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Sonic's World Season 1 eps 3

     Last time on Sonic's World, Lyra and Sonic found out by Tails that Knuckles is kidnapped, and Nights found a note that was left behind for that can be Knuckle's final words, so they Freedom Fighters gear up to save Knuckles from his own peril by a snake tribe.

   Meanwhile, Knuckles found himself in a Snake Pit with a traveler that was caught searching through the Pit, named Vera Mongoose, as they were comed forth with a huge, strong King Cobra. King Cobra went amazed that Knuckles was the last one of his kind, so King Cobra's revenge for Knuckles was to kill him to make Echidnas extinct. So, Vera and Knuckles were sent to the Death Pit, a pit right next to the volcano.

    With the Freedom Fighters, they found the Snake Pit and start searching for Knuckles until they were caught by the King himself. Dropped by the Death Pit, Knuckles introdued Vera to the Freedom Fighters, for Vera was fascinated by. Amy asked Vera if there is a way out of the Death Pit, but with Lyra's idea to escape.

   All of the sudden, the King stopped the Freedom Fighters from escaping the Pit, so Knuckles and Sonic challenged the King to a Sudden Death Fight, the Battle was on top the volcano about 5 ft down to doom. In the middle of battle, Knuckles got weak by the King's speed, then was slapped and fall down to his doom.Luckly, Vera caught Knuckle's hand and hold themselves on the edge of the volcano.

    The Freedom Fighters helped Vera and Sonic, and defeated the King with one last move. The Freedom Fighters said there last good byes to Vera and they head back to Angel Island.

   In Epilogue, Dr.Eggman was amazed for Marceline to live an extinct world, the Dark Realms, Marceline talked to Dr.Eggman for an attack on the Freedom Fighters, then rule the whole Mobuis.But in this Episode, the Freedom Fighters are going have to ride hoverboards to stop rouges from steal the chaos emeralds.


  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Lyra Wisp Lynx
  • Miles"Tail" Prower
  • Professor Perry Lynx
  • Nights
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Amy Rose
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • The Rider Rouges: Honey, Drake, and Rick Cats

Episode 4- Flight Race

Part 1: Strange guys

--Angel Island, Lyra naps--

Lyra: ....z....z


Dr.Eggman: Ok a little bit of this...

Lyra: ...(strains)...z

Dr.Eggman: And that, let her rise!

(Machine beeps very fast for warning, too much energy!!)

Dr.Eggman: Ack! (grab a lach, pull down, and down goes the the egg capsule)

Sonic: Lyra!

--Flashback ended--

Lyra: NO!! (inhales then exhale with relief)

Sonic: Lyra, you dreaming again?

Lyra: Yea. And its the same one. What's happening.

Sonic:There's three rogues that are stealing the Chaos Emeralds!

Lyra: What! Let's go!

--The Freedom Fighter's hut--

Cat 1: See ya, losers!

Cat 2: Man, these are beautiful, aren't they?

Cat 3: Cut the chatter, let's...

Lyra: Let's what?

( three cats looked at the sky and saw Lyra)

Lyra: Put those chaos emeralds down, now!

Cat 2: You wish.(zooms with an attack)

Cat 3: No one mess with the Rider Rouges!

Lyra:(wipes the blood off her lip) Really!

(Lyra starts the fights, Nights and Sonic helped)

Part 2: Exterme Gear up!

(Lyra, Sonic, and Nights got wornout, and the Riders Rouges made their final move)

Cat 1: Oh, I forgot to name ourselves. I'm Drake and these two are my sister, Honey and the cool bro, Rick.

Honey: And thanks for the Chaos Emeralds!

(They flew off, Lyra, Nights, and Sonic looked at them left in victory)

--In the Freedm Hut--

Lyra: Man, I can't believe they beat us.

Nights: Who knew they were so tough.

Tails: Maybe, you need an upgrade of going fly in high gear.

Sonic: Hey Tails, I know what you're talking about.

Pro.P: You three are going...Extreme gear!

Lyra: What is an Extreme gear?

Tails: Extreme gears, are like going on a hovercraft with twice the amount of speed.

Lyra: Sweet.

(Sonic, and Nights gear up their accessories and their Extreme gear. Lyra came in with a cute wear)

Sonic: You look nice, Lyra

Lyra: Thanks, Amy made this for me.

Pro.P: And here's your Extreme gear.

Lyra: Ah grandpa, is this suppose to be an extreme gear?

Tails: Your extreme gear is diffrent and rare, you see the gear stick is programmed to switch at any course.

Lyra: Wow. So, do I press this...

(The gear stick made a move and turned into a Extreme gear (board type)

Lyra: Awsome. Hey Sonic, is there a place to try this out?

Sonic: Yea, in Marble Gardens.

