"Silver, your not crying, are you? You've gone through much more pain, you won't waste your tears on me. Cyclone, It was nice to see my big sister has changed. She's no longer the girl afraid of her own shadow trying to protect herself instead of fighting for what's right. Your a strong, persistent girl who will fight for anybody. And Becky, not biologically but your are also my sister. Please don't forget it. No matter what those idiots say, your the best leader ever. It pains me to leave everyone without saying goodbye, and I am aware this will hurt but I know you'll be strong enough to get over me. I know you can't hear me but.. Goodbye"
—Gemma says goodbye to the SoniGals without their knowledge

SoniGals: Adventure Awaits is the final movie of the Cyclone arc in the SoniGals series.

General info

Name: SoniGals: Adventure Awaits

Series: SoniGals

Parent Story: Sonic

Writer: Cyclonestar

Prequels: SoniGals: Dark Flower

Midquels: SoniGals: Across the Second Dimension

Sequels: SoniGals: And the immortal child

Arc: Cyclone arc

Opening theme

Miki Sayaka & Sakura Kyouko Character Song - And I'm Home

Miki Sayaka & Sakura Kyouko Character Song - And I'm Home

Ending theme

Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Opening 1 Full

Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Opening 1 Full


Spoiler warning

retrieving the emerald

"You know, you don't always have to be alone"

Becky with the help of Cyclone steal an emerald of some kind. After Cyclone escapes a facility from an echidna named Crime, she reaches Becky. A monkey steals the emerald but Becky gets it back. Crime attacks Becky but Cyclone turns super to scare him off. She chaos controls her and Becky to safety and Becky asks why she isn't social which Cyclone barely answers.

Jane to Night

"I can't forgive you for what you did!"

Cyclone bumps into her old cat friend, Joy who was on her way to a tennis match. Joy(Becky off screen telling Joy to do so) invites Cyclone to come with her. At the tennis match, some of her old friends and new friends happen to be there including Becky. The new friends introduce themselves and Cyclone tries to pick a fight with Shadow which Savannah interrupts. Cyclone looks into Savannah's eyes revealing something from her past life. She falls over after she looks away and Shydie catches her. Cyclone walks off.

Cyclone goes for a walks and sees Crime and his thugs harassing Becky. Cyclone interrupts but they take the emerald back and arrest her. Becky runs away into the forest. Becky finds her old friend Laora who knows a friend to help her out. Cyclone is told by their leader who claims to be Dutchess Night but looks like Jane the Cat their plan to destroy the SoniGals so they can receive revenge on "the cruel world who traded all respect for technology and abuse" so they can restart time making it her dream paradise. She says she only wants Cyclone to live though so they lock her up.

Cyclone escapes but instead of running, she tries to redeem Jane. This fails. Becky and Laora reach the house of Hannah and Rose. Rose wasn't home so they trusted Hannah to help them even though Hannah doesn't believe Cyclone is still alive. They gather the girls from the tennis match and they go to save Cyclone coming on time. Celia the Cat comes to avenge her grandmother. The girls figure out Jane intended to betray them the whole time. They accept that Jane is no more and try to fight Dutchess Night.

Honey and Amber

"It's up to us to save the world and if you keep fooling around, it will only be me"

Thinking they can defeat Night, they charge but Night unleashes a second form causing them to fall, even though Savannah puts up a good fight. Honey the Cat looking for someone infiltrates a headquarters. She finds Amber the Hedgecat who she seems to want to protect. They investigate the area to find that something has been stolen. Honey scans some dna which leads the two to Dutchess Night's castle.

After Cooler, Silver and Shadow get caught out trying to save the girls, Honey and Amber reach the headquarters saving them. Night "isn't in the mood" to fight them and teleports away so they save the others. (While Shydie befriends a robot named Scratch).

Split up

"Night! I want to see Luna!"

They reach Amber's house and they split up. Amber gets put in a different group which Honey hesitates to let happen. On the split up, Honey tries to get Luna and Kaelin to go back claiming that it's dangerous which fails. This leads to a slight argument. Night appears and tries to kill Kaelin which Hannah sacrifices herself for and she ends up in a coma.

