Song Notes (Utago) are special dialects used mainly by the Hymmnos Clan in the usage of Song Magic. Each Note varies from Server to Server, each having its own special effect and unique factor integrated.

Song Notes are known to come in varieties, and each one may have its own grammar functions, its own vocabulary and phonology, and their own database of words.

Song Notes

Name Download Code Creator
Alvuren Craynel Allax
Ancient Em Pheyna Note Illusha Precielm
Archaic Plains Note Allexius, Craynel, Eolia, Erien, Shurelia, Tyria
Aria Note
Arka Note
Arlesong Note Shurelia Precielm
Carmena Formulena Exapico
Cielasong Note Erien Solveiln
Clusternia Note Shurelia Precielm
Concealed Dialssan Note
COR=TAV Tyria Ansul
Emotional Song Pact Allexius Trekt
Glorium Note
Goltarian Note
Jade Sky Note
Langolu Note Craynel, Shurelia
Neo El Dualian Note
Neolican Note
Neonova Note Erien, Eolia
Normus Note Xhalustenia
Outworld Note
Patra Variant Note
Reveris Note Nenesha Precielm
Revm Note Tenebross Lushabriet
Ryuggan Note Allexius, Tyria
SYS=VAR Allexius Trekt
Technolis Note
Torhevia Note
Traumaan Note
Ve'Cyel Altheumelia Xhileryna Precielm
Vitel Note Zalia
Xion Regimentation
Xiphagria Ionasal Horifalss
Xitheria Note Altheumelia Xhileryna Precielm
Zelveria Evalia


Archaic Plains Note

A widely used and popular Song Note. Also called the Vargirian Note.

Commandment of Soleia

Arlesong Note


Kurt Diel




Carmena Formulena

Cielasong Note

The second Song Note to be created after Normus Note. The main advantages of this Note is that it can have more than one emotional input within a sentence, and its increased singing speed rate, which reduces the amount of time taken singing. Another distinguishing factor of this Note is the Emotion Verbs and Emotion Sounds. It is also called the Infel Phira Note.

Clusternia Note



Generic β

Kurt Hymmnel






Emotional Song Pact

Emotional Song Pact is a language that utilizes the advantages of Synchronization. It was the first Song Note that was specifically designed for Genoms to use, but it is now also used, albeit rarely, by Reyvateils. However, it has been proven to be more powerful when sung with a Hymmnosen who has Synchronized with a Genom.


Langolu Note

Kiasha Note

Neo Note

A category of words in the Langolu Note designed to be used exclusively by Genoms.

Neonova Note



Auxiliary Proxy


Normus Note

The Normus Note is the first Song Note that came into existence along with the birth of the 1st Song Server, Ar Tonelico. Despite its antiquity, it still remains popular among Hymmnosens, mainly amongst younglings. Also called the Central Note or the Tonelico Note.


A recent Song Note Family that came into existence recently, due to its recent existence, it is a set of newly registered words created by Altheumelia which words have yet to be fully known and recorded.






A group of words created by the 1st Senator of Soleia, Shurelia. It is mainly used by Shurelia's descendants.


Ancient Metafalican

A group of ancient words that were created and used in the song Metafalica, it is now also used for other songs, and serves popular with acolytes and adult Hymmnosens.

Central Standard

Kurt Ciel



A group of words used by the creator of R.H.I.O.N., Rhion, its usage is extremely rare considering the popularity and high usage of the Normus and Reveris Notes.


An aggressive and viral Song Note that was created during the RACTA Crisis, it became nearly extinct when the virus RACTA, who was also its server, was destroyed. It is rarely used, due to its limited grammar and the little amount of knowledge about the note itself.


A programming language that was designed by REON, it was designed and purposed at the time of its creation to combat and repel the threats posed by the RACTA crisis, including RACTA00. Nowadays, it is still used mostly by scientists and librarians.

Reveris Note

Revm Note

Ryuggan Note

A Note used alongside SYS=VAR or COR=TAV in combination, it is mainly used by Syestine's population.



A variation of Carmena Formulena (Ra'Cielic), it was created by Altheumelia herself, and its usage is preferred for environmental-effect Spell Songs and Hymmnos Spells.

Vitel Note


Arpheno Delta


A group of words used to increase emotional output tremendously.

Rucce Vitel

A group of words that have gentle, comforting meanings and effects, created by Zalia during her childhood. They are the first group of words to be created for the Note, before the birth of Zarrow Vitel.

Zarrow Vitel

These words consist of angry and violent meanings, and created by Zalia after she had experienced traumatic events. These words are used mainly for offense-based Spell Songs.

Xitheria Note

A recently created Song Note that was created and designed by Altheumelia herself. It acts as a programming, energy-usage and environmental-cooperative dialect, proving itself to be an efficient and effective Song Note. It was popular among Genoms and now is popular among most of the Hymmnosen population in Elemia and Syestine. Despite its complex phonology, it proves highly useful and highly used, and has the advantage of an accelerated singing speed rate. One main factor that distinguishes this Note is the Concept Verbs.

