Sonic: Chaos War is an ongoing comic by Lize Prescott. It has yet to be put onto the Internet due to many setbacks and delays in creating and uploading it. The titular character is none other than Sonic the Hedgehog, setting out on an adventure that's more challenging, and more revealing, than any other other adventure he has even tackled.


  • Sonic the Hedgehog: The worlds fastest, coolest, and bluest hedgehog alive is up for an all new adventure with old faces, and new secrets that start to spiral out of control.
  • Tails the Fox: The young mechanical genius is ready to help our speedy blue friend out in this riveting comic.
  • Knuckles the Echidna: One of Sonic's most fearsome rivals is ready for some more action and is willing to head out with the gang on a new adventure.
  • Amy Rose the Hedgehog: Sonic's self proclaimed girlfriend is back for mor! She's here to spice things up with her powerful Piko-Piko hammer, and ready to give Sonic all the love he doesn't really want.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog: The tall, dark, and handsome adversary is ready to finally move on with his past, but does his past really want to leave him?
  • Blaze the Cat: Blaze is making her appearance good as she sets the stage in Sonic: Chaos War.
  • Silver the Hedgehog: Silver is back from the future and is ready to save the world. Unfortunately, he can't seem to save himself from the webs of lies he's been spinning for the past few years.
  • Doctor Eggman: The evil Doctor is back to try to conquer all for his Eggmanlan, but looks like his tyranny isn't the only evil going on...


After a day's work of trashing robots, Sonic and Shadow then attempted to go back to Sonic's friends for a party, unbeknownst to Sonic, and Shadow and him do Chaos Control. A defeated Eggman sees his chance and fires his last line of defense: a lazer pointed at Sonic's back. He shoots said hedgehog as Sonic was performing Chaos Control, which then interrupted the chaos ability and a white flash soon dawned over Mobius...

Five dreary minutes later, Sonic and Shadow find themselves lying in a jungle that wasn't there before. As they started to get up, they find a worn down sign that says "Welcome To New Mobotropolis". Both hedgehogs give curious glances when a silver hedgehog appears, running away from some unknown terror. Sonic attempts to attack it to help Silver, but the dark mass attacks back and knocks Sonic to the ground. Sonic continues this until Shadow literally has to drag him away. They then fled to a nearby village in Bygone Island. Silver tries to explain what's going on. They have traveled to the future, and that it is still ruinous, meaning the timeline is still screwed. The large beast is in fact Chaos, only this time he is consumed with pure negative energy and there is no way to stop him. Sonic reminds him of the adventure in Sonic Adventure 2, and tells him to use the Chaos Emeralds. Silver replies that the emeralds are scattered around the timeline, and that he needs help in finding them. Sonic agrees with a resistant Shadow, and all three head off to where a known Emerald is: Station Square.

Having had the two Chaos Emeralds disappearing as well, Silver reveals another way to time travel: Time Stones. He quickly explains that they are not as powerful as the Chaos Emeralds and that time travel is the only thing it can do, unlike the Chaos Emeralds. They then use these to jump through time and space to retrieve the emeralds. They encounter all their past, and future, friends and foes to get the emeralds.

After finding six of them, Silver and Shadow start to discover an odd pattern: All the places they've been to get the emeralds has had something to do with Sonic. Silver starts to act strangely, which Shadow notes but otherwise says nothing. Unfortunately, Sonic has also been acting strange, and he eventually runs off while the trio was looking for the last Emerald in Christmas Island. Silver and Shadow spend hours looking for him, but to no avail. Silver, becoming frantic about lost the blue hedgehog, accidentally let's slip that he knows more than he's willing to tell. Shadow, having figured out who Silver really is, name, age, and everything, reveals to Silver what he knows, and blackmails him into finally telling what happened in the future to where Chaos is able to send the Chaos Emeralds all throughout time and why he and Sonic are acting strange.

After much persuasion, Silver relents. He confirms Shadow that he was correct in who he really was and finally tells what really happened. In the same year as Shadow and Sonic's timeline, something strange happened. Silver himself didn't know what, but he knew that Sonic was infact related to what caused whatever strange anomaly to occur. He then decided to remove him from the timeline on the day that "it" happened, to see if he could procrastinate the event. The dark mass was actually a cloud, and Shadow objected, saying that they wouldn't be able to attack a cloud. Silver said that he pulled it with his telekinetic powers and made it able to touch. Shadow accuses him of having lied this whole time about the Chaos Emeralds, and Silver agrees that he did.

