town and meeting Sonic again, some strange creatures named The Zancou start appearing from nowhere, now is up to him and Sonic to discover what's going on behind these events.


The Gameplay shows the return of the Adventure-Styled Sonic the Hedgehog Gameplay, and a new adventure-based gameplay for Gadget.

Sonic can do a Homming Attack, Spindash, and being able to use a short boost.

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