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Sonic's World Season 1: episode 7

Last time in Sonic's World, Lyra wonders about her own past since she got to see what Shadow's past feels like. Until then, Tails has discovered something that was from Lyra's past, bones of her long lost uncle Jack Lynx. Lyra, Tails, and Professor Perry were astonished that Lyra's uncle's bones were sitting in the back yard of the Freedom Fighters Hut. Lyra thought she can bring him back to life with Chaos Regenerate, as the process was done, one thing went wrong. Jack grabbed Lyra's hand viciously, and starts to turn evil. The freedom fighters has a new enemy that Lyra never faced before. Lyra's mother came into Lyra's mind and telepathy saying there is a way to stop Jack, who is now Darkroom, by imprisoning him using Aurora Imprisonment. Far away, Lyra and Darkroom made very painful fight where Lyra was smacked across and her heart stopped. Using Tail's Defibrillator, he sets it on 200 through 245 voltage, but no use, just then Amy can't take it anymore as Amy's hammer whacked Lyra's chest along with the defibrillators, in pain, Sonic hold Lyra as like he wants her to hold still. In a beam of light, Lyra and Sonic beamed Darkroom with an Electrical Shock and paralized Darkroom as Lyra prepared her mother's imprisonment. I know, right? Anyways, this episode has parts, This is Part 1. 


  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Miles"Tails" Prower
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Amy Rose
  • Lyra Wisp Lynx
  • Professor Perry Lynx
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Nights
  • Flora the Seedrian (Her first appearance)
  • Cosmo the Seedrain (Her voice only)
  • Sico the Cat
  • Poison Oak

Episode 8- The Last Seedrian (part 1)

Part 1: The Flower of Memories

---In the Freedom Fighter's Hut, Tail's Workshop---

(Tails looks at the flower pot)

Tails: (sighed) "Cosmo."

Lyra: Tails, you in here?

Tails: Yeah, Lyra, come in.

Lyra: What's that you got there, Tails?

Tails: Its...Its a Seedrian's flower.

Lyra: And I thought they don't exist at first.

(Lyra pet the plant)

Lyra: Well, Tails...(yawn)... you should get some sleep.

Tails: Alright. (walks out)

(Lyra turned off the lights and closed the door, then a distrubens came upon the little flower)

Part 2: Little Seedrain name Flora

(Later that night, Lyra sleeps peacefully..)


Lyra: (sleepily) ...Hm..What?

(Lyra got up on alert, but at the same time, went to the kitchen and saw a small child)

Lyra: ! What the?

(The little creature peeked up at Lyra)

Lyra: (sweetly) Well, aren't you a cute little...Hey, you must be that little flower from Tail's flower pot.

?: (head tilt)

Lyra: You must be hungry? (grabbed a chemical from the countertop and gave it to the little Seedrian)

?: (coughing and gagging, and grew 8 years ahead)

Lyra: !?...Oops, I grabbed the wrong bottle, but this bottle must of made you 8 years younger.

?: Really, but I'm suppose to be still a little seedling.

Lyra: Well, now that you can speak,...what do you think I should name you?

?: ...How about...because I love flowers...Flora.

Lyra: It sounds beautiful, sure.

--Back in Lyra's room--

(Flora sleeps next to Lyra, until Flora dreams of something unexpected)

Flora: Where...

Cosmo: " Flora, my last child,..."

Flora: M...mother?

Cosmo: "Yes, my child, you are in danger....your brother is after you."

Flora: Where is he, what does he want from me?

(Cosmo fades and pops behind a shadow)

??: "Hello, sister.."

(Flora screams and Lyra woke up and huged her)

Flora: Don't take me.

Lyra: Don't worry Flora, I won't let them take you.

Part 3: Bad Moments can turn Peaceful


Sonic: Morning Lyra, had a good sleep?

Lyra: Somewhat.

Knuckles: Why is that, Lyra? Did something..

