Sonic's World Season 1


  • Sonic the Hedgehog+
  • Miles Tails Prower+
  • Shadow the Hedgehog+
  • Amy Rose+
  • Knuckles the Echidna+
  • Nights+
  • Reala+
  • Dr.Eggman+
  • Lyra Wisp Lynx    
  • Unknown Father

                                       (+) these characters are in part 2

Episode 1: Meet Lyra Wisp                                

Part 1: Prologue

"For those are hearing this tragic cry of my father... yes, I was born, born miraclely, but my mother that gave birth to me passed away, even I almost died, but a thing has saved my life, a gem.

Three years later, I was having a good childhood with my dad and he put me into doctors, as they say...

Doctor: Sir, your daughter, this is astonishing!

Dad: What is it?

Doctor: She somehow has powers that was consumed with miracle.

??: But things has got worse when my father was taken from me.

Dad: The Chaos... (rumbling)

young Lyra: Daddy! What was that!?

( A Huge Ship pass through New Megalopolis)

Dad: Lyra! go to the south island and go live with your grandfather, ok.

Young Lyra: But, what about you daddy?

(Robots clashing their door)

Dad: There is no time to tell you, Go... Now! HURRY!

(Robots seized the Father)

Young Lyra: Nooo! Daddyyy!

(I have made it out of New Megalopolis, the people were taken away by SWAT bots and my father, so kept I running all the way to South island towards my grandfather, but then it was too late for me to escape out of the region.)

Part 2: Sonic and Lyra

-- 7 years later--

(Sonic walking with NiGHTS at Green Hills)

Nights: So... are you going to make another surprise for Eggman?

Sonic: Yep. And its going to really get it. Hey, what do you think about someone name Reala?

Nights: Oh... I don't know, I never seen him for a while since that last fight.

(Nights looked up seeing a bright light in the Great Forest)

Nights: Hey Sonic there is something over at the Forest.

Sonic: Lets go check it out.

(Few miles towards the lights, They both saw a capsule)

Nights: What is that?

Sonic: It looks like one of Dr.Eggman's capsules.(rubs on the glass window, and astonishly went back)

Sonic: Whoa... who would drop a young girl over in the middle of the forest?

Nights: Bets me.

(Sonic touched the cold capsule, bursted open, it fell and Sonic caught her as she flutter her eyes)

??: *groan* what... where... where am I?

??: Who... are you?

Sonic: I'm Sonic and this is Nights.

Nights: Its so nice to meet you.

??: Nice... to meet you, too.Oh my name is... Lyra, Lyra Lynx.

Sonic: When were you in that capsule?

Lyra: ... I actually don't know, but I can tell you what happen.

Part 3: Meet the maker

(Lyra said thing to Sonic and Nights of what she remembers from 7 years ago)

Sonic: Wow... that is a real tough about your father.

(Nights nodded)

Lyra: Hey, what's that up there?

(Sonic, Nights, and Lyra looked up and saw Dr. Eggman and a couple of his SWATbots)

Sonic and Nights: EGGMAN!

Dr. Eggman: Well, looks like I can now see that you made a new friend, precious.

Nights: What do you want now, Dr. Eggman.

(Lyra shatters in fear, and a flashback of the same man that experimented her)

Dr.Eggman: Taking what is mine... the girl.

Sonic: Oh no you don't, Eggman. There is no way you will take Lyra.

Dr.Eggman: Well, looks like I'm going to take her.... by force. SWATBOTS! ATTACK!!

(SWATbots drop down the ground, and surrounded Sonic, Nights, and Lyra)

Lyra: What are you going to do with me?

Dr.Eggman: You will see once your with me.

( With Eggman's gadget hand, Lyra used something that surprised Sonic and Nights)

Dr.Eggman: What?

Lyra: *growls* arr... How... is that, Doctor.

(Lyra throws Dr, Eggman out of sight, and hold the SWATbots for Sonic and Nights to destroy without movement)

Sonic: Awsome, Lyra.

Nights: Well done with your telekinesis, Lyra.

Lyra: Thanks, I didn't even know how to use it, but throw it away anyways.

(More SWATbots flying to hunt down Sonic and them)

Sonic: Man, they never give up. 

(The chase is on...)

Part 4: A Short friendship, Long rescue (p1)

(After the chase... Sonic, Nights, and Lyra sat down tired from the running)

Sonic: *huff, huff* Lyra you all right?

Lyra: *Huff* Ohh... yeah.

Nights: At least we got away from those robots.

( Nights did the Dream Flute, in tune, Lyra got the rhythm and hummed to it )

Sonic: Looks like the sun is going down. 

Nights: I will go back to Angel Island to make sure the others are fine. Is that ok, Sonic?

Sonic: Sure thing, be careful, and I will see back there.

