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Sonic's Reality Check is a comedy fic made by INFERNOX for the sole purpose of showing what would happen if Sonic characters came to the real Earth (although the story isn't as serious as that, due to its insanity). SRC is its common abbreviation, and it is widely called a humor fanfiction; however, due to recent chapters, it may be holding a true plot.



Sonic's Reality Check (or known by its abbreviated form SRC) is a story of where Sonic the Hedgehog and several of his allies end up in the realm of reality (as perceived by an individual named Nick). While appearing at first to be a series involving comedy and jokes, a plot began as early as Chapter 7, although, in truth, there was an actual plot to the entire comedy story the entire time. Sonic and friends team up with several other humans to figure out the mystery behind why they ended up in the real world, because of the fact that they have amnesia about the event that placed them there. However, several forces are planning to stop them; some are temporary, while others are intent to defeat them. Will Sonic and the gang manage to find a way home, or will they be trapped in reality, unable to defend Mobius, forever?


  • The story will be in a chapter-by-chapter format. Therefore, each chapter of the series has its own page. Please click on the links in order to read each chapter; the chapters original edits are taken straight from Fanfiction.Net where SRC originated.

New World Arc

Chapter One: The Landing

Chapter Two: Putt-Putt Gone Bad

Chapter Three: Sunday Afternoon Football

Chapter Four: The School That Never Taught

Chapter Five: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Chapter Six: Renewed Rivalry

Chapter Seven: A Green Thursday

Chapter Eight: Knuckles In A Bio Lab

Chapter Nine: And Thus The Plot Makes Itself Clear

Chapter Ten: Get Cash Quick

Chapter Eleven: The Day Where They Ran

Chapter Twelve: Shadow The Ultimate Art Critic

Chapter Thirteen: Why Did I Make This Episode?

Chapter Fourteen: The Unforgotten Is Forgotten

One Of The Dark Arc

Chapter Fifteen: Saving The Day, One Video Game At A Time

Chapter Sixteen: Shadow VS The Ultimate Life Forms?

Chapter Seventeen: Did Somebody Say Filler?

Chapter Eighteen: Silver, Internet Memes, And Foreshadowin

Chapter Nineteen: Eye In The Sky

Chapter Twenty: Don't Mess With Hedgehogs In General

More Of Us Arc

Chapter Twenty-One: Allergic To Pollen

Chapter Twenty-Two: Bleep Bloop

Chapter Twenty-Three: The Race For Chaos

Chapter Twenty-Four: Bleh, I Say! Bleh!

Chapter Twenty-Five: Rule 34, Starring Chapter 25

Chapter Twenty-Six: Generic Title Inserted Here

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Neil And Justin's Radical Journey

Chapter Twenty-Eight: A Day In The Life Of Chris Thorndyke

Chapter Twenty-Nine: ???

Character List

These are the list of characters, owned or canon, that appear in SRC. Bold-denoted characters are considered canon or close to canon.

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Knuckles The Echinda
  • Amy Rose
  • Rouge The Bat
  • Shadow The Hedgehog
  • Silver The Hedgehog
  • Jet The Hawk
  • Galaxina The Seedrian
  • Aunt Meadow The Seedrian
  • Starla The Seedrian
  • Violet The Seedrian
  • Chris Thorndyke
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Nick
  • Sean
  • Steven
  • Justin
  • Neil
  • Alex
  • Mike
  • Stephon
  • Nikki
  • There are two forms of "Matt" in the series. You may be looking for...
    • the Matt that is repeatedly poked fun at
    • the normal, sarcastic Matt, who is a completely different character
  • Yorobot
  • Author513
  • Scarie-Ann
  • Grant
  • Dylan
  • Joey
  • Nega-Nick
  • Nega-Sean
  • Nega-Steven
  • Iama
  • Kevin The Knaaren
  • Lola
  • Nick's Family
  • The BioWare Executives
  • Leshawna
  • "Red"


It is assumed the timeline of SRC takes place after Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and before Sonic Colors. SRC also has a day-to-day system where after a chapter ends, it goes to the next day.


SRC, as of now, has currently 88 reviews, has been admitted into 2 communities, has been favorited by 29 authors, and is on the Author Alert list of 14 people. It's total hits are just over 5,230.

There are about 190 hits per chapter, 5,364 words per chapter, and 3 reviews per chapter.


  • SRC is considering a high-priority fanfiction as it updates at a near regular pace; the only other fanfiction within the boundaries of INFERNOX's design to share this trait is Heroes From An Old World.
  • Several other fanfiction authors have appeared within SRC, such as Yorobot and Author513.
  • Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, and Rouge all have had a second design done to them in Chapter Twenty-Four; all of their designs are based off of a Male Furry Dollmaker in deviantART.