Night kidnaps Luna so everyone splits up there. Celia and her group finds Terra and Shydie finds Scratch who helps them. They are told by Kaelin that Luna is with Night. This angers Amber and she runs after her. Off screen Kaelin and Celia's group are later ambushed by Crime and he uses his power for them to get tangled up by the branches of trees. Amber confronts Night but Luna was already consumed and turned into her dark form.

Controlled Luna attacks Amber and she gets caged. Celia who went after Amber runs in and finds her but Luna catches her. Riola and Laora find Amber and set her free. Riola tells the two to run back to the house, while she saves Celia. She fights Luna but due to Luna's given strength, she beats her in a close match. Crime requests Luna so she runs off with Crime. Riola takes the chance to save Celia and Midnight and Kate who were taken away before the events of it.

Luna and Crime attack Becky's group and they distract Becky and Cyclone with a tree so Crime can take Joy. Becky and Cyclone break free and are forced to retreat without knowledge where they took Joy. They find Kaelin and the others and Becky goes Black Ideya and saves them. Everyone returns back to Amber's house ashamed that Joy, Hannah and Luna have been injured.


"I've been through alot so trust me"

Terra looks at Hannah and says a miracle could only save Hannah. Cyclone tries to see if anything from her "other life" could help and risks her life looking into Savannah's eyes. Cyclone takes in too much and passes out. Becky, Savannah, Terra and Kaelin look after her discussing what she could've seen while the others go into the other room.

When Midnight is alone, Scratch consumes Midnight so he can get to Becky. The girls soon figure out that Cyclone has a sister and she wakes up. The two go out to look for Gemma and find the next base. They get ambushed by someone who puts explosive stuffed animals around them. Shydie gets knocked off the edge but Midnight/Scratch saves her. An old friend Linda, save the other but Shydie and Midnight get arrested.

Becky asks who Linda was and she reveals herself. It turns out Gemma, Kaelin's sister and Gemma formed an alliance with Linda. Kaelin reveals that Gemma and Rayman sacrificed themselves to Dutchess Night in order to protect Kaelin which was the first time she felt emotional pain. (Considering she is always energetic and smiling).

The robot who had emotion

"Goodbye scratch"

Shydie finds out the truth about Scratch and he releases Midnight from his control. Shydie helps her to see if she's ok and Night tells Scratch to kill them. He can't kill them because of the friendship he made with Shydie and disobeys orders. Night messes with his circuits and he turns against Shydie and Midnight. Shydie is forced to fight Scratch.

Shydie and Scratch's fight end up in the air and Shydie loses so she is forced to her last option which was destroying Scratch. She let them die together but Midnight saves Shydie unable to save Scratch who turns back right when Shydie made him self destruct. Midnight gets blown to safety and Shydie cries saying goodbye to Scratch.


"I knew you'd save me!"
—Joy, hugging Becky

desperate, Savannah calls her sister and her friends who were on vacation in Ellatopia. Crime murders two friends (With no names) and holds the others hostage (With Rayman). Becky is told by Crime via phone to turn on the tv where he framed them for murder and the disappearances of their friends making them fugitives.

They save their friends and Rayman but Linda gets poisoned in the process. Becky tells Cyclone and several others to take her back to Gemma where she heals her and Hannah. Becky's group find Shydie and Midnight telling her about Scratch. They each reach home and Joy (Under control) attacks Amber in her own home and drags Cooler outside. Becky helps him but she gets attacked. Gemma saves them and turns Joy back to normal.

Savannah's breaking point

"Well, if your a leader, then lead"

On an attempt to save Luna, Crime and Becky fight. An army out numbers her but everyone else comes in and fight. Crime loses so he uses his powers as a last resort to seal Shadow to another dimension of blue in front Savannah with him telling her to forget about him.

Savannah gets hurt by this and blames it on Becky. She then tells Becky that she keeps getting people hurt and that she should be leader. Savannah soon realizes what she said and regrets it running off thinking everything was lost. Hannah runs after her in the dark but gets knocked back by a tree. Hannah then realizes Crime was nearby and he kidnaps Savannah. Hannah runs back to tell the others.

Saving Savannah

"It was all my fault. If I hadn't sent Cyclone out on that mission, we wouldn't be here. Some leader I turned out to be. It really is too late. Defeat hurts. I got everyone hurt. And Night's going to destroy everyone."

Kaelin and Honey argue (This happens throughout the movie due to them both sharing a friendship with Amber) and Hannah runs in telling them about Savannah. Savannah is hooked up to a machine and is told that their weapon will be complete when they take her blue fire away from her. They drain half of it and leave when the others invade.