Solaris Protocol

Song Servers

Name Address Access Code
Ar Tonelico 1182:0152^5622*9316 5x81>ARTO282015
Augusta Ciela 4x1^3^6>A2CA231
Aurum Zeta 5x3^2^>AMZA23261
Ciel Nosurge 5x45^2>CLNE312145
Cor Varda 4x3^1^2>CRVA31841
Crescent Chronicle 7x4:3^4>CTCE32035
Ethesecta 3x3^>EA51
Hartonhyke 6x:4^2>HE85
Infel Phira 3x1^4^>ILPA912161
Kapa Dilete 2x:1^51^>KADE345
Kiala Revm 2x52^>KARM4813
Master Registar 8x1^4^32^1>MR313183
Nostel 4x4^2>NL1412
Pantha Rhei 4x1^2:1^3>PARI16289
Patra Pauwel 6x1^2^1^4>PAPL162612
Public Domain 4x2^51^31>PCDN163414
Quon Desila 5x4:1^3>QNDA17181
Rhaska 2x4>RA181
Rootron 7x7>RN1814
Seirei 2x4>SI28
Sol Marta 4x2^32^>SLMA1912131
Soreil 3x6>SL1912
Technoliarsha 5x1^64^2>TA201
Yulerian 4x4>YN2514
Zelver Falia 3x3^5>ZRFA261861

Ar Tonelico

The first Song Server to have ever been born/created, it was created by the goddess Xhalustenia herself, and is classified as a ground-based Song Server, located in the Elemia Seas, and can only be accessed via Aethalaya's harbours.

  • Ardel Buffer Band
  • Blastline
  • Cielaserver::NORMUS
    • Support Program::NORMUS_BINASPHERE
    • Support Program::NORMUS_KURT=CIEL
  • Grathnode Discs
  • Ion Corridor
  • Ku
  • Rinkernator

Augusta Ciela

  • Cielaserver::ALVUREN

Aurum Zeta

  • Cielaserver::NEONOVA

Ciel Nosurge

  • Cielaserver::R.H.I.O.N

Cor Varda

  • Cielaserver::VITEL
    • Support Program::VITEL_ARPHENO=DELTA
    • Support Program::VITEL_INISPHERE
    • Support Program::VITEL_RUCCE
    • Support Program::VITEL_ZARROW

Crescent Chronicle

  • Cielaserver::TORHEVIA
    • Fusion Protocol::NORMUS


  • Cielaserver::XITHERIA_<=>_VE:CYEL


  • Cielaserver::EM=PHEYNA
    • Fusion Protocol::NORMUS_KURT=CIEL: This program feature allows the Ancient Em Pheyna Note to be compatible with the Kurt Ciel Family Words in the Normus Note when used.

Infel Phira

A sky-satellite-class Song Server, that is constantly in atmospheric orbit above Elemia. Its name is Normus for "Seed of Love".

  • Cielaserver::CIELASONG
    • Fusion Protocol::NORMUS(_exclude.ALPHA)
  • Deenelmaite Mode
  • Messela Mode
  • Metafalica Mode
  • Replekia Mode
  • Tornekia Mode

Kapa Dilete

  • Cielaserver::PATRA=VAR
    • Note Variation Program::CONCEALED_DIALSSAN
    • Note Variation Program::XION_REGIMENTATION

Kiala Revm

  • Cielaserver::OUTWORLD

Master Registar

  • Cielaserver::TRAUMAAN
    • Fusion Protocol::CIELASONG
    • Fusion Protocol::NORMUS


  • Cielaserver::GLORIUM
    • Note Variation Program::XIPHAGRIA

Pantha Rhei

  • Cielaserver::REVERIS
    • Fusion Protocol::NORMUS
    • Note Variation Program::REVM

Patra Pauwel

  • Cielaserver::NEO_EL=DUAL
    • Fusion Protocol::NORMUS
    • Note Variation Note::NEOLICAN

Public Domain

  • Cielaserver::TECHNOLIS
  • No-Control Policy

Quon Desila

  • Cielaserver::CLUSTERNIA


  • Cielaserver::TEK=RIAFA


  • Cielaserver::REON


  • Cielaserver::LANGOLU
    • Support Program::LANGOLU_KIASHA
    • Support Program::LANGOLU_NEO
  • Elemental Nuclei: Seirei is composed of several sub-nucleus Cores that form up the network and system of itself. Each Nuclei Core represents and embodies an element of its respectful environment and surroundings.
    • Iadlast
    • Iadlicae
    • Illyusea
    • Kiols
    • Phinambrea
    • Pyraszyec
    • Terrasch

Sol Marta

  • Cielaserver::ARLESONG
    • Note Variation Program::KAIONBA


  • Cielaserver::ESP
    • Note Variation Program::ARIA


  • Cielaserver::SYS=VAR
    • Note Variation Program::COR=TAV
    • Note Variation Program::RYUGGAN



  • Cielaserver::ARCHAIC_PLAINS
    • Fusion Protocol::NORMUS
    • Note Variation Program::ARKA
    • Note Variation Program::JADE=SKY

Zelver Valia

  • Cielaserver::ZELVERIA
    • Note Variation Program::GOLTARIAN
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