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Sonic's World Season 1: episode 4

Last time on Sonic's World, Our Freedom Fighters have been robbed by three rouges Drake, Honey, and Rick Cat also called themselves the Rouges Riders. As they were about to leave the others in the hut, Lyra flew sky high to stop the rouges, but try as she did she got beaten up so was Sonic and Nights.

While Lyra, Sonic, and Nights are healing up, Tails gave them a idea of what they expected is with Extreme Gear. Gearing up, Lyra got a very rare extreme gear that nobody has before, made by Professor Perry, An Extreme Stick. What is does is as you throw it, it will form any extreme gear as it wishes for example, Hard Ground- Extreme Bike; Factory or Snow- Skates; Upper air- Extreme Wheels

 Meanwhile, Lyra went to the Marble Gardens with Sonic and Nights to try it out, and became as success for Lyra. But as they are going back to the hut, a missile was fired, but missed our heroes by the rouges from before. The rouges and  Lyra, Nights, and Sonic were trashed talking to each other until a halt with Drake. Drake challenged them to a pre race down by Lava Falls, below of Angel Island. As our heroes lost by a rouge trip, Lyra and Sonic hoped that they try their best to get those emeralds back.

The day of the Annual Extreme Sky Race, Lyra, Sonic, and Nights are ready to race to win back the emeralds as they were called Team Speed, rules were set, refree tell the warning of the Final Factory, and on your mark...get set....GO! the race is on.

At the final course, Final Factory, the two teams fight to cross the finish line, Sonic takes the team to the lead, but Drake won't lose to a kitten, a hedgehog, and jester so he went full blast to hit Sonic, thankfully Lyra stopped Drake and Team Speed won the Extreme Race. Sonic, Nights, and Lyra won back the chaos emeralds and the rouges left the buliding. Lyra loved the race, but most importantly she won her first extreme race with her fellow Fighters. In this episode, you go deep into a journey that the Freedom Fighter gone before. Find out in Sonic's Worlds.


  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Lyra Wisp Lynx
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Nights
  • Professor Perry Lynx
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Wizman the Wicked
  • Reala
  • Sico the cat 

Episode 5- Nights and the Nightmearns

Part 1: A Silent Night

--In the Freedom Fighter's Hut, top of the roof--

Nights: (sighs) ...What to do in a time like this?

Lyra: Hey Nights, can I join you?

Nights: Sure, why not.

Lyra: My, these stars are beautiful. I wish everyone can see this.

Nights: Is your grandfather is good with you when your younger.

(commutator buzzed)

Lyra: Oh its Tails. Yeah, Tails?

[Tails]: Hey, there's someone that wants to see you.

Lyra: Ok Tails, I'll be down.

Lyra: Hey Nights,...(nobody) oh.

Part 2: Meet Sico

Lyra: Hey Tails, I got your call, who wanted to see me?

??: Me.

Lyra: And you must be?

??: Oh sorry about that, names Sico, Sico Cat. You must be Lyra Lynx?

Lyra: Yeah? How do you know me?


Sico: I was spying in Robotropolis to see what Dr.Eggman was up to and such, then I saw a light blue sphere floating in the sky and went inside of that buliding, and saw every movement happening inside that buliding.

--End of Flashback--

Sico: Then the news came out, "Two Super Forms stopped a giant beast, with a unknown, super heroine helped them out".

Lyra: Wow, that is very...ah..impressive, but why are you for?

Sico: I was wondering if I can join the Freedom Fighters.

(Lyra exchanged a face with Sonic, Sonic shrugged for a "why not")

Lyra: Sure, but you need more training.

Sico: Why get trained?

Lyra: To see how strong you are.

Sico: Fine, I'll be waiting.(walks away)

Sonic: Are you ok, Lyra, you looked like you went to your zone.

Lyra: Fine, its just he gives me the chills of how he knows me.

Tails: But he says that he knows you by the news.

Lyra: Well yeah, but...