( Nights winked and flew away )

Lyra: It's super beautiful with the sunset. Don't you think, Sonic?

Sonic: Yeah.

Lyra: Sonic, I forgot to tell you that I..I was born with mircales.

Sonic: ...! Lyra! (Sonic pushed Lyra)

( Dr. Eggman made a surprise pop out towards Sonic and Lyra)

Dr. Eggman: *Laughing* Now, where were we, Lyra?

Lyra: *angry groan* ( used telekinesis to fly up )

Sonic: Lets finish this business, Dr. Eggman.

( the showdown begins..)

Sonic: Toss me as hard as you can, Lyra!

(Lyra swings Sonic in circles..... and throws him like a missle)

Dr. Eggman:


Lyra and Sonic: Yes!

Sonic: Nice throw.

Lyra: (blushes)

(The poof of smokes faded and Dr. Eggman wasn't there )

Sonic: Hey! Where did he go?

Lyra: SONICC! Help!

Sonic: No!

Dr.Eggman: This game is over, Sonic. Farewell. *laughing*

Lyra: Let me go!

( Dr. Eggman and Lyra went away, while Sonic see them go, he went back to Angel Island to get help)

Part 5:  A Short friendship, Long rescue (p2)

--Eggman's Base--

(Dr. Eggman throws Lyra in a cage)

Lyra: Why won't you pick on someone your own size, you psychopath?

Dr.Eggman: Oh, didn't mean to throw you in so hard my dear!

Lyra: What do want, Eggman?

Dr.Eggman: Oh you will see... you'll see.(walks away)

(Lyra shivers in the cage, then saw a red jestser, one that looks like Nights)

??: Ah... what a young and beautiful girl you have there, Doctor. Impressive.

-- In Angel Island--

Tails: What? You found a...

Sonic: Yes. In a capsule, name is Lyra Lynx, and she was captured by Dr.Eggman. What else?

Knuckles: So your saying...

Shadow: You found a certain girl that was created with great power and Eggman is after cause of that energy with the Chaos Emerald and her can make this place helpless.

Amy: Sonic... you better not be date this girl or else.

Nights: Amy, there is no time to fight Sonic. We need to go to the Doctor's Base, save Lyra, and get out of the base. Got it!

(Everyone nodded)

Sonic: Tails, got the X Tornado ready for take off?

Tails: Yep, she is set.

Sonic: Ok, Knuckles and Nights your coming with me.

Shadow: I'm coming with you, no question asked.

Sonic: Ok... Tails take off!

Tails: Ok! Time to fly!

(Tail's X Tornado took off and our heroes are ready to give Dr. Eggman a quick visit)

--Eggman's Base--

Sonic: Ok Tails, this is it meet us went you see us off the buliding.

(Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, and Nights drop on to the party and searched for Lyra inside the base)

Sonic: Ok we'll split up, hey... where's Shadow?

Knuckles: Who cares? Lets just go.

(The three went on a search even crashed Eggman's party)


Shadow: Now to find those chaos emeralds.

( Shadow searched for the emeralds, but found the strange girl, that Sonic has been talking about, in the cage, Lyra got surprised)

Lyra: Sonic... is that you?

Shadow: ...

(Shadow opened the cage open and still looked at her)

Lyra: Jeez Sonic, you sure look.... different.

Shadow: I'm not Sonic, but he's here looking for you.

Lyra: ... Ok. Then who are you?

Shadow: I'm Shadow.

Lyra: leg. Dr.Eggman must of grab me with that arm real hard.

(Dr. Eggman's alarm were on for intuders, Shadow carried Lyra to find the chaos emeralds)

Knuckles: I don't see her, nor Shadow, Sonic.

Nights: There they are, look!

(They spotted Shadow with Lyra racing down the base and head towards the robotic room)

Sonic: Knuckles and Nights go and wait for Tails.

Nights: Sonic, What are you doing?

Sonic: Going to see what Lyra and Shadow are up to.

(Sonic jumped down and chased after Shadow and Lyra)

-- In the robotic room--

Lyra: So...uh... Shadow, what are we looking for?

Shadow: The Chaos Emeralds.

Lyra: Woo..

( As Shadow found the chaos emeralds, as Lyra touched one, they lite up and healed Lyra's leg)

Lyra: They're beautiful, but affective now that my leg is better.

(Shadow made and tiny smile, but with a bang, Eggman appeared)

Dr.Eggman: Well, well, well, if it isn't Shadow escaping with the item and the emeralds. Well that wouldn't be easy. Reala.

(Reala swoops down to start attack Shadow)

Reala: With pleasure, sir.

Lyra: No!

( Lyra uses chao control that slowed Reala down)

Dr. Eggman: Incerdiable.

Sonic: Stop right there Dr. Eggman!

Dr. Eggman: If you insist, Sonic.