Stacy gets Becky's team caught and they end up behind a cell. Night comes to their cell to play with their heads. Night plays with Amber's necklace and makes fun of their old friendship when Night was Jane which Becky defends her for. Night says that Becky shouldn't have the responsibility to be leader of anything and tries to kill Amber which Becky stops her on. Night leaves Becky in doubt and she tells the others that Night was telling the truth. Cyclone yells at her telling her that it isn't true.

Thanks to Cyclone, Becky gets encouraged to save everyone but they realize they're still locked up. Mow saves Savannah but Night captures Mow. Joy and her group help out Becky and the group while Trinity and Gemma's group find each other finding the weapon is a giant brew. They get caught and try to take Gemma away to test out the brew. Joy saves her and stands up for herself in order to protect Gemma. Everyone else invades and a fight starts.

Night looks from up the stairs and Becky interrupts her. They fight. Crime tries to run away but Cyclone and Kaelin interrupt so they fight him. After a few back and fourths with the two fights, Cyclone and Kaelin vs Crime ends with Crime falling into the brew and Becky vs Night ends in a tie. The brew explodes upwards and Kaelin points out that Becky was up there.

Becky saves Night but Night runs off throwing Mow from the stairs but Trinity catches her. Becky runs after Night but she gets away. Crime transforms into a giant demon. Silver saves Gemma and she sacrifices herself to restore balance. Savannah lets them know this and tries to cheer them up but she fails to do so.

Final Battle

"Stop, Luna! I know that your not being taken over! Your just afraid that you can't make up for what you did because you already did enough! So you continue to let yourself be possesed! You have the power to regain control! Your just too afraid to! But your wrong! You haven't done anything wrong. It's not your fault. Believe me, I thought so too. But it's not true so don't give in!"

A week later, Night was about to accept defeat but Luna gives her the shadow emerald so Night can be powerful enough to rise up Chaos. In Savi's holiday house, they watch ultra chaos flooding the city. To prevent them getting hurt again, Becky goes to stop Night alone to a tower which had risen in the middle of Ellatopia. When she leaves, the others secretly go after her leaving Silver and Cooler behind. Becky finds the Shadow emerald but is attacked by Luna.

Everyone finds Becky locked up in chains and Becky gets mad that they came. Luna appears to attack Amber but Becky stops her. Becky then talks her out of hurting anybody and turns her back into Luna as the shadow emerald glowed. Some of the girls were transformed into their strongest forms. Aphrodite, Angel, Super Kaelin, Super Savannah, Super Linda, Dark Kate, Super Stacy and Super Luna go to fight Ultra chaos.

Cooler and Silver find Tikal and take her to the girls. Tikal tells them that chaos has transformed into Ultra chaos due to consuming the shadow emerald as well. Tikal tells them that the girls would be lucky to beat him with all of them put together. Amber encourages everyone to believe in them so they do finishing with Hannah (Who has doubts throughout the movie if everything would be alright).

They fight ultra chaos and appear to be losing. Cyclone gets an idea about something she was taught. A spell that would only work depending on how strong their bond is. If they combine their powers while charging towards it's eye while Savannah uses the blue fire, they could defeat Ultra chaos (Cannot slip up or instant death). They say that it was their only option but doubt they won't survive. Cyclone and Kaelin encourage them that they can do it. They try the move as everything goes white.


"We did it!"

Amber opens her eyes and sees that it is snowing and she looks at Hannah. They run to see if the girls are alright. Silver spies Gemma's ghost dissolving and everyone follows Amber and Hannah. Silver comes soon after Gemma fades into falling snow with a smile on her face.

Becky wakes up to see Cyclone holding out her hand with Savannah and Kaelin behind her. Becky gets up with Cyclone's hand and they all cheer that they did it. The others catch up and they watch Tikal and Chaos have peace. They watch Tikal take chaos into the sky once more departing them back to the afterlife.

Cooler congratulates the girls and Becky tears up (With joy) causing her to hug Cooler to hide the tears. Kate and David get reunited, Speedy and Crystal, Kaelin and Lemmy (With a gag of Rayman thinking she was going to hug him but she runs past him and hugs Lemmy causing him to get dumbfounded) and Crasher and Amber. Savi gets lonely and Cyclone and Celia find Zack for her.

