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Players: 1-4

Rating: T for Teen

Platforms: Xbox 360 Exclusive

Genre: Fighting

Targeted Audience: Young Teens


Sonic and friends get teleported to the Tekken Universe when Doctor Robotnik uses the Chaos Emeralds to send them there so he can build Eggmanland. But he accidentally sent the Emeralds with Sonic and his friends, When Jin Kazama found them he held the King of Iron Fist Tournament with the Chaos Emeralds as the reward for winning.



  • Sonic
  • Tails
  • Knuckles
  • Amy
  • Silver
  • Blaze
  • Rouge
  • Jin
  • Yoshimitsu
  • Law
  • Paul
  • King
  • Nina


  • Shadow - Beat Story Mode 1 Time
  • Kazuya - Beat Story Mode 2 Times
  • Xiaoyu - Beat Story Mode 3 Times
  • Espio - Beat Story Mode with all 3 hedgehogs.
  • Jun - Beat Story Mode 5 Times after unlocking all the Sonic Characters



  • Green Hill Zone
  • Chemical Plant Zone
  • Planet Wisp
  • Mushroom Hill Zone
  • Pool Party
  • Unknown Swamp
  • Jungle
  • Tokyo Japan


  • Death Egg - Pass Act 1 of Tekken Force
  • Hosloka - Beat Story Mode without using a continue
  • Seaside Hill - Play on Green Hill 20 Times
  • Arena - Win 50 Online Matches
  • Tempest - Complete Tekken Force Mode
  • Hon-Maru - Beat Story Mode with all characters


The rules are simple, fight each other until one players HP bar hits 0. When in a team battle if one teammate hits 0 on their HP bar their team loses even if the other teammate is at full health.
Sonic TEkken HP Bars

HP Bar Labels

Game Modes

Online Mode

  • Ranked Match - Play online to rank up your characters.
  • Player Match - A fun match that does not have any effect on your rank
  • Lobby - Chat with other players
  • Pair-Play Match - 2 players team up against another 2 players
  • Leaderboards - View your overall rankings
  • Record Book - View yours and your friends online statistics and records

Offline Mode

  • Story Mode - Fight through 10 stages to recieve a certain characters ending and a few extras.
  • Arcade Mode - Fight an unlimited amout of opponents to increase your rank (does niot effect your online rank)
  • Time Attack - Fight through 8 matches in the fastest time
  • Vs. - Fight with friends and family in your own home.
  • Tekken Force - Fight through 4 stages with loads of enemies that lead to a boss for each level,
  • Survival - Fight until you drop
  • Team Battle - 8 characters on each team, the first team to lose all 8 members is the loser.
  • Practice - Perfect your Tekken skills
  • Fight Lab - Step by Step training for beginners


Customize costumes for any charcter.


View your offline statistics and records


  • Snapshots - View photos you have taken during battles
  • Endings - View characters endings that you unlock after beating story mode with that character.
  • Other Movies - View the games intro and other bonus movies
  • Cutscene history - View cutscenes and endings from past Sonic Games and Tekken Games
  • Tekken Tunes - Listen to music


  • Game Settings - Adjust the settings of your matches to how you like.
  • Visual and Audio Settings - Adjust how you see and hear the game
  • Memory Settings - Load, Save, or Delete Data


The gameplay is very similar to that of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with the X and Y buttons being used to punch and A and B being used to kick, The D-pad for moving, jumping, crouching, and sidesteping, and the analog sticks or L and R buttons to tag your teammate.

Rage Mode

When the current Teammate takes enough damage the teammate who is sitting out will enter rage mode for a temporary time. This rage mode allows some characters to transform and the others get enhanced speed and strength. The better the relationship between your characters the faster characters will enter rage mode. EXAMPLE Amy loves Sonic so if they're on a team and Sonic gets hurt, Amy will enter rage mode faster than if Sonic and Silver were on a team.

Character Rage Modes

  • Sonic - Super Sonic
  • Tails - Enhanced Speed and Strength
  • Knuckles - Master Emerald Power Up
  • Amy - Enhanced Speed and Strength
  • Shadow - Chaos Control
  • Silver - Enhanced Speed and Strength
  • Espio - Enhanced Speed and Strength
  • Blaze - Burning Blaze
  • Rouge - Enhanced Speed and Strength
  • Jin - Devil Jin
  • Kazuya - Devil Kazuya
  • Yoshimitsu - Dual Swords
  • Law - Enhanced Speed and Strength
  • Paul - Enhanced Speed and Strength
  • King - Armor King
  • Nina - Enhanced Speed and Strength
  • Xiaoyu - Enhanced Speed and Strength
  • Jun - Unknown Transformation

Rage Mode Relationships

These are teams who enter rage mode faster than other teams.

  • Sonic and Amy
  • Sonic and Tails
  • Jin and Xiaoyu
  • Silver and Blaze
  • Jin and Jun
  • Law and Paul
  • Kazuya and Jun
  • Tails and Knuckles

Fight Money

You collect fight money to purchase items from the customize mode of the game. The amount of fight money you earn depends on the game mode you play.

Story Mode

  • 1,000,000 Fight Money earned when story mode is beaten
  • 20,000 - 50,000 Fight Money earned each time a match is won depending on how well you did

Arcade Mode

  • 20,000 Fight Money earned each time you win a match
  • 500,000 Fight Money earned each time you rank up

Vs. Mode

  • 8,000 - 10,000 Fight Money earned for each match

Tekken Force

  • 500,000 Fight Money earned for each stage you beat
  • 10,000,000 for clearing Tekken Force for the first time
  • 1,000,000 for clearing Tekken Force every other time
  • 20,000,000 for clearing Tekken Force on Ultra Hard Mode for the first time

Practice Mode

  • 1,000 fight money earned every minute you spend in practice mode

Ranking Up

During Arcade mode or Online Ranked Match mode a banner will appear before the fight starts that says promotional chance. Winning the battle allows you to rank up but losing causes you to rank down. Here are the ranks.

  • Beginner
  • 9th Kyu
  • 8th Kyu
  • 7th Kyu
  • 6th Kyu
  • 5th Kyu
  • 4th Kyu
  • 3rd Kyu
  • 2nd Kyu
  • 1st Kyu
  • 1st Dan
  • 2nd Dan
  • 3rd Dan
  • Disciple
  • Master
  • Shihan
  • Grand Master
  • Deity
  • Legend
  • King of Iron Fist
  • Tekken Lord


  • Very Easy
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Very Hard
  • Ultra Hard

Fight Lab

Fight lab has five chapters that teaches you the basics and advanced techniques of this game, this is really useful for beginners.

Chapter 1

This teaches you the basic punch, kick, move, tag, and throw buttons

Chapter 2

This teaches you about ground and air combos

Chapter 3

This teaches you about guarding and sidestep techniques

Chapter 4

This teaches you about special throw techniques.

Chapter 5

This teaches you about tag throws, combos, and assaults that you can use to deal big damage to your opponent.


Give your reviews on what you would think of this if it was a real game!

Mashudes Review

The Tekken fans would love it because of the gameplay style being exactly like that of Tekken tag tournament 2 where you could perform tag throws, combos, and assaults, and Sonic fans would love it for it's fast paced fighting action and because it features all the fan-favorite Sonic characters you know and love! Mashudes (talk) 03:08, April 23, 2013 (UTC)


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