( Dr. Eggman grabbed Lyra, and Reala was back to normal speed)

Lyra:*arr* Let... go... of me.

(Lyra swift her hair, her ring went loose...)

Dr. Eggman: Oh... dear.

Sonic: Take cover!!


Lyra: *cough* Sonic...Shadow...SONIC!!

Sonic: Lyra, right here.

Lyra: Sonic. ( Lyra hugs Sonic) Where's Shadow?

Sonic: I don't know, but let's get out! *explosions*

Lyra: Are we fast enough to get out of here, Sonic?

Sonic: Sure we are,(Sonic pick Lyra up and went top speed)

( Sonic ran off as fast as they can to meet Knuckles, Nights, and Tails, Sonic jumped out of the base with the explosion behind him landed on the X tornado. As the base was destroyed, Shadow saw them go off and think about Lyra, mysteriously)

Part 6: True Secrets that meets the eye 

(Meanwhile, after Sonic introduced Lyra to the gang, Lyra sits at the edge of the her own room thinking about her powers)

Lyra: *Is this me, or...what?*

Sonic: Hey, are you going to help us make the surprise attack for Eggman?

Lyra: I don't know.... its just... when I threw Dr. Eggman with a telekinesis. Am I... born with these powers, or created?

Sonic: Lyra, you did it by your heart. You knew the threat, so your mind and heart made a huge difference. Lyra I have something to show you that you might like.

(Sonic takes her hand, and lead her to place where he hangs out)

Lyra: This a very... beautiful place, Sonic.

Sonic: Thanks, this where I hang out to get some peace and think ways through.

(Sonic and Lyra lied down on the breezed grass)

Lyra: ...Sonic.

Sonic: Yeah Lyra?

Lyra: Does rescuing a friend means risking your life?

Sonic: I don't know.

(Dusk settles in, they both were fast asleep at the spot there at until morning came, Lyra's eyes flutter and what she saw up in the sky was Dr.Eggman's Airship. Hovering from the sky, Dr. Eggman came in.)

Lyra: Eggman!? What are you doing here?

Dr.Eggman: Just came here to look for you. To get these experiments done.

Lyra: Over my dead body, Eggman.

Dr.Eggman: You little, no matter looks like I'm have to make you come with me.

( Lyra leviates up blinds Eggman, Lyra and Sonic ran off)

Dr.Eggman: Oh no, you don't.

(Dr. Eggman shoots a electrical line to get Lyra weak. Sonic helped Lyra dodge the electrical cord, and hit Sonic and disappeared)

Lyra: SONIC!!

Dr. Eggman: Well, if you refuse to come with us, then Sonic will the one to the pain like yours.(Laughs)

Lyra: ....Sonic. *tear drop*

--At Angel Island--

Amy: WHAT!!! You what did to Sonic!

Lyra: Look, I'm sorry for getting Sonic in trouble, OK.

Nights: Doesn't matter, at least your fine and not the hands of Dr. Eggman and Reala.

Knuckles: Well lets go rescue Sonic.

Shadow: No! Don't you know how dangerous Sonic and Eggman could be at?

Tail: Shadow has a point, Dr.Eggman is at the deep depths of Robotropolis.

Amy: But that place is very guarded, no matter if you step in, you get caught in a snap.

Shadow: Even the SWATbots are very high alerted around every move.

Knuckles: Well, how are we going to get in there without getting caught?

Lyra: ...That shouldn't be a problem.

All: !?

Lyra: I have a plan.

Part 7: A Deep rescue means Sacrifice

--In a huge building,at Robotroplis--

Sonic: ...

Sonic: How am I going to get out of here?

( a golden glimpes went on Sonic's eye)

Sonic:What the...a gold heart?

(As the door open, Sonic quickly hide the neckalace and was taken away)

--At Eggman's lab--

Dr.Eggman: Your friend has 15 mins to be here..or you will DNA for her and get rid of you.

Sonic: Sorry Eggman, but she won't take that risk if she has to.

Dr.Eggman: Oh... you.. smart mouth.

Reala: Leave him be, I have something else in mind for this blue blur.

--Outside of Robotroplis--

Lyra: Tails, Amy, Knuckles.. got the security down.

Knuckles, Amy,Tails: Set!

Lyra: Good, now Tails get Amy and Knuckles out of there, and leave it to me, Nights, and Shadow.

(Lyra made a invisible force field for them to get across. By the building,as they were in they ran and fight to get through to save Sonic)

Lyra: Its over, Eggman. Where's Sonic?

Dr.Eggman: Ah, Lyra your here.. right on time. *clank*

(a glass cube appears with Sonic in it)

Nights: Lyra! Look.

Lyra: *arr... Eggman you will be sorry.So let go of him.

(Out of nowhere, Reala swooped down with a kick on Lyra)

Reala: Sorry, I thought that was Nights.