(Lyra walks away in a mysterious way)

Part 3: Night Terrors

--Silent, Night, the freedom fighters sleeps--

(Lyra's room, something creeps right into Lyra's bed)

Lyra: ...z...z

(?): Lyra..Lyra..

Lyra: Daddy?

(?): Lyra...they're coming to take you yourself.

Lyra: Daddy, no please...come back.(teardrop)

(Shadow's room, Shadow sits in the window looking at the stars)

Shadow: ...Maria.

(?): Shadow.

Shadow: Maria!?

(?): Shadow...please help me...

Shadow: Maria!

(door opens)

Nights: Shadow, what's the ruckess?

Shadow: Maria, is in trouble!

Nights: You must have nightmare flashbacks with Maria. Probably, Lyra too.

Sico: Nights, Shadow! There is something wrong with Lyra.

(Sico, Nights, and Shadow dashed to Lyra's room)

Shadow: What is that?

(A black creature was on top Lyra, then peeked at Nights)

Nights: Nightmarens!(Nights got rid of the thing)

Sico: I heard monsters under the bed, but a black creature like that... wow.

Nights: He's here...

Shadow: What's the matter, Nights?

Nights: Nightmarens...then he's here to terrorize Mobius.

Sico: What are you talking about, and who is he?

Nights: Wizeman is here to take nightmares out of you and make himself strong. I need to warn Sonic and the others.

(Sico and Shadow nodded)

Part 4: Wizeman's Plot


All: What!?

Sico: Yeah, a nightmaren was on top of Lyra and somehow took her nightmare.

Lyra: No wonder I feel so light.

Pro.P: We must of have Night Terrors.

Sonic: Um, I'm sorry "Night Terrors?"

Pro.P: Yes, Nights says that Night Terrors are a type of Nightmaren that comes out of you and try to go back inside, causing by fear, stress, and loneliness.

Pro.P: Shadow, your loneliness made a Night Terror by the time with Maria.

Shadow: ...

Pro.P: Lyra, your stress and fear also made a Night Terror by your father and...

Lyra: And what, Grandpa?

Tails: That has to be something else.

Lyra: But did have a nightmare.

Sonic: About what?

Lyra: A huge, scary figure, with six hands with eyes...

Nights: !! Wizeman. Lyra, Wizeman must be after dreams, if you make fear with him, he can take your powers just like what Reala did.

All: !?

Sico: So,...what do we do, Nights?

Nights: I don't know.

( The fog screens Nights in sight, then fades)

?: So,....Nights has joined with...more visitors...pity.

??: Master, will I take the girl to your dimension as bait for Nights?

?: Yes,...the nightmares...will scare the visitor and I will...become stronger to rule the world. Reala,... you get her at dusk.

Reala: Yes, Master.

Part 5: Journey into the Night Dimension

--Angel Island, Dusk--

Lyra: Nights, are you sure about this?

Nights: Yes, just sleep next to me, and you will be fine.

Lyra: Ok. (Lyra shuts her eyes)

--In a Dream--

?: You have came...just in time.

Lyra: (gasps) You.

?: No one will protect I take every last have.

Lyra: "No, No, I can face my fear, face my fear.."(Lyra glowed red)

?: What...

--Outside of the Dream--

Nights: Nobody, not even one crawler came."why?" (Nights looked at Lyra as she glowed red from her chest)

(Sonic walks in)

Sonic: So, how is she doing, Nights?

Nights: ...

Sonic: Nights? Whats up.

Nights: She's...she's fighting inside her dream to avoid the fear.

Sonic: Well, we need to help her, wake her.

Nights: No, if you do, she can vanish in her and she lose her memory.

Sonic: Then, how are we going to help her out without waking her up?

Nights: Professor Perry might help us do the trick.

--Inside of the Hut, Lab--

(Lyra is lied on a bed with a head monitor on)

Pro.P: Now we need three volunteers to help her.

Sonic: I volunteer.

Nights: I need to go there anyways.

Sico: Count me in.

Pro.P: Ok, you three have about 4 hours to get her out of that dream and come back.

