Part 2

Previously on Sonic's World:  Part 1: Lyra: What's that you got there, Tails?

Tails: Its...Its a Seedrian's flower.

Lyra: And I thought they don't exist at first.

(Lyra pet the plant)

Part 2: (Lyra got up on alert, but at the same time, went to the kitchen and saw a small child)

Lyra: What the?

(The little creature peeked up at Lyra)

Lyra: (sweetly) Well, aren't you a cute little...Hey, you must be that little flower from Tail's flower pot.

?: (head tilt)

Lyra: You must be hungry? (grabbed a chemical from the countertop and gave it to the little Seedrian)

?: (coughing and gagging, and grew 8 years ahead)

Lyra: !?...Oops, I grabbed the wrong bottle, but this bottle must of made you 8 years younger.

Part 3: Lyra: I feel sorry for Flora and you, Tails.

Sonic: Then she menshcen something about her brother.

Knuckles: Sonic, didn't you saw Cosmo ,before Shadow Chaos Controled the planet.

Sonic: ...


SuperSonic: Ahh!! Oof... Cosmo!

Cosmo: Here Sonic, take these for Tails to remember me.

SuperSonic: I will. ( Sonic flew away)

(In Sonic's hand, one of the seeds flew out and away)

---End of Flashback---

Part 4: Lyra: Who are you and where are we?

Poison Oak: I'm a mere brother of the young seedrain, name Flora.

Sonic: Weird, because you more of Dark Oak from before.

Part 5: {Poison Oak}: Listen to me, you pathetic Freedom Fighters. If you don't want to die here, give me what I want. Flora!


  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Miles"Tails" Prower
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Amy Rose
  • Lyra Wisp Lynx
  • Professor Perry Lynx
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Nights
  • Flora the Seedrian 
  • Cosmo the Seedrain (Her voice only)
  • Sico the Cat
  • Poison Oak

Episode 9- The Last Seedrain (part 2)

Part 1: Lyra's Sacrifice

(Amy and Sico's ships zoomed down where they both saw Sonic and Lyra)

Sico: There they are! Prepare for immediate rescue, Amy! 

Amy: Right! Lyra, this the Blue Rescue team, you read me?

Lyra: Loud and clear, Amy.

[Amy]: Tails, wants you both on immediate rescue.

Lyra: Negative, Amy.

[Sico]: Lyra, this is dangerous for both of you, you need to get out of there, now!

Sonic: When you see us first, then come, but not now!

(Amy and Sico hovers so they can see Sonic and Lyra's signal)

Lyra: We'll be there, when you see us jump off, then catch us, do you copy!?

Sico,Amy: 10-4!

{Poison Oak}: (bends his head down and stares at Sonic and Lyra) If you both want to live, just hand over, Flora to me.

Sonic: Like we would, you have cause too much trouble, Poison Oak.

Lyra: Besides, we won't even do something to put this to an end, then it has to be taking you down forever!

{Poison Oak}: If that is your request...(water geysers spray up then head towards Lyra and Sonic, but both of them dodged, and started running) Get back...Here! (a geyser was about to hit Sonic, but Lyra pushed him out sending him flying out and caught by Sico and Amy's ship)

Lyra: I...can't! Sonic! (drowns down into Poison Oak)

Sonic: Lyra! No...Lyra (and the ship flew off)

Lyra: (inside of Poison Oak) Someone! (splashes) "Help me..."(drowns)

{Poison Oak}: Now that your friend surrendered her life to save my prize, or you'll all...die! (Roars)

--Inside the Blue Typoon--

Tails: Wait, Flora (Flora looks) What are doing?

Flora: Tails, I'm doing what's right, making my final goodbye.

Tails: I see. (Flora kissed Tails in the cheek, blushed)

(Flora's amulet glowed then bursted as she turns as an adult Seedrain, and flies out of the Blue Typoon)

--Captian's Deck--

Pro.P: Tails! Where have been. We're having a crisis!

Tails: Where's Sonic!?

(Doors opened and appeared Amy, and Sico helping Sonic up)

Nights: Where's Lyra?

Sonic: (nodds his head) She didn't...she didn't make it.

Pro.P: She's very desperate to keep Flora safe.

Amy: As a matter of fact, where's Flora?

Nights: She's out there! Look!

(Everyone looked outside and sees Blooming Flora going towards Final Nova)

Sico: She needs help, she can't do this alone.

Sonic: Shadow and I will help her! Ready, Shadow.

Shadow: I'm ready when you are, Sonic.

Sonic: Lets put this to an end!

(Sonic and Shadow focused on the Choas Emeralds and formed into Supers)

Part 2: Final Nova vs Super Sonic and Shadow, and Blooming Flora

--With Blooming Flora and Final Nova--

Flora: Brother...

[Poison Oak]: Flora, your...your more beautiful then I can imagine...come and join me...we'll restore our clan...just like mother did to us.

Flora: That won't be possible, Poison Oak. All you wanted is to build an army and destory what ever stands in your way. I won't go with you!

[Poison Oak]: If that is your be it! (Mades a strike at Flora, but was repelled by Super Sonic, and Super Shadow) What! No! (Roars)

Flora: But, Why?