Lyra: No, its just...

Nights: Lyra? Why is there a little girl in your room?

(Knuckles and Sonic looked at Lyra)

Lyra: What?

(Sico walked in)

Sico: Hey, guys. What's up?

Sonic: There is a girl in your room?

Lyra: Yes, but not any girl like us.

Sico: Then what?

Nights: She looked like she is full of flowers.

Sico: Hey Nights, can I look?

Nights: Take a look for yourself.

(Sico follows Nights to Lyra's room)

--At Tail's Workshop--

Tails: Maybe that is why the flower pot is all broken up.

Lyra: Yep, and she is in my room.

(Sonic, Knuckles, Lyra, and Tails walked over and saw Amy and Shadow outside of Lyra's room)

Lyra: Amy, what's up!?

Amy: That strange girl is hurting Sico and Nights, Shadow is fighting it right now.

(Lyra, Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails looked inside)

Nights: Arr...Ah!

Sico: I...can't..

Lyra: Flora, Stop! Your hurting them!

Flora: They were attacking me!

Lyra: No Flora, they just wanted to see you, they won't harm you.

(Flora put Sico and Nights down, Lyra ran up to Flora as Flora hugs her)

--Tail's Workshop--

Pro. P: Well, this is a surprise, Tails has kept a Seedrian for quite sometime, am I right?

Tails: I had Cosmo's seed since she died.

Lyra: I feel sorry for Flora and you, Tails.

Sonic: Then she menshcen something about her brother.

Knuckles: Sonic, didn't you saw Cosmo ,before Shadow Chaos Controled the planet.

Sonic: ...


SuperSonic: Ahh!! Oof... Cosmo!

Cosmo: Here Sonic, take these for Tails to remember me.

SuperSonic: I will. ( Sonic flew away)

(In Sonic's hand, one of the seeds flew out and away)

---End of Flashback---

Sonic: I must of not know that I was holding the other seed.

Lyra: Well, I hope this won't be a problem for Flora as long as we keep her safe.

Tails: Got it, anyways, where is Flora?

---Out in the Plains---

Amy: Its very beautiful, Flora.

Flora: Why are you taking me here?

Amy: Maybe, if you flowers so much, maybe I can take you where most of the wild flowers are.

(Flora looked at the flowers, then she closed her eyes and starts to sing like a nightingale)

Part 4: A Threat from a Mere Enemy of the Past

--Freedom Fighter's room--

(Lyra and Sonic trains there combat skills for 10 minutes, until...)

Sonic: (huffs) are you feeling, Lyra?

Lyra: Man, would people be that fast on combat?

Sonic: You never know.

(Lyra found a can, as she picked it up more cans appeared)

Lyra: What is this?

(Then the cans explodes in smoke screens)

(Sonic and Lyra coughing, then there was no word from Sonic)

Lyra: (coughing) Sonic...Sonic! (coughing) Where are you?

(A dark figure appeared, covered Lyra's mouth until she passed out)

??: (an evil chuckled) Now for phase 2...

--1 hour later--

Amy: Yeah, maybe sooner or later Sonic and I will be together forever.

Flora: That can sound romantic to you, but for Sonic...torture.

Sico: Where have you two been?

Flora: Amy took me out in the plains. Why, is there something wrong?

Shadow: Lyra and Sonic have been kidnapped.

Amy: What! This can't be happening, not know!

Nights: Tails and I found a note, but its in some kind of language.

Tails: We're going to translate of what it saids, and see if we can save Lyra and Sonic.

Flora: Maybe I can know what it says. (Flora grabs the note, and shock, her tears starts to come out slowly.)

Amy: Whats the matter, Flora?

Flora: Not him...

Shadow: Who?

