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Amber Rose (ally)
Amber Rose (ally)
Amy Rose (ally)
[[Amy Rose (IncaIceBunny's Universe)|Amy Rose]] (ally)
[[Angel the Bat]] (ally)
[[Angel the Bat]] (ally)
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Kate the Hedgehog (ally)
Kate the Hedgehog (ally)
Knuckles the Echidna (her romantic interest)
[[Knuckles the Echidna (IncaIceBunny's Universe)|Knuckles the Echidna]] (crush)
Kyle the Crocodile (ally)
Kyle the Crocodile (ally)

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"That bat will pay!"

Sonia the Hedgehog
Age: 15 (Chronologically 20, due to the Anti-Age)
Batula the Hedgebat (father)

Queen Aleena Hedgehog (mother) Sonic the Hedgehog (brother and ally)

Manic the Hedgehog (brother and ally)
S.A.P. (Spiny Annoying Princess)

Princess pain-in-the-a** (by Lucy)

Miss Sonia (by Jamie)
Romantic Interest (s)
Knuckles the Echidna (crush) Walker the Fox (returns some of the feelings to an extent)
Mobian Hedgehog
Pink Fur (formerly brown)

Pink Hair (formerly brown)

Peach Muzzle
Light Gray Tank Top

Pink Skirt Long Pink Gloves Pink and White Boots

Heart-Shaped Necklace
Freedom Fighters F.J.A.M.
Main Abilities


Adrienne the Bat (ally)

Alex the Bat (ally)

Alice the Foxkitty (ally)

Amber Rose (ally)

Amy Rose (ally)

Angel the Bat (ally)

Anna the Crocodile (ally)

Azul the Bat (ally)

Batula the Hedgebat (father)

Beth the Foxkitty (ally)

Big the Cat (ally)

Blaze the Cat (ally)

Bokkun the Rabbit (ally)

Bridget the Chao (ally)

Britney the Rabbit (ally)

Caleb the Rabbit (ally)

Candie the Rabbit (ally)

Carson the Crocodile (ally)

Charlie the Bunnycat (ally)

Charmy Bee (ally)

Cheese the Chao (ally)

Chris the Hedgehog (ally)

Cora the Rabbit (ally)

Cosmo the Seedrian (ally)

Cream the Rabbit (ally)

Dagger the Bat (ally)

Dakota the Rabbit (ally)

Dan the Cat (ally)

Dane the Bat (ally)

Devin the Bat (ally)

Dizzy the Chao (ally)

Drake the Bat (ally)

Dylan the Crocodile (ally)

Elizabeth Charm Bee (ally)

Ellie Bee (ally)

Emily Rose

Emma the Crocodile

Ermel (ally)

Espio the Chameleon (ally)

Ethan the Cat (ally)

E.X.I. (ally)

Grenade the Hedgehog (ally)

Jamie the Fox (close friend, considers her a younger sister)

Jason the Crocoidle (ally)

Jerome Bee (ally)

Jet the Hawk (ally)

Jovie the Rabbit (ally)

Justin the Crocodile (ally)

Kate the Hedgehog (ally)

Knuckles the Echidna (crush)

Kyle the Crocodile (ally)

Lavender the Bat (ally)

Lilac the Chao (ally)

Lily the Bat (ally)

Logan the Bunnycat (ally)

Lucy Seawall (ally)

Luke the Crocodile (ally)

Madeline "Maddie" Prower (ally)

Manic the Hedgehog (brother and ally)

Maria the Hedgehog (ally)

Mariah the Hedgehog (ally)

Martha the Crocodile (ally)

Mia the Rabbit (ally)

Miles "Tails" Prower (ally)

Milky the Rabbit (ally)

Mint the Rabbit (ally)

Misty the Cat (ally)

Pepper the Chao (ally)

Peter the Crocodile (ally)

Pollen Bee (ally)

Portia the Rabbit (ally)

Queen Aleena Hedgehog (mother)

Rex the Rabbit (ally)

Rosemary Prower (ally)

Rouge the Bat (ally and arch rival)

Roxanne the Rabbit (ally)

Shade the Bat (ally)

Shadow the Hedgehog (ally)

Shine the Bat (ally)

Silver the Hedgehog (ally)

Smoke the Hedgehog (ally)

Sonic the Hedgehog (brother and ally)

Storm the Albatross (ally)

Sugar the Rabbit (ally)

