Sonaze The Hedgecat

The latest CopyCat of Dr. Eggman.


Sonaze looks very similar to Sonic, but also has some appearance traits from Blaze, like the eye shape. She wears gloves that are similar to Sonic's, but are frayed out at the upper tips. Her shoes are also a combination of Sonic's and Blaze's.


Sonaze is a cheeky, stubborn, but also energetic 14 year-old Hedgecat, who has a soft spot for speed and fire. She really doesn't like it be called "Kitty" or something similar like that, for whatever reason she has, it makes her angry and also blushing a bit, if she's called so. She also can be scared very hard, if she's near water or in great heights, as she's afraid of water and heights. Even Ghosts scare her, but she didn't tell(and won't) anyone about this.


Sonaze was created several months after the events of Sonic Rush Adventure. Eggman named her creation process Project: "S.P.E.E.D.F.L.A.M.E.". After her first release, she soon became a problem to her creator, as she showed a grudge against him, due her Heoric personality, which is also part of Sonic's own. She left the lab she was created in, telling Eggman, that she'll come back some day. With no good intentions towards him.


Sonaze has pyrokinetics, aerokinetics and also a very low control over Cosmic powers. Most of her pyrokinetic and aerokinetic powers were taught to her by Sonic and Blaze, but some are also selftaught. She can't use her Cosmic powers yet, but they're there. She can also transform into a combination of Burning and Super form, but to do so, she needs the 7 Chaos Emeralds and the Sol Emeralds.

Special Abilities

She has a keen vision and hearing sense, yet she's bad at listening to someone, if she puts her mind towards a specific goal of hers.


She's skilled in acrobatics and is naturally fast. She's learning to use melee weapons, like a Katana.


Sonaze has a great fear of heights, water and ghosts. She also can get too cocky sometimes and is pretty stubborn and impatient as well. As she also has the problem, that she can't listen to others so well, she often gets into danger.


"Alright! I'm ready!" - when selected

"Told Ya so!" - getting an S/A Rank

"Nice!" - getting a B Rank

"Still good... I guess" - getting a C Rank

"Um..." - getting a D Rank

"Can't get worse!" getting an E Rank

"Ready to race?" when starting a Race in Sonic Riders

"Sorry!" passing someone

"I'm the best!" getting the 1st place

"Pretty Good!" getting the 2nd/ 3rd place

"No! Not like this!" getting the 4th/lower place

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