Sico: Why is that?

Pro.P: If 4 hours are up, you won't wake up till another 5 to 6 weeks, even months.

Nights: We'll help her out of the dream in no time.

(Nights levitated up and paraloop, Sonic, Sico, and Nights jumped in)

Pro.P: Good luck.

Part 6: Wizeman and Reala

(Reala went back to his master for an alert)

Reala: Master, the girl, nor Nights is in sight.

Wizeman: That is because...there both the dimention. Find them... and bring them to me.

Reala: Yes Master.(Reala and a couple of nightmarens went off)

(Wizman made the fog screen with Nights, Sonic, and Sico)

Sonic: So this the...

Sico: Night Dimention.

Nights: This is where nightmares come from, but this is Lyra's dream.

Sonic: But why is it dark.

Nights: The nightmares are all ready got here.

Sico: So how do we find Lyra?

Lyra: Hello...

Sonic: What was that?

Nights: That sounds like...

(Nights, Sonic, Sico turned around and saw Lyra)

Sonic: Lyra.( Sonic touched her, but went through)

Nights: Lyra, is that you?

{Lyra}: Yes, just her consciousness. She is still asleep, but they kill me, then she will woken up.

Sonic: Well we need to get her out of her dream within 5 hours, or we're all goners.

Reala: Is that real necessary for you all to leave.

Nights: Reala! I thought Lyra finished you.

Reala: Think again, sibling. 


Reala: When Lyra went through me to take the power, I faked my disappearance by paralooping back to the night dimention. And how she fainted, is cause I have her Ideyas.

--Ended of Flashback--

Reala: And does the nightmarens really miss you and Wizeman, too. (snickered)

Reala: What a lovely consciousness, Lyra.

{Lyra}: Keep your hands away from me, I'm sensitive.

Reala: Sure you are. Wizeman wanted to see you.

Sonic: Get away from her, Reala

Nights, Sico: Sonic, wait!

(Sonic ran towards Reala, but disappeared)

{Lyra}: Sonic, be careful.

Sonic: Lyra, use your chaos control.

(Reala pops out slamming Sonic, Nights and Sico helped Sonic out)

(Lyra silently walked backwards, but a nightmaren took Lyra in the shadows)

Sonic, Nights: Lyra!

--Back in the Lab--

Tails: Oh no, Lyra is gone.

Amy: Sonic is a goner.

Knuckles: Professor, how much time is left?

Pro.P: I have a feeling that they won't make it, 3 hours.

Shadow: Put me in there.

Amy: But you can't get in there.

Tails: Its impossible to get in there.

(Shadow refuse to listen, walked next to Lyra, and Chaos control into Lyra's dream)

Pro.P: Oh my. Shadow is actually in her dream.

All: What!? (Looked at the monitor)

--Inside the dream--

Reala: (Reala paralooped Nights in a prison) Say goodbye to your friend, she will enjoy being a nightmaren and Nights will serve the Wizeman the Wicked.(disappered with an evil laugh)

Sonic: No.

Sico: Were all doom, Sonic.

(A flash of light, Shadow appeared)

Sonic: Shadow, what are you doing here?

Shadow: You are wasting time, you are at 2 hours and 45 mins.

Sico: Wow, time went fast, but Nights and Lyra are captured by Reala.

Shadow: I thought he disappeared forever.

Sonic: I thought so too, come on we got to stop Reala and Wizman.

(Sico, Sonic, and Shadow dashed away)

--Meanwhile with Wizman's den--

Wizeman: So Nights, think you can stop me...from getting the visitor's fear?

Nights: (angry look) you won't get her consciousness, Wizeman.

Wizeman: Well then, will suffer the I take your life, and your...freedom.(Wizeman stroke Nights with dark energy)

{Lyra}: No! Stop!

--In the Lab--

Pro.P: Lyra's heart rate is going too fast.

Amy: Oh no, Sonic hurry!

--back in the dream--

{Lyra}: Nights, no.

