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Sonic's World Season 1 Episode 8 & 9

Last time on Sonic's World, Tails has the time of the past where he watches as a little Seedrain is about to grow, as Lyra step in to see Tails she wondered about the little Seedrain, but as she pet the flower, they both never notice that the flower grew rapidly then it usaully was. That night, Lyra heard a strange noise in the kitchen, as she came up to the kitchen she saw a little child, but was a Seedrain. Long story short, Lyra feed the little flower, but truned 8 years of age with Professor's chemicals. Flora, now named, had a nightmare about her mother's warning with her mysterious brother, name Poison Oak. Morning, Lyra and the other were awake, Nights told Lyra that there is a strange girl in Lyra's room, with disappointment, Sonic talked to Lyra about bring unknown people in the hut. 


  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Miles"Tails" Prower
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Amy Rose
  • Lyra Wisp Lynx
  • Professor Perry Lynx
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Nights
  • Darkroom Lynx
  • Goddess Karma (voice only)

Episode 10- Lyra's Death Wish (part 1)

Part 1: A Haunting Encounter

--At Square Station, Guardian Units of Nations, Night--

( A G.U.N soldiers guards the black pearl, who Darkroom was imprisoned by Lyra Wisp)


G.U.N soldier: Huh? (Swoosh) Who's there!? 

(A black fog swarm at the G.U.N soldier, made him unconscious, and the black pearl was stolen)

--That Morning--

Lyra: (yawn) Morning, Amy.

Amy: Good Morning, Lyra. How are you?

Lyra: Fine. Is anyone awake?

Amy: Um...Tails, Nights, so pretty much that your only one that woke up last.

Lyra: Sure thing. 

(Tails came in a hurry, and all huffing)

Lyra: Tails, what's the matter?

Tails: You have to check out the news, this is bad news, real bad. (Amy and Lyra rushed down in the living room)

[T.V reporter]:  Welcome and Good morning, Square Station. We have breaking news that the Guardians Unit of Nations, or G.U.N, was under attack, and a imprisoned black pearl has been stolen, a G.U.N soldier was unconscious during this incident, but General Abraham Tower and the G.U.N agents are looking into the investigation, this has been Sam Vine Cat, with your breaking news. 

Lyra: That can't be good, looks like my uncle is going to see me again, but in a tough, and deadly way.

(Lyra's Communicator buzzed, its Shadow)

Lyra: Yeah, Shadow.

[Shadow]: Did you see the news?

Lyra: Yeah, me, Amy, and Tails did. 

[Shadow]: Well, General Tower wants to see you, Lyra.

Lyra: In Station Square, right?

[Shadow]: You'll see the Guardians Unit of Nations down the street, you can't miss it.

Lyra: I'm on my way. (hangs up, Lyra, Amy, and Tails went off to Station Square to meet Shadow and General Tower)

Part 2: Darkroom Reawakens Once More

--Station Square, Guardians Unit of Nations Headquarters--

Lyra: Shadow! (Lyra, Amy, Tails ran in towards General Tower and Shadow)

Shadow: General Tower, this is Lyra Wisp, friend of our Freedom Fighters.

Tower: Honored to see you, Ms. Wisp.

Lyra: To you too, General. So, what happened here, looks like this was a clean strike?

Tower: We have believe that someone, or something has forshadowed our soldier in order to steal the black pearl, the one that you imprisoned Darkroom Lynx.

Lyra: Any, like, suspects that have, or might have stole the black pearl?

Towers: Not really, Wisp. But we think it could be...Dr. Eggman's work.

Amy: Why would Dr.Eggman be behind all of this if this was a clean strike?

Tails: Amy makes a point, a black fog that made the soldier unconscious, and stoles the pearl in a split second.

Shadow: General Tower, do have cameras that make the scene?

Tower: Yes we have, Agent Shadow, right this way.

--G.U.N Security Camera Room--

(It showed camera images of the room being guarded by the soldier from last night, then a black fog covered the floors and hit the soldier stone cold, and stole the black pearl)

Lyra: Replay where the black fog came in. (rewinds back to the black fog, and paused on a figure) Of course.

Shadow: What Lyra?

Lyra: Its one of Darkroom's henchmen, they're Spiritual Demons! They came to reawaken Darkroom, to plot his revenge, and succeed his plan to take over Mobuis.

Tails: How do we stop those things from reawakening Darkroom?

Amy: Uh Tails...remember? (Amy points at Lyra, and made a death face signing " Protect Lyra, or comes her Death Wish")

Shadow: Spiritual Demons are viciously deadly, who ever touches.

Lyra: Right, Shadow. We need the people to evacuate Station Square.

Tower: What for?

Lyra: These Demons, can appear, and can hunt down any living being they see. And  I'm going to fight them, so that no one gets hurt.

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