Sonic's Worlds Season 1 eps 6

   Last time on Sonic's Worlds, Sonic,Tails, Lyra and Shadow are on a mission to get the data of Dr.Eggman's plans to know ahead. As Sonic and Tails are going to meet Lyra and Shadow from Robotroplis, Sonic thought that he saw a black shadow behind Tails, but disappeared as Tails turned around. As they met, Sonic and Tails were told to stay put, just in case. 

   Inside of the old base, the thing of the past of this place is Lyra vs Reala in the first episode, Shadow found a old computer that Dr.Eggman was using, Lyra gets the drive in, and starts downloading. As she downloads, Shadow spotted a old file that Dr. Eggman has for a long time, but as the download was completed alarms alerted, even though they are supposed to be not working. Shadow and Lyra are trapped inside of the old base, but what was worse, Lyra and Shadow went black out as Lyra was kiddnapped. Sonic found Shadow, but Shadow didn't know where she is, but yet recovered the drive that Lyra downloaded.

   Back at the FFH, Shadow and Sonic returned without Lyra, curiously Nights wondered where is Lyra, but the question is to tearing to answer, Tails put the drive in his computer as a file pop out something about Black Doom's plan: to use chaos energy to destroy the whole Mobius, but not the chaos emeralds with Lyra. Shocking, Sonic, Shadow, and Nights are going to Space Colony Ark to stop Black Doom's plan to destroy Mobius.

    Meanwhile, in the Space Colony Ark, Lyra realized that shes not in Mobius, as she was shocked to see Shadow's old arch rival, as he explan the plan of why he's using Lyra as energy, Lyra was surprised of why Black Doom is thrist with revenge over Shadow. Shadow, Nights, and Sonic made it inside the Ark and interupted Black Doom. As Shadow was about to attack, he was stunned when Black Doom mention Maria Robotnik. At that moment as his past suddenly came to him, he attacked him while Sonic set Lyra free and disconnected the power source, Shadow was beaten and barely got up, Lyra helped him up. Suddenly, Black Doom changed his plan to use his own power and Lyra's power to destroy Mobius himself, he grabbed Lyra and starts absorbing.

     Finally, Black Doom finished absorbing Lyra as he dropped her, Black Doom stormed off as he prepared his final phase. Shadow helplessly looked at Lyra as was weak, the same position as Maria was when she got shot by the GUN soliders. Shadow got up as he still has his strength left and made a death wish to end this. NIghts, and Sonic carrying Lyra ran to the mini ship for saftley, but as they got in Lyra was gone, but they left anyways.

At the Final Showdown, Shadow finished Black Doom and save Mobius, but yet he wasted his energy and plot down back the Ark weakly, but as he was about to faint he saw Lyra. Lyra helped Shadow up and try finding a way out of the Ark, but hope was lost as they are both trapped inside the falling apart. Back at Mobius, Sonic, Nights and Tails looked up in the sky and saw the explodtion of the Space Colony Ark, and hoped that Shadow and Lyra made it out there safe. A bright light shined as it hovers down, and Lyra and Shadow apppeared. Risking everything, Lyra healed Shadow with the power of the Chaos emeralds and Master Emeralds, as the healing was completed, Lyra hugged Shadow as she thought she was going to lose him, and Shadow hugged her back as she was Maria. Both hearts are healed as the past was the way to break apart. But the past is not over, Lyra's past will be a real kick when someone comes back and turns evil against her. Find out in Sonic's Worlds.


  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Miles" Tails" Prower
  • Professor Perry Lynx
  • Lyra Wisp Lynx
  • Amy Rose 
  • Nights
  • Darkroom (or known as Uncle Jack)

Part 1: Lyra's Prepast

(In the Freedom Fighters Hut, up in Lyra's room, Lyra sit on the side of the window looking up at the sky)

Lyra: ...I wonder what my life is about?

Pro.P: Lyra, may I come in?

Lyra: Uh, sure grandpa, come in.

Pro.P: Are you all right, Lyra? You look like that your sick.

Lyra: Its just...grandpa, what is my past like?

Pro.P: Well, for start of it. Your mother was a beautiful wife to your father, but sadly she has a rare sickness that can't be healed, that is a Heart Virus. As you were born, your mother died, you almost died from your mother heart virus.

Lyra: ...

Pro.P: Luckliy, mircales came to you, the chaos emerald that your father carried, saved your life. At the age of 4, me and your father tested you about your survival, and it was incredible, the energy of the chaos emerald in your body were strong of the charts to heal a uncurable disease. But that was the last time that we saw you.

( Tails called Lyra in the commutator)

Lyra: What the word, Tails!

[Tails]: Lyra, I got something to show you, its very strange to look at, but I thought that you might handle it.

Lyra: On my way.(shut the commutator)Gotta go, grandpa, see you later.

Pro.P: (he waves) ...Oh, I never mention anything about her uncle.

--In the Lab--

Lyra: Hey Tails.

Tails: Hey Lyra, look at this. I found these bones over at South Island near Emerald Town, but as I look in the DNA to it and I think...this must be one of your family members.

(Lyra's heart skipped a beat)

Lyra: What!? (Looked at the computer, and saw a picture of a Lynx) He looks like my father, but who is he?

Pro.P: That's your Uncle Jack. He's your father's brother, but after he could escape, he was blown to pieces.

Lyra: I think I can regenerate him back, to see him and tell me about my father.

Pro.P: It could take all of your energy, are you sure?

(Lyra nodds at Tails and Professor Perry, and starts the process)

Part 2: Wrong Side of Lyra

(The Chaos Regeneration worked, and Lyra's Uncle lies as he was asleep)

Lyra: ...Uncle...Uncle Jack.(she was about to touch him, but with surprise he grasp her arm violently)

Pro.P: Jack! Jack, stop, its just your niece!