-- The Freedom Lab--

ProP: Lets see if we can see why Flora is crying about in this note. (The note starts to translate the ancient language to pure english)

If you wnat your beloved friends back, give me the Seedrian at once. You have 2 weeks 

until she's mine, but if you fail, your friends can sleep with venus fly traps. Look for 

the Orb shape asteroid, deliver the young Seedrian, and your friends can be back to you.
                                                   ~Poison Oak

Sico: So they took Lyra and Sonic just so they can get Flora.

Nights: That can sound too risky, or Sonic and Lyra are done for.

Tails: There is another way to get them back.

Shadow: How Tails, there are 200 more Metrex than we can't beat.

Knuckles: Great, the Metrex are back.

Amy: Tails, don't you still have the Blue Typhoon from last time?

Tails: Yep, and Knuckles we need your Master Emerlad to power it up.

Knuckles: Got it!

(Tails looked at Flora, sobbing in terror)

Tails: Flora...don't worry we'll get Lyra and Sonic without harm, I promise.

Flora: (sniffles) ...Tails, you can't keep promises that you can't keep. (sniffled) I know that we can get Sonic and Lyra, but...what about me?

(Tails looks down and hugs Flora)

( The Blue Typhoon started up smoothly, and the Fighters are packed up and ready to go out in space to save Lyra and Sonic from Poison Oak, out in space the an orb asteroid, its called the Metrafortress stands in place)


(Lyra and Sonic woke up strangely as they held in chains)

Lyra: What the...where are we?

Sonic: Looks like a prison?

(Two Metrex came unchain them, put magnetic wrists bands on them, and walked them to the Captain's deck)

Poison Oak: have what I was looking for, don't you think?

Lyra: Who are you and where are we?

Poison Oak: I'm a mere brother of the young seedrain, name Flora.

Sonic: Weird, because you more of Dark Oak from before.

Poison Oak: Then I must be wearing his old suit. Now, once I have Flora in my hands, I can finally make more for my army and no one in the whole galaxy can beat me!

Lyra: That won't happen, Poison Oak!

Poison Oak: Oh, you have spark. I love it. (Poison Oak touched Lyra's forehead, and she starts to shiver in seizure, and screams in pain)

Sonic: What did you do to her!

Poison Oak: Its a mind control touch, she is slave.

Sonic: No!

Poison Oak: Take him back where he is. 

( The Metrex drag Sonic to the prison)

Poison Oak: How are we doing, my dear slave?

{Lyra}: (as she open her eyes, her eyes turn viper blood red) Fine...master.

Part 5: An Assassin in the Blue Typhoon

--In the captian's deck--

Flora: I feel sorry, I should've done something earlier instead of being out.

Tails: Its ok, Flora, its not your fault that went out with Amy, at least your having fun.

Flora: Thanks, Tails.

Amy: Tails, we're picking up a huge astroid up ahead of the Blue Typoon.

Nights: At this rate, we'll save Lyra and Sonic in no time, right?

Tails: Right. And we can...(the radar beeped rapidly as the astroid made fire)

(The fighter made peeks of a panic, Flora stumbled)

Flora: Oof. What was that?

--Storage Room, bottom of the Blue Typoon--

[Tails]: Shadow, is everything alright?

Shadow: ... Nothing to be seen.

--Captian's Deck--

[Shadow]: Except for a coincidence, that Poison Oak is bringing an assassin by here.

Flora: Uh..assassin?

Tails: Guys, look like we're going have to make sure that assassin doesn't get Flora.

Everyone: Right! (And ran down to seprate areas of the Blue Typhoon)

Tails: Here Flora, I'll take you somewhere safe, come on.

(Tails grabbed Flora's hand and ran to a room)

--Poison Oak's deck--

Metrex 1: Sir, we have made visual contact with the Freedom Fighters aircraft.

Poison Oak: Good, now send my precious assassin down there.