Shadow, satisfied that he had finally gotten the truth, agreed to start searching again, but Silver argued that they couldn't find him in the multiple hour search, so what was the point? Shadow agreed, partially, but offered up a different way: using the Chaos Emerald to track him. Shadow reveals that Sonic radiates energy like a living Chaos Emerald, and Silver agreed, having also been able to sense the energy. They then use a Chaos Control like technique to locate Sonic. They then find out where he is: The space between one location and another when performing Chaos Control, Whitespace. The two Chaos Control over to the hedgehog.

After an hour, they find the blue hedgehog curled in a ball. They glance at each other, then Shadow shakes the hedgehog lightly. Sonic rolls away, mumbling warnings that they shouldn't have came. Silver and Shadow argued with him to get him to tell what was going on. Sonic then revealed something that neither hedgehog had expected: he was dying. The hedgehogs were shoken up by what Sonic had said, and Sonic turned to look at them. Sonic the explained why he said what he said.

Bitterly, he told them that there is a reason that no natural born Mobian can manipulate the Chaos Emeralds; it's too much energy for a small being. He then explains, though with much uncertainty, that he had absorbed too much energy over the years, and for the past five years, he had been slowly dying. The energy acted as a parasite and was sucking his life force away. He was dying, and it wasn't going to be pretty. Sonic's first statement brought up questions from Silver and Shadow, and Sonic stated that he didn't know why he had a connection; he only knew that it was killing him, and he had little time. Silver then realizes that Sonic's death was what caused the ruinous future, and he only assumed it was because there was no hero to defend it. Sonic started to shake, and fell face first into Shadow, though he was caught, and was on the verge of losing consciousness.

Both hedgehogs had no idea what to do, and they couldn't do anything, other than watch him die. Silver then decided that they should travel back in time to stop whatever gave Sonic his Chaos Powers, but Shadow snapped that that would still result in a bad future, as Sonic had used the emeralds on multiple occasions to save the world. Silver and Shadow stood there in silence for a while, until Shadow suggested that they should adjust the timeline, not getting rid of Sonic's powers, but lessening it. Silver replied that it was either all or nothing with Chaos Energy, to which Shaodw sorely agreed.

It isn't until Sonic passes out when Shadow realizes something: they have the Chaos Emeralds. Silver argues with him, saying that using the thing that's killing him isn't going to help. Shadow disagrees, and explains that Chaos Energy, like the Chaos Emeralds, can act as magnates; they can repel each other or they can become attached to each other. Shadow says that they need to do the first, and Silver reluctantly agreed. Shadow them says that they need to find the last Chaos Emerald, and that Silver should stay put with Sonic, to which Silver thoroughly objects, but Shadow leaves no argument. Shadow then Chaos Controls away after figuring out where the last Emerald was, leaving Silver alone with an unconscious Sonic.

Shadow travels back in time to a small village, were the three hedgehogs were only hours ago. The Emerald had moved, but it was still in the village somewhere. Shadow used his Chaos Sense to find the emerald, and after a few minutes, locates it. Unfortunately, someone else already has it: Sonic. Shadow has a confused face, until he realized that the had traveled back in time only ten years, meaning that this Sonic was only five. Shadow sighed, and walked over to the hedgehog.

At the same time, Sonic was being chased by some other kids, and was trying to run away from them. He succeeded with ease, though he hints that they were bullying him. He hides behind a trash can and starts to cry. Shadow walks up and sees the sad child. He asked what the problem was, and why he wasn't going home. Sonic answers back that this is his home, and that he's being bullied. But, the difference between the young hedgehog and his opder self is easy to tell: the younger Sonic sounded bitter and was full of hate. Shadow nodded, angry that the kids were bulling him, but he knew he couldn't interfer; even taking the emerald was wrong, really. He offered a deal though; if he gave him the emerald, he would make sure that nobody would bully him in the future. The five year old, though young, wasn't naïve nor convinced, so Shadow promised he was only borrowing it and would return it. Sonic agreed, after childishly making him pinky promise him, and Shadow took the emerald.

