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Sonic's World Season 1 eps 2

     Last time on Sonic's World, Dr. Eggman got tired of being defeated by Lyra and Sonic, so he created a prototype end the Freedom Fighters victory and destroy Lyra for good. But the prototype got haywire by an extinct speices that is dangerous, Marceline is born. Meanwhile Sonic, and  Knuckles trained Lyra to get the strength and speed she can get, but when Professor Perry told them that the Freedom Fighters need to get a chance to know what Eggman is doing by taking data from him.Sonic and the gang went for relaxing time at the beach when all of the sudden, something fell out the sky. Lyra, Tails, Sonic, Amy, and Knuckles looked at the black figure mysteriously.

      Amy touched the figure to see if its ok, got up and hissed at her, told them that she has been looking for Lyra. Marceline attacked Lyra giving her a big scar, as Lyra tries to heal the scar, it dud and won't do a thing. Dr.Eggman came in with success, and told the freedom fighters that it was his greatest creation that will destroy them, but Marceline stopped and madly replied that she does exist and can prove it.  Viciously, she grew blacker, and taller and set the sky black as night, she took Dr. Eggman and almost took either one of the freedom fighters, but Lyra manage to safe them by stalling Marceline to get Lyra instead.

       Lyra, Sonic, Knuckles, and Nights fight Marceline, but too much for Marceline to stand she made a portal and disappeared with Dr.Eggman. Back at the lab, Professor Perry found out that Marceline is Demon Bat, a extinct species that lives in the Dark Realms and they may return to rule Mobuis once more. Knuckles went back to protect the Master Emerald, a creature kidnapped Knuckles without a witness, but a note was left behind. What happened to him? Find out on Sonic's World.


  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Lyra Wisp Lynx
  • Miles"Tail" Prower
  • Professor Perry Lynx
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • King Cobra
  • Vera"Alexander" Mongoose
  • Amy Rose
  • Dr.Eggman (epilogue)
  • Marceline the Demon (epilogue)

Episode 3- A Friendly Friend, Dangerous Tribe

Part 1: Knuckles Disappearence

-- Angel Island, with Sonic and Lyra--

Lyra: ...

Sonic: So, Lyra...didn't come to think about your new archenemy.

Lyra: What do mean?

Sonic: Well do have an archenemy? Thats what I'm talking about.

Lyra: Oh...well, no.

( Lyra's commutator went buzzing, Lyra answered)

Lyra: Tails, whats up?

[Tails]: Sonic, Lyra, I can't find Knuckles, and he's not even guarding the Master Emerald.

Sonic,Lyra: What!

[Nights]: We looked everywhere, and we found nothing, but a note.

Lyra: We'll be there. *hung up* Come on, Sonic

Sonic: Lets go!

Part 2: The Note of Threat

-- Freedom Hut, in Tails Workshop--

Sonic: Tails, you called.

Tails: Glad you guys made it, heres the note that Nights was talking to you about.

(Lyra grab the note and starts to read:

 I have kidnapped your friend to make a meal out of him.

But, if you want to save him meet me at the jungle out where you live,
but hurry, your friend won't last long.

Nights: I hope Knuckles is alright.

Sonic: He will be fine, he can protect himself, he's Knuckles the Echidna.

Lyra: True Sonic, but what about the note saying that if he escapes they'll...

Amy: Hey guys, Professor Perry found something very interesting that you want to see.

--In the lab--

Pro.P: hmm...interesting.

Lyra: Grandpa were here, got something?

Pro.P: Yes...yes I do, what I found a pieces of shreds of dead skin of what happens to be a...snakes.

Tails,Sonic: Snake.

Lyra: What does a snake want from Knuckles?

Pro.P: Well, I found a little history that solves why. Whatever that snakes wants with Knuckles, could plunder his kind.

Amy: That means, what?

Lyra: That means that they're going to kill him to end the Echidna race.

Sonic: Well, that will not happen once I rescue him.

Tails, Lyra, Nights, Amy: Count us in!

(Lyra, Nights, and Amy prepare themselves while Tails prepares the X Tornado)

Lyra: " Hang in there, Knuckles."

( Our heroes took off to save Knuckle's peril )

Part 3: Vera and Knuckles

--Somewhere else--

Knuckles: *groan* Geez...

??: Oh, I am so sorry.

Knuckles: Where are we?

??: Um... the...the snake pit.

Knuckles: Snake pit?

??: A Tribe of Snakes, and somehow they're after you for something.

Knuckles: What?

Snake 1: Silence in there!

Knuckles: Hey, whats your name?

??: Names Vera, Vera "Alexander" Mongoose.

Vera: And you?

Knuckles: Knuckles the Echidna.

Vera: Good to see you, say have you...

( two snake guards came and took them out of the prison)

Snake fanfare: His royal highness, king of all snakes and others, King Cobra.

King Cobra: So, you are the last guardian of the race, Echidna?

Knuckles: Do you even want to know?

King Cobra: Very well then, and think you can terrorize my people?

Vera: No, not really. I'm just exploring your kind, King Cobra.

King Cobra: Take her away, to the death pit.

( The snakes took them away)

King Cobra: I want that Echidna in the Death pit as well, since he's our prisoner for the kill.

--With the Freedom Fighters--

Tails: How long is it to find Knuckles, Lyra?

Lyra: Down there, Tails

( The X Tornado landed on the middle of the jungle)

Lyra: Alright, Knuckles has to be this way. Lets go, guys.

Part 4: The Snake Pit

( The Freedom Fighters raced down the jungle until they found a village full of snakes)

Amy: Is that it.