Part 3: Going Airborne

--Around Angel Island, in the Marble Gardan Zone--

Lyra: I guess I can try it here, right?

Nights: Absolutely.

Sonic: And if get the hang of it, we'll race.

Lyra: Are you sure, Sonic?

Sonic: Yea, maybe we'll test this thing if it transforms into anything else.

(Lyra jumped off, in air she flipped, whipped the gear stick (forms a extreme board), and Lyra flew with it as she was very steady)

Lyra: Woo, eek,"Come on"(she got the board steady) Yes! Whooho!!

(Nights and Sonic joined Lyra)

Lyra: Sweet! This is even better then flying with out it! Ok, let's get on ground.(the Extreme gear glowed and formed again(Extreme bike, and Lyra has a bike helmet on).

Lyra: Woo. Yeeha! (the bike went full speed, and did trickes to it and nailed it ;))

Sonic: Hey Lyra, you like it?

Lyra: This is awsome! Oh oh! (river uphead, it glowed and transformed again (Extreme skates, the helmet disappered)

Lyra: Woo, yeah. ( skate front, back, front..)

Nights: Hey, try the sky.

(Lyra made a huge leap to the sky of clouds, and made form(Extreme gravity-bike and the helmet came back.)

Lyra: Its beautiful up here!

(Then Lyra went down back to Marble Garden, with a sprial landing. Sonic and Nights dropped in.)

Lyra: Man, this gear stick, will work like a charm.

Nights: Sure, will Lyra, let's go back to the Lab to tell Pro.Perry and Tails that it works.

Part 4: A Race with Rouges

Sonic: I wonder if Professor Perry is going to make me and Nights one like yours, Lyra?

Lyra: I think...(Something fell out the sky and missed them, hovering down, is the Rouges, what they saw earlier)

Honey: Aww Rick, you missed them.

Rick: Sorry, bad aiming.

Lyra: Yeah, you do need some aiming there.

Drake: You making fun of my bro, sis?

Nights: You have a problem with that!?

Honey: I don't get who you are, but you look silly in that costume.

Sonic: Hey why won't you take that back.

Drake: ENOUGH!!(silence)

Drake: Ok you fools think your better than... the Fastest,..

Honey:  the Slickest,...

Rick: the Champion's Rouge Riders!

Sonic,Nights,Lyra: Yeah.

Drake: Then we can actually beat you sky high on a race, but first is a pre race where we'll see how better in a pre race. Than a real showdown is at Tomorrow. "The Annual Sky Race Prix"

Lyra: You got yourself a deal, but if we win in the Sky Race, we get those chaos emeralds back.

Drake: But if we win, we keep the emeralds and we can put you through the Dark Realms.

(Nights, and Lyra gaspped)

Sonic: Alright, you got it. Let's race!

Honey: We race there! (She points to Lava Falls, below of Angel Island)

--Lava Falls--

Rick: First one to get out of the volcano wins. Made the best racer win.

(The Rouges dropped down in a cave, and Sonic, Nights, and Lyra dropped as well. The race begins)

Part 5: Good Luck

(Bumper to bumper Sonic, Nights, are closer then Rick and Drake, while with Honey and Lyra are behind them, but they are bumper to bumper. Honey, Drake, and Rick all together tripped them and won by a tree.)

Sonic,Nights,Lyra: Ahh! Woo. Oof.

Honey: Ha! We beat you guys, like that.

Rick: See you losers in the race.

(the Rouges flew away with a victory)

Lyra: Man,...They just cheated. I bet they're going to lose on that part.

Nights: ...Let's hope that we get those emeralds.

Sonic: *growls* I'll show them who's fast.

--Angel Island, in the Lab--

Amy: Sonic, Lyra, Nights, what happen?

Pro.P: Oh dear, Lyra.

Lyra: *groan* we're fine, grandpa.

Amy: Its those rouges, isn't?

Nights: Amy, its none of you concern.

Sonic: Hey Tails, how are the gear sticks coming?

Tails: Awsome! Here's your Blue star, Sonic. And here's your Night Sky, Nights.

Lyra: Tails, what is my gear name?

Tails: Uh...It is..

Pro.P: The" Wisp Star".

Lyra:" Wisp Star?"

Pro.P: Yep. And I forgot tell you guys. that we're all going to The Annual Sky Race, to see you guys win.

Sonic: Sweet!

Nights: That sounds fantastic, Professor!

Lyra: We'll wave when we see you.

Part 6: Just Believe...

--At the Marble Gardens, Lyra sits with sorrow thinking about the race--

Lyra: "I have a bad feeling we won't win this race." (sigh) Oh mother, please watch over me.

(Sonic appears behind the tree)

Sonic: Hey.

Lyra: Hey Sonic, can I ask...

Sonic: Sure, what's up.