Metrex 1: Right away. (Lyra stares down like under a hyponsis)

(They deployed the pod that fired towards the Blue Typhoon)

--In the Blue Typhoon--

Knuckles: Get Ready. ( in a poof of smoke, Knuckles and Shadow were lifted and paralyzed)

Shadow: What I can't move. Then out of the poof of smoke, Lyra made her appearance to them)

Knuckles: Lyra! What...happen to you? (Lyra glared at them and throwed them to a wall knocked out)

(Lyra walked and already defeated Nights, then Amy. Under a hatched room)

Tails: Knuckles can you hear me. (no signal) Probably that assassin already got them.

Flora: Tails, I'm scared...(Tails hugged Flora tight as the foot steps below them is near. The hatch broke open and Tails and Flora have been spotted )

Tails: Lyra? What...(Lyra picked Tails up and smack him to a wall)

Flora: Lyra, please...please don't hurt me? (shaked)

(Lyra tries to grab Flora, she didn't make a move, and startled as the hyponsis is wearing off)

Lyra: (moan) Flora...(Flora scaredly looked at Lyra, and helped her up)

Flora: Lyra...(Lyra's eyes are normal) Lyra!

Lyra: Oh Flora, its a good thing that your safe. Oh no.

Flora: What is it?

Lyra: I hurted my friends, I need to...

Flora: Don't worry, Lyra, I got this. (Flora shut her eyes and glowing arrows spread in the Blue Typoon and head towards Tails, Amy, Nights, Knuckles, and Shadow)

Lyra: You...healed them. (Flora nodded)

--Back in the Captian's Deck--

Tails: What happened to you, Lyra? You were all like about to kill them or something.

Lyra: I was under Poison Oak's spell, and he also has Sonic, I need to go and get him. (Lyra teleported out of the Blue Typhoon)

Tails: Amy, prepare the shields!

Amy: Preparing Shields!

--Over the other side of Poison Oak's Ship--

Poison Oak: How is she doing? Did she get Flora?

Metrex 1: Sir, Bad news, your hypnosis over her is worn off.

Poison Oak: No! I not strong enough. That doesn't matter. How is the preparation for Plan B?

Metrex 1: Yes, sir. (The metrex flipped the switch, and Poison Oak stored the energy that was in the old planet)

--25 minutes later with Sonic--

(Sonic looks up as Lyra zipped speed ahead)

Lyra: Sonic!

Sonic: Lyra, you broke free from his...

Lyra: I didn't last long. Lets get out of here and destory Poison Oak.

Metrex Guard 1: Hey! The prisoners are escaping!

Metrex Gurad 2: Stop where you are. 

(Sonic spin dashed them both, strike, and Lyra dashes along with Sonic to make their escape)

--Poison Oak's deck--

Metrex 1: Ah Sir....

Poison Oak: Good, this is what I was planning. Plan B,...GO!

(Poison Oak grew and grew till 10 feet tall, as it became Final Nova Supreme)

--With Lyra and Sonic--

(Lyra and Sonic stop as they both watch as Poison Oak made his final form, everyone looked as well)

Flora: We're...too late.

Tails: And Sonic and Lyra are still over there.

Sico: We need to get them out of there.

Tails: Amy, Sico, get on the mini ships and get them both out of there.

Amy, Sico: Right! (Sico on the Tan ship, and Amy on a Pink Ship, blasted off to get Sonic and Lyra)

(Flora stares at the Final Nova Supreme, then got a thought from Cosmo)

{Cosmo}: Flora, you need to stop Poison Oak, from get the planet. Hurry, your final form awaits.

(Tails looked at Flora as Flora runs down)

Tails: Flora, wait!

Pro.P: Ok, I'll take Tails's control. 

--Out of the Blue Typhoon--

{Poison Oak}: Listen to me, you pathetic Freedom Fighters. If you don't want to die here, give me what I want. Flora!

What happens next for our Freedom Fighters, what about Sonic and Lyra still on side of the Metrex's ship, and what about Flora's messege from her mother?  To Be Continued.... Part 2

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