SSonic: You can do this alone, Flora.

Flora: If that's your case, I'll distract Poison Oak from attacking you two, and you...

SShadow: How about you and me, distract Final Nova, while Sonic gets Lyra out of that monster.

SSonic: Sounds like a plan.

Flora: Good luck, Sonic. 

(Super Sonic zips down, while Super Shadow and Blooming Flora makes the distraction on Final Nova)

Part 3: The Plant's Last Leaf

(Super Shadow and Blooming Flora made their might to distract Final Nova so he won't attack Sonic, Super Sonic finds an enterance to get in without getting tangled in the vines.)

{Poison Oak}: (Roars) 

SSonic: I hope this works. (Super Sonic made a spin dash through Final Nova, and swam down as he spotted Lyra helpless, Sonic grabbed Lyra's hand and swam back out of Final Nova and flew away)

SShadow: Flora, Lets go. (Blooming Flora, stopped fighting, flew back on the Blue Typoon, and set Lyra down)

Flora: (touches Lyra) Lyra...

Lyra: (Lyra's eyes fluttered, and coughed up water that she was drowned by) (gasped for air) F..Flora, your...older?

Flora: It has to be done, Lyra.

SSonic: Take my hand, Lyra. (Lyra touches Sonic's hand and slowly turned Super Soul) Better?

SLyra: Better then ever. Looks like its time to put this...

Flora: Once I have Poison Oak in my grasp, get ready to make the final blow.

SLyra: But,'ll die out there.

Flora: I'll be fine, Lyra, just trust me, I know what I'm doing.(Flora flys up and heads towards Final Nova, the Final Nova shrunked and turned to a Blossomed tree) "When ever your ready, guys."

SSonic: Lyra...we have to do it, its the only way to defeat Poison Oak.

SLyra: But, Flora, I..I can't just...(almost shed into tears)

SShadow: Lyra, Its now, or never. (Lyra shuts her eyes, got back up strong, and prepared the Hyper Trio)

SLyra: Ready?

SShadow: Ready.

SSonic: Ready.

SLyra: Store some energy, guys.

(Super Sonic, Super Shadow, and Super Soul stored energy, hold hands, and aim for the Final Nova)

SSonic, SShadow, SLyra: HYPER...TRIO!!! (As they spinned, a gloden arrow shot towards Final Nova)

Flora: "I'll miss you..,Lyra." (BOOM!!) (As the Final Nova was defeated, seeds from spread around like shooting star across the galaxy)

(the Supers looked up and see the final blow for Flora and Poison Oak, then Lyra headed up and tries to look for Flora, but found three seeds, she grabbed them and head back to the Blue Typoon)

--Inside the Blue Typoon--

ALL: (

Nights: That must her last goodbye, isn't?

ProP: Certainly.

--Outside of the Blue Typoon--

SSonic: Goodbye Flora, I hope we'll all see each other again, someday.

(Shadow, Lyra, and Sonic were back to normal, but for Lyra looks at the three seeds, and bursted into tears)

Lyra: (sobs) Why,...why does it have to be this way!? (sniffles) FLORA!

(Shadow hold Lyra to cheer her up, but she couldn't stop sobbing)

Shadow: It has to be this way, Tails knows that.

--Inside the Typoon--

Tails: Oh Flora, just like your mother. (rumbling) Huh?

Amy: What was that?

--Outside of the Blue Typoon--

Sonic: Oh, look at that!

(Shadow and Lyra faced at the planet as it blooms and grows, but the energy from the planet is about to blow)

Sonic: We need to get out of here! That planet is about to blow!

Lyra: Tails, we need to go full speed ahead here!

[Tails]: Knuckles is working on that, but we're going as fast as we can. We won't make it!

Shadow: Sonic, Lyra, we need to Chaos Control out of here!

Lyra: But the Emerlads down have enough power.

Shadow: Just try! (The planet is ready to burst...)

Shadow, Sonic, Lyra: CHAOS CONTROL!! (teleported safely)

(And the Planet Exploded into flares of fire and dust)

Part 4: Final Goodbye is never a Goodbye Forever

--Back at Mobius, Lyra narrates--

Lyra: " Eventhough, I lost a friend in the palm of my hands, I still cry ever night, just thinking about Flora...

Lyra: ...But thoughs out there are looking for another challenge to take away my loved ones...I hope not."

Sonic: Lyra, what's wrong?

Lyra: I just..I just can't...

(Sonic holds Lyra's hand)

Sonic: Lyra, I know its hard to lose Flora this way, but as I told Tails, there is another day to see her again.

(Lyra looked at Sonic, then at the three seeds in her hand, and back at Sonic.

Lyra: Yeah...agian. 

Sonic: Come on, lets get back to the hut.

Lyra: I'll race ya! (Lyra zipped through, while Sonic looks up at the sky..)

Sonic: Don't worry, Flora, Lyra and all of us will see again. (and speeds down to catch up with Lyra)

{Flora}: Goodbye, Freedom..Fighters.

Touching moment for Lyra and Flora's friendship has ended short, but with Sonic's words, thats what all matters most to Lyra. But that never stops there...Lyra could make her last will that can change her life forever. Find out in Episode 10 .

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