Not to be confused with Zyion The Feral, who is a feral cat.

Soner the Feral Thylacine

Biographical Information
  • Somewhere between 10-15
Physical Description
  • Feral Thylacine
  • Male
  • Fur: Red/White/Orange (mixture)
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Skin: Red
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • His claws and teeth
Other Information
Original Creator


Soner is quite a serious canine. He usually takes everything as a personal idea, including being very territorial. Though-while serious most of the time-he is quite humorous, making funny, yet crude jokes. He does get quite confused, due to him losing his prior personality when being transported to a different dimension.

Abilities and Weaknesses

Soner's abilities mostly include scratching and biting, which is his true self-defense. He is very agile and fast, which increases when running on all fours.

Soner cannot Multitask, which makes everything hard for him, mostly. His humor can get too out of hand, often, and he will become timid. He also portrays a very rude (and sometimes fearful) personality towards cats and cat-like characters.


  • The dimension he came from was probably similar to the Silent Hill dimension.
  • "Soner" means "last man" in Turkish.
  • He is notably more friendly than the Silent Hill version of the Feral.
  • He can seem more like a cat, than a dog. Usually through purrs, hisses, and walking around on all fours like a cat.
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