Sonic's World Season 1

     Last time on Sonic's World,

       Sonic and Nights found a young lynx in one of Dr. Eggman's capsule who happens to be named Lyra Wisp Lynx, she says that she was in that capsule for 7 years. Long story short, she has incredible powers that whipped Dr. Eggman out of sight, SWATbots chased after them, but smoothly escaped.As Nights left Sonic and Lyra alone, troubles with a short friendship came when Dr. Eggman surprisingly attacked them both, Dr. Eggman send more SWATbots to capture Lyra. With a fast throw from Lyra and Sonic, in a poof of smoke, Dr. Eggman took Lyra and flew away. Sonic went back to Angel Island to help from his friends.
       In Dr. Eggman's base, Lyra got curious of why she is known for a project, until a figure looking like Nights, but red looks at her in amazement. Sonic and his friends came to Lyra's rescue, Shadow surprisingly found what Sonic is rescuing, with an injured leg, Shadow carried Lyra to search for the Chaos Emeralds.
      After the rescue, Lyra was introduced by Sonic's friends and decided to make a plan of surprising Dr. Eggman's base with an attack, but out in her new room she thinks of her new powers that she never used before.Sonic came in and tell her where he usually hangs out outside of distractions. Amazed, Lyra and Sonic finished the long talk about of becoming friends. Morning, Lyra and Sonic woke up surprising that Dr. Eggman and Reala are right there without any attacks from Eggman Lyra grab Sonic's hand and flew off, but they didn't escape that easy, with an electrical line missing Lyra, Lyra's hand slipped and Sonic went falling and was caught by Reala. Dr. Eggman warned Lyra to be back in his places or Sonic gets it.
      Meanwhile, Lyra called for help from her new friends of Sonic, but met a old relative to Lyra, Professor Perry Lynx, Lyra's grandfather. All of the security systems are down in Robotropolis and Lyra, Shadow, and Nights are in the building without a seen, but after the hard crowd of SWATbots in the way, Lyra faced the toughest fight ever and lost her life to rescue Sonic. Reala took over Lyra and left her powerless and took off. Nights and Sonic saw that Lyra is dying, Shadow found the solution for her life, the Chaos Emeralds, because of them is that Lyra is part Chaos, so the emeralds can make Lyra more stronger than before. Sonic revived Lyra with the Chaos emeralds and turn her into her Super Form. Lyra gave some energy to Sonic and Shadow and fought Reala, together.
      After a grand battle,Lyra got exhausted by the energy, then woke up in the lab where she thought that she was dreaming. She found Sonic sitting next to a tree and thanked him for saving her life. After the thanks from Lyra, Sonic asked Lyra if she is willing to stay for other adventures with him and gave her a golden necklace from back in Robotropolis. So, their journey will start her right now...


  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Lyra Wisp Lynx
  • Professor Perry Lynx
  • Miles"Tails"Prower
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Amy Rose
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Orbot and Cubot
  • Marceline Demon

Episode 2: My first Archenemy is a Demon

Part 1: Advancing Dr. Eggman

( Lyra trains with Sonic and Knuckles to get the strength and speeds she needs to beat anything that Eggman throws. Professor Perry walks in.)

Pro.Perry: Oh, am I disturbing you?

Lyra: Oh no, what do you have?

Pro.Perry: Tails and I are trying to get information from Eggman about his next ideas of destroying us, so that early we can do just that to stop him. Maybe you,Sonic, and Tails can go in a good time.

Sonic: Sounds sweet, Professor.

Knuckles:But Dr. Eggman keeps moving in different locations.How are we going to find him?

Pro.Perry: That is easy.


Pro.Perry: When you were out rescuing Sonic, I simply asked Nights to put a detector in case I know where you are,Lyra. So, Nights did is to set free Sonic, she has to put the detector on anywhere.

--Flashback ended--

Pro.Perry: The thing is set and... there.(Sonic, Knuckles, and Lyra looked at the computer.)

Sonic: Wow, you more impressive like Tails.

Lyra: He's more than just a computer expert, genetic researcher, and a mechanic, he even taught me all that when I was 6.

Pro.Perry: And you will be our hacker on this,Lyra.

Lyra: Gee thanks, Grandpa.

Pro.Perry: My pleasure.(walks out of the training room)

Part 2: Prototype Evil

--Eggman's base--

Dr. Eggman: Hmm...There has to something that I can beat Lyra and Sonic to rule the world?

Orbot: Maybe you make something more...

Cubot: Evil than you and smarter than that lynx.

Dr. Eggman: That is good idea, maybe better than Metal Sonic and so on. Orbot, Cubot, find something more evil and dreadful to make a creature that will sure destroy Lyra and Sonic.

Orbot and Cubot: Yes.

Dr. Eggman: The good thing is I got Lyra's full DNA that can sure make a monster out this.

--One hour later--

Dr. Eggman: Well...

Orbot: Found something in some kind of forest that we thought it doesn't existed.

Dr. Eggman: Like what?

Orbot and Cubot: Claws!

Dr. Eggman: Perfect! And fangs.Good now let see what makes when putting Lyra's hair shreds.

( The machine worked, and made a warning alert of the species, but Dr. Eggman didn't care. The machine is done, opened, in a puff of smoke, a black figure with red eyes stepped forward.)

Dr. Eggman: Your even more beautiful than ever.

(She stared at the two robots)

Orbot: My you need to...

