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Sonic's Weird Birthday is a fanfic by BearfootTruck, written to celebrate Sonic's 22nd birthday. As the title suggests, Sonic has a birthday, and things get weird. Can he ever find a decent gift?


It's Sonic's birthday again, and Shadow has a cake for him. However, things turn weird when Shadow chucks the cake on the ground in retaliation for all the misery that Sonic's caused him. When Sonic attempts to make it up to Shadow by giving him a hug, Shadow kicks him in the nuts. Next, Sonic gets a cake from Scratch & Grounder. However, the cake is really a bomb, and the Blue Blur escapes before it goes off.

Sonic's next gift comes from Knuckles, who gives him a literal "Knuckles sandwich". Then, Amy & Cream give Sonic a rather elaborate gift: A small parade. Dr. Robotnik & Snively attempt to disrupt the parade by changing the weather, but the heroic trio stops them. After leaving the parade, Sonic encounters Rouge, who takes him back to her cabin for a spa treatment. First, they spend some time in the hot tub, and then Rouge gives Sonic a massage. The treatment proves to be so relaxing for Big Blue that he falls into a trance.

After snapping out of his trance, Sonic meets Silver and gets a self-help book on dealing with Iblis Trigger symptoms, which is useless by now. However, Blaze's gift – a music box – breaks the cycle of weird gifts, as does the boomerang that Sonic gets from Marine. However, one of his favorite gifts comes from the Chaotix: A restored Chevy Camaro Z/28. Even though Sonic doesn't need a car, he has so much fun with it anyways.

Upon landing the car in Knothole, Sonic meets up with Tails, Sally & the other Freedom Fighters. After the meet & greet, Sonic's friends sing "Happy Birthday" and give him his cake. However, Agents Krzezinski & Pesare of the United Copyright Police show up to punish them for singing "Happy Birthday" without paying licensing fees. Before they can do so, Espio knocks them out with blowgun darts.

With the interruption out of the way, Sonic can now open his presents. Before he opens any of his friends' presents, Mephiles shows up with one of his own. Initially reluctant to open it, Ol' Blue does so anyways and gets a bottle of poison. He is confused, but Mephiles insists that it's a very useful item. The demon wishes Sonic well before disappearing. Finally, Sonic can open his real gifts. He gets a box set of workout DVDs from Sally, a Nintendo 64 game from Bunnie, an autographed picture of Antoine from…well…Antoine, an easy pancake cooking pan from Rotor, and last – but certainly not least – a case of Super Putty from Tails.

Actually, there is one last gift that all of Sonic's friends had prepared for him: A statue of Sonic & Tails with a commemorative plaque. Sonic loves this one very much. A few moments later, Amy & Cream show up, and Cream has some flowers for the Blue Blur, which he also likes very much. Then, Rouge shows up and pats Sonic on the shoulder, causing him to fall back into his trance. The story ends with Antoine & the Chaotix going to IHOP.

Sonic Says

There's a party going on in Knothole, and Knuckles isn't feeling so good, so Sonic orders Tails to take him back home. Then, Sonic explains that if you're unable to get back home by yourself, then you should have somebody else take you home or you should stay overnight at the host's/hostess' place. This segment is really a thinly-disguised advisory against drunk driving.


Knothole has expanded 200 years later and is now Knothole Town. The statue of Sonic & Tails is still standing. Shadow stops by the statue and laments that he got a lesser prize than the Dynamic Duo for saving the world. After Shadow leaves, Silver stops by the statue to pay his respects. He's sad that Sonic & Tails won't live long enough to see the difference they've made, but is thankful that they were there for him.



  • This is the first of BearfootTruck's Sonic stories to include an epilogue (other than "Sonic Says").
  • Chapter 2's title is a reference to John Philip Sousa, an American composer who composed a number of well-known marches, including "Stars & Stripes Forever" and "The Liberty Bell March".
  • Peter Q. Silverman's name is a reference to the two actors who have voiced Silver: Pete Capella & Quinton Flynn.
  • On that note, Peter Q. Silverman is not actually a pseudonym for Silver himself.
  • In the United States, the song "Happy Birthday" – that is, the combination of the music & lyrics – is under copyright until the year 2030. However, the "Good Morning To All" version is still in the public domain.
  • While Richard Simmons has a vast library of Sweatin' exercise videos, Sweatin' To Barry Manilow is fictional…so far, at least. This may be a good or a bad thing depending on one's opinion.
  • So far, no video games have been made about the movie Backdraft.
  • Super Putty is a knock-off of Mighty Putty.

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