Sonic.EXE: The Movie is an upcoming 2016 horror-drama feature-length film based on the creepypasta of the same name. It will be released on the Internet somewhere in Spring 2016 (probably late March or early April).


Part 1

The movie starts with a hot spring night. When Sonic wakes up once to do some running (without somebody knowing it), he notices a black puddle of dust floating in the air. He later asks himself "what the hell that thing is". The evil spirit later enters and possesses Sonic. The next morning, Tails wakes up just to find Sonic because he needs to fix the Tornado, but rather he sees the entire Green Hill Zone destroyed with blood and innocent animals being tangled by their own guts. Tails runs to get him out of there, but the screen turns to static and cuts to the now turned Sonic.EXE if he wants to play with him. And then out of owhere, some sort of hell-like place called "HIDE AND SEEK" is shown. Tails tries to run away while getting chased by Sonic.EXE and later cries until he eventually kills him. In the next scene, a level called "YOU CANT RUN" is shown is is now played by Knuckles. He runs whilst the static turns on and blood is seen on the floor and .EXE catches him. The static cuts later to Knuckles getting sucked by Sonic.EXE like a vacuum cleaner. Knuckles again cries about it until he finally gets stabbed and killed by him. The scene cuts then to a level named "...", playing as Dr. Eggman. He runs down in the longest stairs that are in black-and-white tiles, until he gets caught by Sonic.EXE again.

Part 2

After the Sonic.EXE incident happened, he spreads the disease and infects Princess Sally Acorn of it, so she becomes Sally.EXE. At the start, Amy is love-crazy like a yandere to Sonic, but when he jumps into the ring, Amy joins in too; as she sees a cute and colourful bonus level, until she jumps into the ring and Sonic.EXE kills her. Cream, is later accepted a playable character in "KINDANDFAIR", as she spin dashes into the platforms and later splashes herself into the spikes of death. Sally, for last and not least, is playable. When the wall close and she tries to go out, there is no place to leave as Sonic will force to kiss her at her own will. At the end, Sonic kisses Sally until it gets interrupted by a scary picture of the actual Sally.EXE.

Development, concept, creation and production

The development all started in October 2014, when I was watching paranormal Sonic fan-games gameplays on YouTube. And then suddently, I got the idea by creating the fan-movie by adding plot ideas and all that kind of stuff.


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