Sonic's Chilidogeria is the first food creating game in the Sonic franchise. It is simillar to Papa's Pizzeria by Flipline Studios. A sequel, Sonic's Ice Creameria is coming soon. It was given mixed reviews due to this being developed by Flipline Studios and Sonic Team, as well as being the first food creating game for Sonic.

Sonic's Chilidogeria
Sonic Team

Flipline Studios
Release Date(s)
NA: July 31st,2012

EU: July 30th,2012

JP: July 29th,2012
Succeeded by
Sonic's Ice Creameria


Sonic decides to take a break from running from danger and opens Sonic's Chilidogeria (or Sonic's Chili Dogs). He gives the keys and apron to either Mighty the Armadillo or Amy Rose. You start work with training on how to make Chili Dogs.


Order Station

Customers will place orders here. It can be decorated with items from the Lobby Shop.

Boiling Station

You will boil chili dogs here. Timers can be bought from the Upgrades Shop.

Topping Station

Top chili dogs with the toppings your customer ordered. You'll unlock more as your ranks go up.


There are 100 customers in Sonic's Chilidogeria. There are Normal customers, Closer customers, and Critic customers.


  • Miles "Tails" Prower- Starts at Day 1
  • Blaze the Cat- Starts at Day 1
  • Chip- Starts at Day 2
  • Grounder- Starts at Day 2
  • Charmy Bee- Starts at Day 5
  • Cream the Rabbit- Starts at Day 7
  • Cheese the Chao- Starts at Day 7 with Cream
  • Ray the Flying Squirrel- Starts at Day 10
  • Bomb- Starts at Day 15
  • Tiara Boobowski- Starts at Day 17
  • Metal Sonic- Starts at Day 20
  • Big the Cat- Starts at Day 25
  • Docoe- Starts at Day 27
  • Bocoe- Starts at Day 30
  • Meema and Zorua- Both Start at Day 35
  • Ash and Pikachu- Both Start at Day 37
  • Iris and Axew- Both Start at Day 40


  • Knuckles the Echidna- Starts at Day 3
  • Heavy- Starts at Day 6
  • Dr. Eggman- Starts at Day 8
  • Mephiles the Dark- Starts at Day 11
  • Mecha Sonic- Starts at Day 12
  • Scratch- Starts at Day 14
  • Bokkun- Starts at Day 16
  • Dingo- Starts at Day 19
  • Manic the Hedgehog- Starts at Day 21


  • Eggman Nega- Starts at Day 18
  • Sliver Sonic- Starts at Day 28
  • Scourge the Hedgehog- Starts at Day 38
  • Fiona the Fox- Starts at Day 48
  • Dr. Robotnik- Starts at Day 58
  • Dark Oak- Starts at Day 68
  • Pale Bay Leaf- Starts at Day 78


Lobby Shop

  • SEGASonic the Hedgehog Arcade Machine- 10.30 Tips
  • TV- 3.00 Tips
  • Item Box Expo Poster- 4.00 Tips
  • Giant Chilidog- 9.00 Tips
  • Sonic Team Poster- 20.00 Tips
  • Flipline Studios Poster- 30.00 Tips
  • Sonic Statue- 10.00 Tips
  • Window- 25.00 Tips
  • SEGA Poster- 40.00 Tips
  • Pokeball Statue- 45.00 Tips
  • Cactus McCoy Statue- 50.00 Tips
  • Chilidog TV- 55.00 Tips

Hats, Upgrades, and Beyond

  • Sonic Hat- 20.00 Tips
  • Short Timer- Free
  • Medium Timer- Free
  • Long Timer- Free


In addition to making chili dogs, you can collect Game Tickets to play minigames to win prizes.

Eggman Blast

Hit Eggman targets 5 times to win. The game speeds up each time you play.


  1. Egg Pawn Statue
  2. Eggman Empire Poster
  3. Decoy Spring
  4. Interstellar Amusement Park Poster
  5. TV Bomb
  6. Eggman Statue
  7. Orbot and Cubot Missing Poster

Freezeria Freakout

Advertise the Freezeria quickly. The game speeds up every time you play.


  1. Freezeria Surfboard
  2. Freezeria Poster
  3. Small Poster
  4. Chunky Poster
  5. Steak and Jake Poster
  6. Cactus McCoy and the Curse of Thorns Arcade Machine
  7. Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! Arcade Machine
  8. Steak and Jake Statue
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