Lyra: I don't know if we're going to win the race cause of those rouges.

Sonic: Well what Nights sometimes say,"Just believe in yourself and you'll get there in no time."

Lyra: I hope we get those emeralds back by the time were done with this race.

Sonic: Yeah.

(Lyra and Sonic sits on the hill looking into the moon lite, and soon hope they will get what is their's.)

Part 7: The Annual Sky Race Begins

--At New Metropolis, the Extreme Race Area the whole city are at closed cause of the race, Inside the lockeroom Sonic, Nights, and Lyra prepare for the Race--

(PA announcer): Ladies and Gentlemen, we are all here for our 3rd Annual Sky Race!

(Crowd cheers)

(PA announcer): Now for this Extreme Race, are four courses, the first course is through New Metropolis to Metal City, second is out of Metal City to the ice cold Frozen Forest, third course is out in the deep dark otherside, just be careful folks, inside of Dr.Eggman's Factory,...

(Crowd gasps for fear)

(PA announcer): Finally, the battle to win this race, once you racers cross the Final Factory, there are no rules to get to the finish line, except exploding you racers.

(PA announcer): Today everyone, we have two teams that will be racing to win these chaos emeralds fair and square. On this side we have, the Rouge Riders (the rouges waved as if everyone is their fans), and in this other side is, Team Speed(Sonic, Nights, and Lyra waves plesently to the crowd and to the Freedom Fighters in the front row). Racers! Start...Your...Extreme Gears!

(Sonc, Nights, Lyra hold there Extreme Sticks high, the Rouges laughed)

Honey: Hey, you guys are going to ride on just the stick?(laughing)

(Lyra smirk thinking that that is nothing)

Refree: Ok, there will be no turn backs, and no bumping into each other until you reach to the Final Factory. 

( Red light....Yellow light....GO!)

(The race is on, and Sonic, Nights, Lyra throw their gear sticks, jumped and appeared as hoverboards.)

(PA announcer): WOW! Did anyone see that how the sticks formed as hoverboards like magic! Unbelieveable!

Amy: Yeah guys, you can do!

Knuckles: Give it your all, guys!

Tails,Pro.P: Alright!

Part 8: Time to End the Foolishness

(PA announcer): We are looking good here looks like they're almost to the Final Factory..

(Lyra's skates grind to one pipe to the other as she past Honey, Rick, and Drake)

Lyra: Almost there, hang in there.

Drake: Man, do I want thoses kind of gear. Honey, grab it once they hit the Final Factory.

Honey: Meowww...

--Final Factory, last course--

Sonic: Ok Lyra, Nights keep them busy, I got the finish line.

Nights,Lyra: Right!

(Nights throw out her skates and hit Rick, Honey prepared a pounce on Lyra)

Honey: Ha! (she on top of Lyra)

Lyra: Hey you furball, get off of me! (Lyra glowed)

Honey: Oh oh, this isn't going to end well.

( Explosion!! In a poof of smoke, Honey landed on the ground flat on face. Drake got angry and boomed towards Sonic)

Lyra: Sonic! Look out! 

Sonic: Huh! 

( *slow motion* Lyra went in front of Drake to stop him and they both crashed on the ground)

(PA announcer): And First place goes to Sonic, so that means the winner is "TEAM SPEED"!!!

(Crowd goes wild)

(PA announcer): That is it folks, thank you and have a nice day!

Drake: NO!!

Lyra: Oh yes, Drake. We get the emeralds, fair and square.

(Drake grab Lyra hard)

Nights: Awsome, we got them back.

Sonic: Where's Lyra?

Drake: Over here!

Nights: Put her down, Drake.

Drake Try to catch me, first.

(Drake hovered away with Lyra, Sonic and Nights chased after them)

--Lava Falls--

Drake: Now Lyra, can you tell me how do get that kind of gear?

Lyra: Why should I?

Sonic: Hold it right there, Drake!

Drake: You are so pathatic.(grab a dagger, Lyra punched Drake with a knock out)

Lyra: Don't mess with the Freedom Fighters/Team Speed.

--Meanwhile back to the hut--

Tails: That was amazing you guys!

Amy: You were even better last time.

Shadow: It was Ok for a very desprate rouge to think he wants to win.

Lyra: Well, I guess your right.

Knuckles: Hey Lyra, you were taken by Drake, do you know why he took you?

Lyra: He wants to know about our extreme gear.

Pro.P: Well, its a good thing you didn't tell him.

Lyra: Yeah. (something sparked Lyra's mind about Drake's mark) Yeah.

Best Race Ever! Anonther victory to our Freedom Fighters, but one thing for sure the Rouge Riders won't be bothering these Fighters as Sonic, Nights, and Lyra won the Sky Race. But what will happen next with our heroes? Find out next on Episode 5 .

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