Tabitha the Chameleon (best friend, close as sisters)

Teagan the Hedgehog (ally)

Tikal the Echidna (ally)

Toby the Crocodile (ally)

Topaz the Bat (ally)

Tyrone the Foxbat (ally)

Uno the Chameleon (ally)

Vanilla the Rabbit (ally)

Vector the Crocodile (ally)

Violeta the Bat (ally)

Walker the Fox (ally)

Wave the Swallow (ally)


Rouge the Bat (arch rival, against winning Knuckles's heart)


Dr. Eggman (Arch enemy)

Joseph T. Midlain (Runner-up for Arch Enemy)



Bokkun (up until he had his memory erased)

Bryan the Bat

Carson the Crocodile (up until he rebelled against Joseph)

Carter the Hedgerabbit

Charlie the Bunnycat (up until he rebelled against Joseph)

Ethan the Cat (up until he rebelled against Joseph)

Flame the Hawk

Houston the Echidna (up until he rebelled against Joseph)

Ice the Hawk

Mariah the Hedgehog (up until she rebelled against Joseph)

Metal Sonic

Raven the Hawk

Rex the Rabbit (up until his brain was no longer under Jopseph's control)

Tucker the Bunnycat

Zion the Hawk


Sonia tends to think of others (her mother, Rosemary, Elizabeth, Tabtiha, Jamie, and Knuckles and as exception) as lesser beings (Rouge, Eggman, Eggman;s robots, Joseph, and Joseph's workers especially). She is also somewhat of a mysophobic, preferring things clean, and hates getting dirty. She also tends to be snooty, and at times, immature, but underneath her high-class exterior, she really does care about the other residents on Mobius.


Beginning Royalty

Sonia the Hedgehog was born to Queen Aleena, along with her brothers in a multiple birth, Sonic and Manic. The father, at the time, seemed to be kept a secret that only Aleena knew.

Searching for the Queen

When Sonia and her brothers, Sonic and Manic were eleven, there mother, Queen Aleena mysteriously went missing. As a result, Aleena's advisor, Joseph T. Midlain, promised to take reign of Mobius, untili her return. Neither Sonic nor his siblings trusted him, so they went to go search for their missing mother.

What made Sonic who he is today

One day, while searching for their mother, a storm came through so badly, that it drove Sonic and his siblings to try searching underground. When the storm died down, they figured it was a good idea to be looking above ground. However, when they found the nearest manhole, it lead them to a labratory, where a tall, thin man introduced himself as Dr. Ivo Robotnik, an inventor who made machines for military purposes. Sonic, Sonia, Manic and the Professor made an agreement: they could stay for a while, if they tested out his inventions. A few months after staying with the professor, Sonic was asked to try a pair of high-speed, friction resistant sneakers, for missions that required high speed, with Sonia and Manic by his side, to witness what happened, just in case something went wrong. They were to use a treadmilll that could go up to 500 MPH, and they all assumed it wouldn't go much faster than that.

After a couple hours on the treadmill, Sonic's running speed increased up to 500, but from there, Robotnik noticed that it was starting to lose control. Sonic was claiming he couldn't find a way to physically stop safely, and Robotnik told Sonic and his siblings not to worry, and it was onlly a few malfuntcions and nothing to worry about. Then, Sonic's speed incresed up to 600, and the professor warned him to slow down, because the machine could not handle that high of a speed. Just then, a cable snapped, and a few sparks hit a barrel ful of unknown chemicals, that caused an explosion, turning Sonic blue, Sonia Pink, and Manic green. Sonic went to look for the professor, and ask if he was alright. From the other side of the explosion, Professor Robotnik (now changed his name to "Eggman") swore revenge against Sonic. Sonic and his siblings then fled the scene. Sonia agreed that it would be best if she went on her own, claiming it would be harder for Eggman to find them.

IncaIceBunny's Fanfictions

Sonic X-treme (Sonic X remake)

Sonia is a minor character throughout the series, and is the princess of Mobius. Despite being a minor character, she plays a major role in trying to win Knuckles's heart, and having a heavy rivalry with Rouge, who is also trying to win him over. Later on, she also takes a rivalry with Tikal, who joins the fight for Knuckles. Early in the series, she becomes good friends with Tabitha, Espio and Uno's older sister.

More to come!

File:Old Sonia.jpg.jpg

An Old Photo of Sonia when she was younger, before the explosion that caused her fur to change colors

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