Cubot:*laughs* This is the creation? Boss, how come it doesn't speak?

Dr. Eggman: Shes probably shy, or she your being so disgraced to her that she wouldn't a word.

??: Oh Doctor... I look...gorgeous.

Dr. Eggman: You sure are...Marceline.

(Marceline made an evil laugh)

Part 3:Lyra meets a Demon

--Meanwhile at Angel Island, Lyra, Sonic, and the gang made their time to go for a swim--

Sonic: Lyra, you know that I can't swim,right?

(Lyra shrugs, everyone got to the beach some lay on the sun and others just went on the water.)

Lyra: *relaxing* Hmm.....Hm, whats that?( Lyra shaded her eyes and saw something fell out of the sky)

Lyra: Everyone! Run!


Sonic: What was that?

Tails: I don't know,but looks like a girl.

Amy: Hey you, Do you mind why you crash here?

(Marceline stands and hissed at Amy)

Marceline: Isn't rude to greet people this way? And you, I've been looking for you.

Lyra: Me? Who are you?

Marceline: (snicker) Marceline... the one that will be your worst nightmare! (attacked with a claw and scared Lyra's face)

Amy: What is her problem?

Dr. Eggman: That is because I created her.

Sonic: EGGMAN! What is you and your robot doing here?

Dr. Eggman: She is not a robot...she is a demon.

Tails: Demon? But doesn't those species exist?

Dr. Eggman: Yes they do, but I use ingredients that made her demon-like. But your right she looks pure demon.

(Marceline made the sky black as night)

Marceline: Oh... you thought that I exist. What are a creator, or a father?

Dr. Eggman: ??...creator?

( Marceline's eyes turn redder and vicious, Lyra got up but been injured by her face)

Marceline: I'll show you that I exist! (She grabbed Dr. Eggman and was about one of Sonic's friends, but a force field stop her)

Lyra: Wanna grab someone, Marceline?

(Marceline chased after Lyra while Sonic evacuate Amy and Cream to the place. Sonic, Nights, and Knuckles followed Marceline and Lyra.)

Part 4: Lyra's Battle 

Lyra: Come on. Your even slower then I thought.

(Marceline stretched her arm out to grab Lyra, but backfired by Nights)

Sonic: Hey, down here!

Marceline: Uuugh!( closed her eyes, and on the ground came a black hands and grabbed Sonic and Knuckles)

Lyra: Sonic! Knuckles! ( out of nowhere a hand smack her away ) Ah!

Marceline: Now that she won't bother me, I have more company to bring.

Nights: Oh no, you don't, Marceline!

(Nights cut one of Marceline's black hand out of Sonic's grasp and caught Sonic)

Sonic: Thanks, Nights. I'll find Lyra, you save Knuckles.

Nights: On it!

( Sonic ran to the place that Lyra went to while Nights save Knuckles)

--Meanwhile inside the forest--

Lyra: *groan* ( She lite up, then the light faded )

??: ...

Lyra: arr*... that hurt right there.( Pulled out a GPS ) GPS: "middle of nowhere, currently go North"

Sonic: Lyra!

(Lyra flew to where Sonic's voice came from, something peeked away)

Lyra: Sonic.

Sonic: There you are, hey are you ok?

Lyra: Yeah, I'm fine, just that the hand smacked me like a fly. 

Sonic: Come on, we got to go back and save Knuckles.

Lyra: Right. (Lyra looked up thought she saw something, but then ran off)

--Meanwhile, Nights cuts another arm out of Knuckles grasp--

Marceline: I...Have...ENOUGH!!

( Marceline made the portal and went in with Dr. Eggman )

Dr. Eggman: Wait, Sonic, Lyra, anyone help me...

( the portal closed)

Knuckles: Why would Eggman make a villain that we don't know of?

Lyra: That is the question that made Marceline my archenemy.

Sonic: Well were not going to see Eggman for a year, or two.

Nights: Hope were right, guys. Cause where Marceline comes not safe for Mobius.

Part 5: The Reveal of a Demon Species 

--At the Freedom Hideout, in the lab--

Pro.P: What I've been looking on Marceline's DNA is that, Lyra must used your DNA for your powers and used in the Dark Realms is Fangs and Claws, but the DNA of the fangs and claws are dominating your DNA into Black Magic. 

Lyra: So...What is she?

Pro.P: Marceline is Demon Bat, half demon and half bat.

Sonic: Ok so she's a bat, what could be worst.

Amy: Well, she can beat us with the...other demons.

Tails: And, is Lyra weak against Dark magic?

Pro.P: Yes,Yes she is. Her healing can't even work, so be careful.

( Sonic looks at Lyra, even everyone were worried)

Cream: What if she comes back? How are we going to protect ourselves?

Pro.P: That is easy, Bats and Demons are weak against light, so Tails put the whole hideout with securable lights to flash an intruder.

Knuckles: Well that's going to work, I'm going back to the Master Emerald.

--Meanwhile with the Master Emerald--

Knuckles: ...

( something peeks at Knuckles, but slipped and fall with a thunk)

Knuckles: Who's there!?

Knuckles: What the? Hey don't get near me, or I'll...

( The thing striked Knuckles, took him, and disappeared with a note)

As Lyra found out what Marceline is a demon, looks like that this will be a tough match for Lyra to beat.Tails and Professor Perry put securable lights to protect the Freedom Fighters from harm. But what about Knuckles... What will happen to him? Find out on Episode 3 .

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