(Lyra and her Uncle looked at each other, then his eyes changed to Viper eyes, and change form)

Lyra: (gasp) Uncle Jack, let go of me!

Jack: Sure...when your dead.(He griped it harder, until Sonic and the other came)

Knuckles: Hey, Stop! (He throw a punch at Jack, and Jack let go of her arm)

Jack: This isn't over, you'll all perish.(disappeared)

Lyra: But,...this can't...happen.(she made teardrops and healed her pained arm)

Sonic: Lyra, are you alright?

Lyra: (sniffed) Yeah...I'm fine.

Tails: Lyra, something went wrong. Somehow there was negitive energy in Jack's body.

Pro.P: Oh, he must born with negitve energy of the chaos emerald.

Knuckles: But is there a way to stop him?

Lyra: No...I brought him to life, I have to stop him.

Sonic: Yeah Lyra, but how?

Pro.P: There is a way. Lyra and her uncle were born with diffrent energy of the chaos emeralds. If Lyra can use her power to can use all of her energy to you two, Jack won't stand a chance and he can be the back to the way he was.

Shadow: ...Professor, won't that kill Lyra, though?

Pro.P: Your right, Shadow, this may, and if we bring Lyra back again, he'll come back again.

Lyra/?: " way to...seal him." (covers her mouth)

Sonic: Lyra, did you say something?

Pro.P: Its her mother! Her spirit rests in Lyra's heart, anytime she feels alone. (Sonic and the others looked at her as that was impossiable)

Lyra/ ?: " Lyra can seal I gave Aurora Sealment." 

Knuckles: Aurora...Sealment...Does that involve the Master Emerald?

Lyra/ ?: " Yes...but you must hurry he becomes powerful by the minute." (Lyra eyes faded color)

Lyra: Well, now that my mother gave me her gift, we're prepared. (Everyone nodded)

Part: 3 Uncle Jack's Form, Darkroom

--Somewhere not near Angel Island--

Jack: Finally, I can bring those years when I faced my death, and replaced the innocent that happened 7 years ago.

Lyra: STOP!!!

(Jack turned as Lyra and the freedom fighters came)

Lyra: Uncle Jack, please, don't do it. Don't you remember me, your...neice.

Jack: ....hmph, I don't know you, but I do know your father. Yes, my brother, my so called scientist brother, loved your mother so much, she broke up with me. I cursed your mother with my disease, so that your not born.

Lyra: Well, I'm still here, aren't I?

Jack: Please, don't call me your uncle jack anymore, me...Darkroom.

Sonic: Just is it your doing, Darkroom?

Darkroom: Very glad you asked, I plan to change my death 7 years ago and reverse it with my brother.

Lyra: No!! ( Lyra ran towards Darkroom full speed, but one smack across the face Lyra was paralized)

Sonic: Lyra!

(Darkroom gets his energy spear ready on Sonic, Shadow hit Darkroom that missed Sonic)

Sonic: Lyra, are you alright?

(Lyra didn't move a muscule, even her heart stopped)

Part 4: A Electrical Shock towards the Heart

Knuckles: Is she alright?

Sonic: I don't think so, her heart is gone.

Tails: We need to do something to bring her back.

Amy: ... Tails, don't you have something that was suppose to damage the power source from Dr. Eggman?

Tails: Hey!(pulles out a defibrillator, placed it on Lyra's chest, set the voltage on 200) I hope this works.

(Lyra jolts up as the device starts to work for 3 to 6 times)

Nights: Come on Lyra, wake up.

(Shadow kept fighting Darkroom, until Shadow was done)

Darkroom: Fool, you can't defeat me. Only if your trying to save your friend.

(Shadow weakly looked at Lyra, and flash backs came back to him about the Ark)

Shadow: Chaos...Spear!( the spears shot off and hit Darkroom four times)

( On 245 voltage, Lyra is still jolting)

Amy: Arr...This thing won't work!

Tails: Amy! Wait!

(Amy hit Lyra in the chest and the defibrillator went haywire, Lyra scearmed in pain)

Sonic: Lyra! (Sonic hold her as the electrical shock along with Lyra)

The Freedom Fighters: Sonic!!!

Darkroom: (laughing) ....What!

(Lyra was glowing bright as the sun so was Sonic, and they both put there hands out and blast out a electrical shock to Darkoom)

Darkroom: No!!!

Part 5: The End is Near...Lyra.

(Darkroom lied on the floor twitching, Lyra and Sonic walked up to him)

Lyra: ...Its time, to put you in yourself into an end.

(Lyra put her hands into her heart, and glowed once more into a wormhole)

Darkroom: "Lyra,...your death will come, once I'm out of your imprisonment."

(Darkroom disappeared inside of the black pearl, Lyra almost fainted.)

Sonic: Lyra...

Lyra: I'm fine, Sonic.

Knuckles: That was a very risky move there, Sonic.

Amy: You almost killed yourself.

Lyra: It must be the chaos emeralds that protected Sonic from getting shocked.

Nights: But how are you feeling, Lyra, since the shocking?

Lyra: I didn't feel any pain.

Tails: But Lyra you were screaming in pain.

Shadow: Never mind that Tails, as long is Lyra is fine, she's fine.

Sonic: We should probably head back home, right now guys.

Shadow: I'll have this pearl in the G.U.N protection.

(Lyra nods) Very unusal for Lyra's past, but as Lyra and the gang got back home, something was blooming in Tails flower pot, and could be its last and final exciting adventure for Lyra as she becomes more of protector. Find out on the next exciting Episode 8

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