Sonic.EXE is a character appearing in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a demonic hedgehog that resembles Sonic yet is as old as the Four Worlds. He is an ancient demon with unknown origins that was defeated by Redstone the Fox in ancient times and has had a bloody vendetta against him since. As of Darkness of War, he is no more and will make no further appearances in modern stories.


It has been noted several times that he resembles Sonic the Hedgehog, but with several key differences. First, his fur color is much darker, and notably stained with blood. His eyes are pure red with black sclera and bloodstains below them, he has sharp, claw-like fingers, and viciously sharp, bloodstained teeth. He often has a sadistic, sneering grin on his face, but while he is sometimes seen with a different expression, this is rare.


Sonic.EXE is confident in his powers as an incredibly strong, immortal demon, but this means he does not attempt to defend himself in fights, even when possessing someone(which led to Argus' death). His most defining feature is his incredible sadism. Even more than Infinite, he is incredibly sadistic and enjoys torturing his victims and making their deaths slow and painful(though this is not shown in detail). This is further shown when he attacked two children exploring an abandoned house when they had nothing to do with Fox's bloodline. He is also a very vengeful person, seeing as after Redstone defeated him, he hunted down and killed each and every one of his descendants until his final defeat.


Sonic.EXE's past in the series is largely unknown other than his defeat at the hands of Redstone the Fox and subsequent desire to completely destroy Redstone's bloodline.

In Ancient Times: Sonic.EXE's origins are unknown. When he first began stalking the Four Worlds, he was defeated by a red fox named Redstone. Because of this, he gained a vehement hatred of Redstone and his kin. By the time he possessed a gray wolf named Argus, Redstone had died of terminal illness, and Garrett lived on his own in Mobius with his son Ferrell. "Argus.EXE" viciously attacked Ferrell, leaving him horribly maimed, scarred, and traumatized. Later, Argus.EXE fought Garrett, which led to both Argus and Garrett's deaths. His activities afterward are unknown.

Modern Times: In The Lost Story of Rocket the Fox, Sonic.EXE murdered two red foxes, Andrew and Dalhia, and stalked their son Rocket, who he had wounded. Rocket was killed in a later attack. In The Legend Begins, he tricks Eggman into going after Rocket's son Torch and his own family. Eggman tries to get Torch to rejoin him, but when Torch refuses, the fox is killed alongside his wife. Torch's son Red flees, but his daughter Sadie's fate is unknown. Sonic.EXE later torments Red in his dreams, tearing his ear and ripping open his belly. He isn't seen after the second nightmare until Red changes his name to Fox the Brave and returns to Soleanna Forest. There, he murders and disembowels Grizzly, prompting the fox's son Maako and daughter Karra to go with Fox. He later attacks Fox at the Base during a rainstorm, but while he is unable to harm Fox, he kills Kairn the Coyote and Maako, and badly wounds Longmire the Cat. He goes dormant for many years, until after the Battle for Red Gate City, when he attacks a warrior patrol. He wounds Austin, Ash, Eli, and Cody. He later attacks Sleet the Fox and Manuel "Manny" Sanchez(a human) in an abandoned house in New Ninjago City, killing Manny and nearly killing Sleet. He is later defeated for the last time by Fox as Chaos Fox.


Sonic.EXE's most defining feats are that he is immortal, can float, teleport, and enter dreams.


Sonic.EXE is incredibly strong and durable, capable of lifting Fox by the throat easily and can take several powerful hits with ease.


While Sonic.EXE is immortal, he is not invincible-although he believes he is. He is weak to fire-based attacks, and presumably any light-based attacks as a result.


He is one of several main villains to not be an original character, the others being Mephiles the Dark, Dr. Finitevus, Dr. Eggman, Enerjak(Prime and Dark), Infinite(Jackal Squad and Current Identity), and Dr. Starline.

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