Nights: Reala! You were behind this.

Reala: Yes. I won't take anymore orders from you, Doctor, now that I have Lyra.

Dr.Eggman: What!?

Reala: With Lyra perfect powers, I can be unstoppable.

Nights: No!

Lyra:(Broke free from Reala's grasp) You want it...then come and get me.

(Reala and Lyra flew into battle.."The Battle to the Death"... While Dr.Eggman wasn't looking, Nights quickly broke Sonic free from the glass cube..... At the battle, Reala is completely beating Lyra by punch, by punch, hoplessly Lyra didn't make a move. And with a final move, Reala's hand stabbed Lyra's chest and let her go falling.)

Sonic: Lyra! (Sonic catches Lyra from falling)

Lyra: *moan* ...

Reala: Yes, Yes...YES! FInally, the power is..Mine(laughing) (flew out of the building, he turn the whole Robotroplis black.)

Nights: Oh no, Reala turned this place into a Nightmare Zone. And will soon spread to the whole Mobius.

Dr.Eggman: With that power source from Lyra, he's is unstoppable.

(Tails, Knuckles, and Amy walked in)

Knuckles: How are we going to stop Reala and save Lyra's life?

Tails: I don't know, but sadly, this is hopeless without Lyra..were all goners.

Sonic: Lyra...

Lyra: (weakly grab Sonic's arm) ...Its...not...o..over.(faints)

(moment of silence came upon)

Sonic: Only if there is a way to stop Reala.

(Shadow has his head down for a moment, until..)

Shadow: ....! There is way. (holds the Chaos Emeralds) Sonic can bring Lyra back to life.

Dr.Eggman: Shadow is right, because of the blood of Chaos that eats the emeralds to get bigger, but can make Lyra healthy and strong then before.

Nights: Its worth a shot, Sonic.

( the Freedom Fighters looked at Sonic to motivate him, he nodds)

Sonic: Lets save Mobius!


(Lyra and the emeralds layed in position, then Emeralds and Lyra glowed bright as the sun )

Lyra: ...Sonic...

(The Fighters and Eggman looked and gasped with amazement

(Lyra's hair and the emeralds started to glow. Lyra's hair changed the blue into a dark pink, but then her ring went to her side of the hip and glowing like gold, eyes changed to yellow. She hovered in front of Sonic (She's in her super form)

Lyra: Thank you, Sonic,Thank you.

(Sonic nodds for a " Your Welcome")

Lyra: Join me to stop Reala, once and for all.(Lyra puts her hands out for Sonic and Shadow to help her fight Reala.)

Sonic: We're ready.(All three shoot up in the sky)

--With Reala--

Reala: Now, I can rule the world and put Nights's life to an end.

Lyra: I don't think so, Reala.

(Super Lyra, Super Sonic, Super Shadow hovered foot away from Reala)

Reala: What! I thought I got rid of you.

Sonic: I kind of helped her.

(Reala grined with anger)

Shadow: Give her powers back, or get eliminated, Reala.

Reala: (chuckles) I like to you three try.(a huge force was made, but they resist it)

Reala: What! That's not possiable.

Sonic, Shadow, Lyra: It's possiable.

(All three zoomed towards Reala and the fight starts)

(Reala is helpless against the three Super Forms...)

Lyra: I will be taking back whats mine, Reala.

(Lyra went through Reala)

Reala: haven't seen the last of me...

Lyra: Sure I won't. (faints)

Sonic: Lyra!

(Sonic grabs Lyra and both Sonic and Shadow float down to their place in Angel Island safely.)

Part 8: The Adventure is just the beginning

(Lyra eyes fluttered *groan*)

Lyra: Where..where am I?

Tails: Good morning, Lyra. The rest is good.

Lyra: Tails, what happened, I remember getting stabbed and I thought I was...

Tails: Your fine, your powers is back, but no one knows were Reala is. And I can see that your hair changed as well.

Lyra: What!? ( she looked at the mirror and was shocked)

Lyra: Wow, I look good...hey Tails, do you know where Sonic is?

Tails: He's outside, actually waiting for.

-- Outside in the hills--

Sonic: ...

Lyra: Sonic!

Sonic: Well, you look better then normal.

Lyra: Oh..yeah.(Lyra sits) Sonic, I just wanted to say thanks for.. saving my life.

Sonic: Your welcome. I got something for you.

(Sonic holds out a golden neckalace that he kept from the base.)

Lyra: ! Oh Sonic, I love it.

Sonic: So.. you staying to help out on our adventures?

Lyra: You bet, I am, Since I'm a new fighter, when do I start training...

Lyra and Professor Perry stays to help Sonic and the gang out on their adventures and beyond, but Dr.Eggman has a deadly, nasty trick on his sleeves that brings Lyra a new archenemy.  Find out next on Episode 2  


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