Reala: What a pity for Nights.( Reala took Nights away)

Wizman: Your next...

(Lyra shut her eyes tight as Wizeman's hand came out)

(Sico pushed Lyra)

Wizeman: You dare to interfere,...Nightmares!

{Lyra}: Sico, you came, but Nights, she has been taken away.

Sico: Sonic is on it, right now we need to leave.

(Nightmares got Lyra and Sico surrounded, Shadow sprang to action and took Lyra)

{Lyra}: Shadow, what are you doing here?

Shadow: No time to explain.

(Shadow made a halt as a shadow of Maria came upon him)

Shadow: Maria?

(the shadow hissed at him, and hit Shadow letting go of Lyra)

{Lyra}: Shadow! (gasp) "Chaos Emeralds, I need you help, heed my call." (Lyra glowed bright making the nightmares disapper)

(Sonic ran with Nights, then halted as he saw a bright light, he levitated up and Shadow too.)

Wizeman: What is this?

(Three figures glowed as they were superforms)

{Lyra}: Time to end this, once and for all.

(Lyra, Sonic, and Shadow flew towards Wizman and started the showdown)

Part 7: Good Dreams can bring Miracles

(Lyra, Sonic, and Shadow defeated Wizeman)

Wizman: You can't kill me,...I will always come back, and make more...nightmares.(disappears with a flash of light; Lyra, Sonic, and Shadow flew down and the energy disappeared.)

{Lyra}: We did it!

Sonic: Not quite, we have 45 mins left.

Sico: And Nights is are only way out.

Shadow: Not quite.

{Lyra}: What do you mean, Shadow?

Shadow: I got here by Chaos Control, and I can tell that if it got me here, then it should get all of us out.

Sonic: Ok, lets give a go.

{Lyra}: Chaos...Control! (Nights, Sico, Sonic, and Shadow teleported, Lyra's consciousness smiled and disappeared)

--Back in the Lab--

Sonic: We made it.

Pro.P: Too close, you all had a min left, and I thought you won't make it.

Tails,Knuckles,Amy: Sonic!

Knuckles: Whats wrong with Nights?

Sonic: She was...

Tails: No you don't think...

(Lyra's eyes fluttered and looked at Sonic, Shadow, and Sico)

Lyra: Sonic.

Sonic: Hey Sleeping Beauty, had a good sleep?

Lyra: Yeah, I did.

Sonic: Can do a favor?

Lyra: Its Nights, isn't it?

(Sonic nodded and put Nights on the floor)

Lyra: The gem has been busted, but I can heal it.(Lyra her eyes again and touched Nights's gem, It started to heal) " Ideyas from my dream, bring back a firend, who her life for me, for all of us."( Ideyas appeared and worked on the gem. Nights's eyes fluttered)

Nights: Lyra...your...

Lyra: We stop him, but he'll be back, anytime.

Nights: Don't worry as like as I'm alive, I can stop him anytime.

(Everyone cheered with joy, but as Lyra looked at Shadow, she walked towards him)

Lyra: Shadow, can I join you?

Shadow: Sure.

(Lyra and Shadow looked at the window where the sky is blue and clear)

Lyra: Shadow,... about Maria. I was hoping that we can see her, in the clouds, and soon she will be here, in flesh and blood.

Shadow: I was too into her, everytime I think of her...(Lyra touched,then hold his hand to cheer him up, Shadow looked at her as if she were Maria.) 

{Maria}: Promise me, Shadow.

Shadow: I will, Maria.(Lyra looked at Shadow, but looked back to the window)

And what a nightmare it was. Nights, Sonic, Sico, and Shadow saved Lyra's dream from being in the hands of Wizeman the Wicked and Reala. But the journey doesn't stop there, Professor Perry said to Sonic and Lyra that they are set to go into Dr.Eggman's old base and get his data. But, something must worse could come upon Lyra and Shadow as there past...becomes reality. Find out on an exciting quest, Episode 6 .

P.S: Thank you for being a character of Sonic's World. ;)  (Sico the Cat )

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