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Somnus the Mad

Biographical Information


  • Ominisa the hedgehog(twin sister)(Anti-Onychinus)
  • Somnus the hedgehog
  • Anti-Morpheus
  • Creep(by most,If not all) women who reject him)
Romantic InterestsN/A( Either doesn't remember or gets his but kicked by the taken girl's boyfriends)
  • Beating Morpheus(or anyone for that matter)
  • Getting rejected by a girl
  • Being beaten by Morpheus(or anyone for that matter)
Physical Description
SpeciesMoebian/ hedgehog/ Artificial experiment
  •  Black segmented Wrist Rings with spikes on the segments.
  • Black segmented Ankle rings with spikes on the segments
  • Eye patch 
Political Alignment and Abilities 
  • Himself

Morpheus the hedgehog(arch-rival, and arch-enemy)

  • A machete made from a helicopter blade
  • Anarchy powers
Super Forms
  • Super Somnus
  • Anarchy Somnus
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.N/A
Theme Song(s)
Alternate Selves

Somourana(Gender bender counterpart)

Morpheus the hedgehog(Mobian counterpart)

Appearancesnone so far
Original CreatorSonsofchaos(now named FroZenHyBrid)


Physical Appearance

Somnus is a deep gray, slightly darker than Morpheus's own fur color. He has two quills with one of them having removed due to the explosion he caused. His sclera was also permanently stained gray with the irises being blue. He also has a scar running from his cheek to the bottom of his muzzle. Though when this features are obscured he can still be mistaken for Morpheus, usually using this to his advantage.


Somnus wears a white jacket with the sleeves being ruined. He rarely wears it like morpheus though,usually wearing it like a cape. He wears red pants with black markings on the pants leg. He also wears gray gloves with silver tips on them, the rings on them are segmented with spikes on the surface of each segment. He also tends to wear an eyepatch to hide his energy and to suppress his anarchy form.


Somnus is power-hungry, intent on conquering his world and Morpheus' as well. He also shows a little bit of psychosis, and whereas Morpheus is a gentlemen of sorts, Somnus is a womanizer and admits to enjoying it. He also has a ego problem believing him to be stronger than Morpheus, as well as even Shadow. He also hates being rejected by women and will not let up on them no matter what happens. He also gets sick from recognititon he earned when he's forced to fight alongside the side of good(preferrably), instead prefering to gain recognition from fear, respect, and strangely hatred. But even he has standards as he WILL NOT HIT ON LITTLE GIRLS.


The ultimate assassin.. or monster?

Somnus the mad, or at the time Somnus the hedgehog was born to be the Ultimate Assassin. However when Somnus was released, the creator could immediately tell something was wrong. The doctor soon tried to destroy his abomination, but Somnus was awake already and destroyed his base, inadvertantly and unknowingly releasing his twin sister. The scientist survived however and managed to trick somnus into a small chamber(his sister's chamber) and sealed it off, while activatings the room's stasis lock. somnus would remain here until a small group of people came to see what the base was. They saw the hatch and accidently opened it releasing the monstrosity back into the world, along with some company.

Brother and Sister, causing Anarchy


Somnus can control Apocalypse and Anarchy energy. 

Special Abilities


Anarchy Whip: His own version of Chaos lash, though it is a twisted,horrible version of it. He summons a black whip and uses it to torture prisoners or to fight against Morpheus.

Anarchy Bond: Somnus can merge his anarchy energy with that of other Moebians, allowing him to use them as batteries or shields.

Anarchy shatter: A move that Somnus has maaged to make based off of the Chaos blast technique. When he uses the Anarchy shatter he can solidify his anarchy power and than 'shatter' it sending the pieces, razor sharp anarchy shards, and a pulse of black anarchy to injure anyone caught in the crossfire. This move is called the Anarchy bomb when he enters his super state.


Somnus' ego can usually lead him into falling for a trap if his button's are pushed the right way. He can also be tricked into traps by any kind of woman.  Another weakness( Said by him) Is when Morpheus sprays him with amnesia gas and makes him forget about women he hits on, preventing him from stalking them.


Super Somnus: His super form. His eyes turn black, with the irises turning a dull purple. His fur darkens into a dull gray. His ankle and wrist rings turna murky purple and his powers increase to Morpheus' super strength maybe even greater. He can maintain this form longer than Morpheus and may possibly be stronger. However since this is a moebian super state when he depowers he loses connection to his anarchy powers and he loses what is left of his stamina and strength. And his eye patch turns purple.

Anarchy Somnus: when Somnus removes his eye patch his fur and clothing darken to the point of being black with his body coursing with anarchy energy.


"I only go after girls older than eighteen I swear."

"I hat being a hero, villainy is cooler."



Morpheus the hedgehog: They can't stand each other, they want each other dead and they both have totally different goals, though Morpheus' goals consist of stopping Somnus' own goals.

Scarr the hedgehog: They are the best of friends, being almost alike in almost every way. This is ironic considering who Scarr's father is. They do tend to fight though, usually over a woman or other.

Streak the hedgehog: Somnus sickens Streak, he hates everything about him, and Somnus feels the feeling is completely mutual.

Ominisa the hedgehog: His twin sister. He accidently mistook her for a normal moebian female and accidentally flirted with her. He was pretty much frightened by this and takes care not to do it again. Though he dislikes her with a strong passion.

Obsidian Dionis: They despise each other only working together by being forced.


Scourge the hedgehog: Somnus used to look up to him, right until Somnus decided to try to take over Moebius. Since than the two have been enemies and have shared equal defeats by each other's hands every time they fight.

Sonic the hedgehog:(if even scourge hates Somnus, what do you think Sonic would think?)

Shadow the hedgehog: Shadow cannot believe that Somnus is the alternate self to Morpheus. He hates him.


Somnus and Obsidian can't stand each other, despite the fact that they're both pretty similar to each other.

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