Cyclone and Celia smile to see everyone happy. Savannah gets left out and she finds Shadow who was released because Crime's powers wore off. She cries and hugs Shadow relived he was still alive. They all wonder where Luna was and she comes from the bushes. Everyone starts to laugh and Joy hands her a mirror revealing a whole different look for her. She giggles and says that "She always thought blondes had more fun" and everyone smiles together.

Finally, Honey looks at how happy Amber was with them and looks at Kaelin saying "she wins". She smiles and turns. She walks off without anybody noticing but then stops. She looks behind herself saying goodbye to Amber, Smiles and walks off. Becky hears her and turns but sees that nobody was there.

Opening sequence

The opening sequence starts off with Becky and Cyclone walking down a path and then the title comes in. When the singer starts to sing, Becky and Cyclone are having a picnic. Then some characters get introduced. They fade into a white background and jump to the side happily and then fading out of the white background in the air. Kaelin comes to Becky and Cyclone's picnic where she stumbles. Savannah looks at the girls by a tree and Shadow coming from behind and putting his arm on her. As the chorus comes in, Cyclone uses aquakinesis against a tsunami. Kaelin fights Crime and he tries to punch her but Becky jumps in the way. Kaelin runs up to him but he teleports away so she picks up Becky (Injured) and stumble apon Cyclone. Riola fighting controlled Luna's silouhette in a lava cave of some kind with the two clashing their weapons (Riola, her sword scythe. Luna, her hammer) which ends in a tie. Then Amber appears on a windy hill and she grabs her hair with one hand and holds her necklace with the other. Then Gemma's silohuette is seen holding a locket with a picture of Becky and Cyclone in it which she closes. The next verse comes in and Night is seen in a black background with a large faded Jane behind her cleary meaning to be a memory. It acts like a still frame. Then the same happens with Savannah except she is imagining Shadow instead of Jane. backs turned the other side of each other. The same happens with Kaelin but she sees Claira and Rayman instead. Trinity puts her scythe over her shoulder with Midnight walking beside her. She reaches out her hand and Shydie grabs it with a new white background and Shydie lets go and jumps into the air with her eyes closed and her arms held out. Scratch in the background doing the same. Then Becky is seen in a black room with Night, backs turned the other side of each other.Night and Becky turn to each and hold out their arms. Night is hesitent but both girls eventually hold onto each other's arms but they instantly switch and become each other causing the chorus to come in. It shows Becky fighting a bunch of shadows and she almost gets hit by one from behind which Savannah destroys. Becky gets defeated by another later and it goes for the final blow but Kaelin freezes and destroys it before it has the chance. She gives a thumbs up and helps Becky up instantly throwing her forward. She fights more and gets knocked to the side by one which Cyclone defeats with her magic. Cyclone winks at her and Becky pauses and then she smiles. She continues while Cyclone is seen smiling. Becky runs up to Night and the two jump into the air hinting a fight. Laora is then seen fighting a dragon jumping on top of it, running down it's neck and slashing it's body by spinning a small macheti. Cyclone stands in a purple mansion with light blue tiles as a shadow of Gemma is seen on the side of the screen on the brighter side of the room. It's revealed (But Cyclone doesn't see) that it was Becky with Gemma's shadow. The opening ends with Amber and Hannah running to the girl's picnic. Amber catches her breathe and they smile at each other. Savannah is by the tree and the screen zooms out to see the girls having a picnic on a ledge (With water around, Savannah on another ledge by the water.

Ending Sequence

The ending sequence is Becky and Cyclone on a hill and then the screen goes to the air where the title is. A flash goes by and Becky walks down a path of some kind on the left side of the page (In a strangly hand drawn art style where everyone's color scheme is more dull and the outlines of the characters are slightly seen) when credits scroll on the right side of the page. Becky walks past the SoniGals and sometimes interact with them. When the chorus comes in, a flash goes by and Becky is seen running to fit the pasing of the music. When the next verse comes in, she goes back to walking (With another flash going by). This goes until she walks past Savannah who holds out her arm but fails to touch her. Amber and Hannah are seen on a bench (Surprisingly, the screen goes closer to them instead of focusing on Becky walking) and they wave. Then each of the main SoniGals's shadow silohuettes are seen with moments from the movie from their perspective. Then when the singer sings part of the chorus with no music in the background, Savannah looks down and her eyes narrow. She runs after Becky. The chorus comes in when Becky walks to Kaelin who spins her around the two walk (Surprisingly, Becky doesn't run this time) when Savannah finally touchesher shoulder and Becky turns to see her. The rest of the song was instrumental. They reach a ledge which Becky seems to be wanting to be. Kaelin and Savannah stay behind. Becky looks back at them and smiles. Then a flash goes by using the art style it usually does. She flies up the hill and Cyclone's back is turned. She turns around and sees her. The two smile at each other and on the sequence ends with them walking down the path back to the other art style.


