A game for the Nintendo DS, Sonic's World is the first Sonic game in which the player creates their own Sonic character.

Character Creation

When the player starts a new game, he/she are prompted to create a character.

1. Species- The player can choose hedgehog, fox, echidna, cat, chamelion, crocodile, bee, racoon, squirrel, armadillo, weasel, bear, bird or mecha.

2. Gender- The player must then choose male or female.

3- General customisation- The player can edit colour, eyes, mouth, quills, locks, horns, ears, arms, legs, chest etc.

4. Clothes- The player can choose shirts, trousers, dresses, skirts, shoes, socks, gloves and accessories such as glasses or bracelets.

5. Skill- Now the player can choose their character to be speed, flight or strength, this affects the gameplay.

6. Name- Finally, the player can create a name for their character.

These are the zones


The game mainly involves exploring Sonic's homeworld.

The game is viewed from above, much like Sonic Chronicles, however, the backgrounds are 3D.

The game uses the same basic principles as the classic Sonic games; A is to jump, press A twice to perform a homing attack, B to perform a spindash, X to open menu, Y to perform a ring dash.

The character is controlled by the + pad, but the whole thing can be done using the stylus and touch screen.


While the idea of the game is to explore and have fun interacting with characters and items, there is a fairly weak storyline, which can be followed at any time.

Eggman has captured Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy, and trapped them in different zones, the player must rescue them.

If the character gathers the Chaos Emeralds, then the story can continue after all four are saved, the player turns Super and beats Eggman in his final weapon.


The game takes place in Sonic's World, but the player can travel to other areas, such as Silver's time, the Arabian tales, Camelot, Blazes' world (which is Silver's world after he saved it).

Each zone consists of a town, an adventure field and a base; the town is where you can chill out, talk to NPCs and use various areas such as hotels; the adventure field is the area surrounding the town, where you can battle robots; the base is where Eggman runs his operations.

At the beginning, Green Hill zone must be completed first, the others can be done in any order.

  • Green Hill Zone- The first zone in the game, roamed by generally weak Badniks. Sonic is trapped in the base at the beginning.
  • Ice- Cap Zone- A harsh, cold zone roamed by Badniks such as Penguinator. Tails is trapped in Eggman's base.
  • Aquapolis Zone- An underwater zone. The town is surrounded by a watertight glass dome, while you and your team are protected by a bubble in the adventure field. Amy is trapped in the base.
  • Gold Desert Zone- A desert zone with somewat stronger Badniks. Knuckles is trapped in the base.
  • Angel Island- This zone doesn't have a base or a town, instead it has one large adventure field and the Emerald shrine, where you can heal your team. Only reachable once rescuing Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy, for the final boss of the main story.
  • Haunted Graveyard Zone- A dark and unwelcoming place, the town is populated by emo- style characters.
  • Lava Reef Zone- Volcanic zone where Shadow can be met (post- game) for a battle and later, to join the team.
  • Casinopolis Zone- A beautiful city where it is permanently night, with bright neon lights everywhere. Rouge can be met here to join your team.
  • Special Zone- Reachable by donating 50 rings to the closed warp ring in each zone previously mentioned (with the exception of Angel Island), at the end of the Special Zone in each zone is a Chaos Emerald, and once all of them are collected, they are replaced with Super Emeralds.


Certain items can cause the player's character, or any team member, to transform. Transformations increase certain stats and cause new abilities to become available.

Super Form- Requires all seven Chaos Emeralds, the player's character sparkles, and hovers above the ground. Sonic, Tails, Shadow and Silver can also turn Super.

Hyper Form- Requires all seven Super Emeralds, the player's character flashes different colours and hovers above the ground. Sonic and Knuckles can also turn Hyper.

Blazing Form- Requires all seven Sol Emeralds, the player is wrapped in a blaze of fire. Blaze and Marine can also assume this form.

Darkspine Form- Requires all seven World Rings, the player's eye pupils disappear, and the player is surrounded by a dark cloud. Sonic can assume this form too.

Excalibur Form- requires Excalibur, the player holds Excalibur and wears gold armour. Sonic can also assume this form, but not at the same time as the player, as there is only one Excalibur.


The player's team consists of two other Sonic Characters, each must be a different skill type, so the team consists of speed, strength and flight. The team can be changed at hotels in towns.

Team members are unlocked during the course of the game, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy are unlocked when you free them, while Shadow must be battled at the Lava Reef Zone. Rouge is unlocked if you beat her at a minigame involving pinball.

Silver, Blaze and Marine are unlocked after beating them and completing the post- game quest involving the future.

The Babylon Rogues are unlocked after completing a quick side story in which you play as Jet with Storm and Wave as team members, you must race various robots.

Nack, Bean and Bark are unlocked after battling them when they attempt to steal the Master Emerald, and the Chaotix (Espio, Charmy and Vector) are unlocked if you visit their base in Haunted Graveyard Zone town.

Mighty and Ray can be unlocked when you rescue them from Eggman's Lava Reef base, and Metal Sonic is unlocked after beating him after unlocking all the other characters.


After rescuing Sonic, a new feature can be unlocked in Green Hill Zone. this involves either summoning friends via local wireless or being summoned.

You can then roam the other player's world, and help them out regardless of skill type.

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