(Lyra grabbed the commutator, it beated very fast) Lyra: Yea, This is what the note says, Snake Pit.

Sonic: We'll have to divide ourselves, Tails, and Nights: create a distration; Amy, Lyra, and I will go find Knuckles. Go!

( Nights made faces and Tails called them to create attention to the snake guards, while Sonic, Lyra, and Amy ran to find Knuckles)

Sonic: Anything?

Lyra, Amy: Nothing.

Snake guard: Hey! Bring the King here! We have more.

Lyra: Caught.

Sonic: I don't think so.( Sonic leaped up, and Lyra flew up and telekinetic the snake guards up, and Amy hammers them to the sky.)

Knig Cobra: ENOUGH!!

( Sonic, Lyra, and Amy stopped)

Sonic: Wow! Your huge!

King Cobra: Yes, I been eating too much. And your all next.

Lyra: Where's Knuckles!

King Cobra: Why do you need to know, if I have your friends.(Laughs)

Sonic: Tails!

Lyra: Nights!

Amy: Hey! Put me down!


Knuckles: I hope the other are fine.

Vera: You have friends,Knuckles?

Knuckles: Yea I do.

( A hole shines and drops Lyra in)


Knuckles: Lyra?

(Sonic, Tails, Nights, and Amy dropped in)

Knuckles: Guys?

Lyra: Oh, hi Knuckles. Who's your friend?

Knuckles: Her name is Vera.

Vera: Nice to meet you all.

Sonic: Nice to meet you, too.

Tails: So, Knuckles, how did you get down here?

--one hour later--

Amy: What a surprise, so how do we get out of here?

Vera: Well, the cage where we are is the side of the volcano...

Amy: So, there is not way out!

Lyra: Yes Amy, calm down I think I can get us all out of here, but I need a distration.

Amy: Ugly thing!

Snake guard: What!

Amy: Can you give us food!

Snake guard: Sure thing!(opens the cage)

Lyra: Hold on! Now!

(Lyra and the Freedom fighters burst out of the pit The snake guard got up and ran away.)

Sonic: Let's get out of this out of this joint!

Part 5: King Cobra vs Sonic and Knuckles

Lyra: Almost...there!

(The King jumped in, making Lyra to a sudden stop)

King Cobra: Leaving so soon?

Sonic: Look, we don't have time to get violent here. So that we will be out of your hair.

King Cobra: No, I wanted that Echidna because his kind nearly exterminate our kind! So, I wanted revenge from this echidna by killing him since he's the last one.

Knuckles: You want to kill me, then you have fight me, first!

Sonic: Count me in, too, Knuckles.

King Cobra: If that is a Death Wish you call, then you'll get one!

(King Cobra, Sonic, and Knuckles fights on the top of the volcano, the crowd cheers fiercely)

King Cobra: The one who is defeated, will go down to the volcano and burn!

(Lyra drop three pieces of pebbles down the volcano and saw how way down it is)

Knuckles: Sonic, watch my back.

Sonic: Will do, Knuckles

(The Fight to the Death starts..)

Part 6: A Farewell to Vera and on we go

(King Cobra went slick and fast on attacking Knuckles, but Sonic covers him on the speed.Knuckles got weak and was almost to the edge of the volcano)

Vera: Come on, Knuckles! You can do it! I know you can!

Knuckles: *grrr..*

King Cobra: What's the matter Knuckles, tried already?

(With a Tail slap on Knuckles, he fell to his doom and the King started laughing and attacked Sonic)

Vera: No! Knuckles!!

Lyra: Vera, what are you doing?

Vera: I'm going save him!

(Vera jumps off after Knuckles, Vera reached Knuckle's hand and hang to a ledge.)

King Cobra: That is cheating! Guards! Seize them and make sure they stay dead.

Nights: Guys there going to trip Vera, we gotta do something.

Lyra: Amy and Tails; help Sonic, Nights and I will help Knuckles and Vera.

(Amy and Tails helped Sonic fight King Cobra, while Lyra and Nights stopped the Snake guards from harming Vera and Knuckles)

King Cobra: No! No! (went on the edge of the volcano, Sonic punched the King to the volcano)

Lyra: There we go, easy does it.

Vera: Thank you, Freedom Fighters.

Sonic: Knuckles? ...buddy.

Lyra: Let me see.

(Lyra touched Knuckle's forehead, and her hand glowed)

Lyra: !?

Knuckles: ...*groan*...

Lyra: Knuckles.( Her hand beamed with bright light, then dims)

Knuckles: Lyra? Sonic?

Sonic: We're right here, Knuckles.

--At dawn--

Vera: It's very sad to see you go, Knuckles.

Knuckles: Yea, but we can see each other again.

Vera: Sure.(Vera hugs Knuckles, Knuckles blushed)

Sonic: Said bye to your friend, Knuckles?

Knuckles: Yeah.

Lyra: I have a feeling that you'll miss her very much.

Knuckles: Ah Lyra, that is ok.

Part 7: Epilogue

--Somwhere in the Dark Realms--

Dr.Eggman: Ohh..What?

Marceline: So, who's extinct now, Doc.

Dr.Eggman: Who are they, Marceline?

(Dark figures circles around Dr.Eggman and Marceline)

Marceline: ...My family, my army!

(Marceline laughs)

Even though Sonic and the Freedom Fighters escape the Snake Pit, said "Hi" to a friendly traveler, and defeated King Cobra the adventure doesn't ended there. Will Maceline come back from the Dark Realms and try to take over Mobius, or will Lyra finally put Marceline in her own prison forever. Find out in Episode 4 .

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