At that moment, the future Sonic was starting to spasm, and Silver was freaking out. Sonic was radiating energy like crazy, and Silver hypothesized that Sonic was turning into a living bomb, which is revealed to be the real reason why the world "ends". Shadow reappears, now having all seven, and gets them to circle around Sonic (yes... Like 06...). The energy from Sonic starts to attract the energy from the emeralds, and the energy starts to go into the emeralds. Silver noticed that they were attracted to the energy, and weren't repelling it, and Shadow replies that it's a good thing his idea was incorrect then. Shadow then decides to interrupt the emeralds, saying that Sonuc still needs a connection or else he can't control the emeralds any longer. Silver stops him, saying that he thinks that the connection is more than Sonic containing Chaos Energy, and that he was "chosen" by the emeralds. Shadow gives him a thoughtful look, then agrees.

The story ends in the present with Sonic talking to Tails about something unknown, and Shadow remains in the background. Silver walks up and asks him if Sonic can remember what happened, to which Shadow says no, as getting rid of the energy messed with his mind a little. Silver then asks about the Chaos Emeralds, and Shadow says that it's been taken care of. Silver hesitates, but asks what happened at Christmas Island. Shadow lies and says he found it on the ground. Silver, unconvinced, says that he has to leave, but asks him to make sure no one knows who he really is, and Shadow agrees. Silver thanks him, and he is then seen jumping into a portal. Shadow looks back at Sonic, and thinks of Maria as he sees Sonic goofing around. He then admits that Sonic does remind him of her, and that's why he hated him; it was so painful.

Shadow sighs, but this time it is one of deep thought, and starts to walk away, though he says that he'll remember something, presumably the promise he gave to the younger Sonic, and is shown rubbing his pinky and saying that he "pinky promises". The last thing shown is Sonic and Tails sitting down on the grass, and Shadow on a hill behind them, his back to them, and saying that he has only two promises to keep, and that he plans on keeping both.

After the dedication, a young Sonic is shown waiting behind the trash can, and a cyan emerald appears in front of him. It is at that moment that Sonic realizes that not all people are mean, and that some are nice. He stands up, and thinks about running away to explore, and then looks at the emerald thoughtfully. He smiles and says a thank you to Shadow, and then starts on a journey. He then says that he wants to be like that black hedgehog, and wants to help everyone he meets, his personality becoming more like the future Sonic...

Concept and Creation

The idea of this story was widely broaden and was much different than the original. At first, it was planned to be like a second Sonic Generations, and was going to have the Time Eater come back, and Shadow wasn't going to be in it.

Another alternative was that Sonic was going to be transported to the future and have to survive in an apocalyptic world, with Silver not knowing who he (Sonic) is, and that Mephiles was going to make a come back. This idea is used in a new comic that the writer is working on.

The dedication page was added to give a thanks to one of Lize's friends, as they had helped her figure out the plot of the story.

Concept and Creation


Although it has not been released to the public, nine out of ten people that were somehow related to the author, friend or otherwise, rate it five stars. One of them even went so far as to say:

"I love this comic! It's indefinitely one of the best I've seen, fan or heck, even Archie. It mixes humor and depression so well, like how a painter mixes colors to create new ones. Heck, I geeked feelings I didn't even know existed. It had brotherly love, and the idea that a hero was going to actually die was put in suddenly, but once explained, it was a great idea in my opinion. I'd rate it 100000000/10 if I could. Once it's released, everyone should read it."

Another viewer said:

"F*** yeah! That was the best I've ever seen and read! Screw Archie, this was great! I so totally want a sequel, and it better f****** happen!"


  • This is the first comic Lize has ever drawn.
  • This is the first comic Lize has made without fan characters, and isn't the only.
  • This takes place after Sonic Lost World.
  • Silver is revealed to be 18.
  • Silvers name is also revealed that legally, his name is Vince "Silver" the Hedgehog.
  • Sonic's history is first mentioned.
  • This is the second time that the Chaos Emeralds were said to act like magnets, and this is the first time that they are used to repel another, and the first to say that the Chaos Energy is the reason for their strange characteristic.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog secretly compared Sonic to Maria, and realized that they were a lot alike. That's why he didn't want to watch Sonic die; it was like watching Maria die all over again.
  • Sonic is said to be chosen, and Silver's belief is something mentioned in further comics, and is actually the entire storyline behind another.
  • The idea that the Chaos Emeralds were scattered among the timeline is conflicting, as that would mean that there would be an eighth emerald in that time, unless the emeralds are actually not apart of the timeline, therefore making there be only one set throughout all of time, and that they just like the current time the best.
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