Main Characters

  • Becky the Skyhog
  • Cyclone the Hedgehog
  • Kaelin the Hedgefox
  • Savannah the Lioness
  • Amber the Hedgecat
  • Hannah the Fox
  • Dutchess Night
  • Luna the Skyhog

Other Main Characters

  • Joy the Cat
  • Honey the Cat
  • Laora
  • Stacy
  • Mow the Cat
  • Celia the Cat
  • Shydie
  • Midnight the Rabbit
  • Crime the Echidna
  • Gemma the Hedgehog
  • Terra

Supporting main characters

  • Riola
  • Savi
  • Crystal the Hedgehog
  • Claira the Hedgecat
  • Linda the Cat
  • Cooler the Hedgehog
  • Kate Ice the Hedgehog
  • Trinity the Hedgehog

Supporting Characters

  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Rayman (Hedgehog form)
  • Scratch


  • Nightmare
  • Redspot the Bat
  • Jewell TH
  • Irma Hegine the Hedgehog
  • Lei the Panda
  • McKenzie the Hedgehog

Minor Characters

  • Crime's no named partner in crime
  • Gaurd (Which Stacy attacked)
  • Zack
  • David the Hedgehog
  • Crasher the Hedgehog
  • Speedy
  • News Reporter
  • Batty (Mentioned)


Amber's house theme:

Terranigma Remastered - Crystal Blue Extended w DL Link

Terranigma Remastered - Crystal Blue Extended w DL Link

Becky VS Night, Crime VS Cyclone and Kaelin theme, also Saving Savannah "montage" background music:

Black Bullet OP - Theme Song - Fripside LOOP

Black Bullet OP - Theme Song - Fripside LOOP

Prison cell (Of Night's headquarters) theme:

「ice ft

「ice ft. NicoNico Chorus」 - Theme of Puella Magi Vocal【Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica】

"Memories of Jane" theme:

Heartwarming Anime Ost The Legends Come to Life

Heartwarming Anime Ost The Legends Come to Life

Gemma's speech, and aftermath:

Heartwarming Anime Ost Konna Ni Chikaku De (Piano)

Heartwarming Anime Ost Konna Ni Chikaku De (Piano)

Tennis match theme:

Heartwarming Anime Ost Shizuka ne Ketsui

Heartwarming Anime Ost Shizuka ne Ketsui

Cyclone's speech:

Heartwarming Anime Ost Kaisouroku

Heartwarming Anime Ost Kaisouroku


Superchic(k) - Stand in the rain (Lyrics and a cute font!)

Superchic(k) - Stand in the rain (Lyrics and a cute font!)

Dutchess Night theme:

Homura Akemi's Theme

Homura Akemi's Theme

Crime and minion battle background music:

Sword Art Online "Fight!" Loop

Sword Art Online "Fight!" Loop

Night and Becky, confrontation and beginning of fight (Crime vs Kaelin and Cyclone beginning also included):

Most Epic OSTs Ever The Prophecy

Most Epic OSTs Ever The Prophecy

Final fight tranformation background theme:

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S Full -sister's noise- Fripside

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S Full -sister's noise- Fripside

VS Chaos background music:

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OST 2 3 Pressure

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OST 2 3 Pressure

Savannah breaks down background music:

To aru kagaku no Railgun S OST 4

To aru kagaku no Railgun S OST 4. Absolute Abilty Evolution Project

After Chaos fight, before credit theme background music:

Surely Someday - Miho Fukuhara

Surely Someday - Miho Fukuhara

Luna gives Night the Shadow Emerald she uses to summon chaos with:

RWBY "Red" Trailer (Instrumental)

RWBY "Red" Trailer (Instrumental)

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