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This is an article about Solomon The Tiger, a character created by TheHook1 on 01/17/2016.

With the ability to resurrect from anything, Solomon The Tiger possesses several lifetimes worth of experience. He seeks to ever expand this knowledge by experimenting on the people of Mobius, looking to understand the mysteries of the universe. He hides these activities behind the massive chemical/pharmaceutical company Panacea Enterprises.


Solomon stands 3'5" with an incredibly thin frame. He has short, retractable claws and two large fangs protruding down from his mouth to his chin. His fur is a tan/orange color with small black spots like a cheetah. He has a fluffy stub of a tail that resembles a lynx's. His eyes are bright blue and have slit pupils.

He normally wears a simple black dress suit and carries a small sword-cane.


In the public eye, Solomon Deveron Jr. is the charismatic yet eccentric new head of Panacea Enterprises. A skilled speaker, selfless humanitarian, and shrewd businessman who possesses an unshakeable confidence and an amazing capacity for empathy.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. In reality, Solomon cares little for the people of Mobius or material things. Centuries of living and dying have completely desensitized him to the pain and suffering of others. To him, Mobians are either entertaining pets, experiment fodder, or unsavory vermin.

Due to his resurrection ability and vast resources, Solomon tends to take very little seriously and is prone to boredom and laziness. He occasionally flamboyant behavior and hedonistic tendencies are just extensions of this. The only thing he truly cares about is expanding his knowledge by any means necessary. As such, he treats the world like his personal laboratory, where he can experiment freely on the unsuspecting populace.


"Solomon" was most likely born during the last great ice age. It was sometime during this period that his gift of resurrection also developed. He personally remembers little of his life prior to the birth of ancient Greece, since it was during this time the method of loci was invented, allowing him to start memorizing everything he saw. He had initially spent his many lives trying to find a way to permanently die, deeming his pseudo-immortality was a horrible curse. Around the Dark ages, however, Solomon gave up on trying die. Instead, he dedicated his lives to the pursuit of knowledge, having already built up an immense mental storehouse of knowledge. He has since spent the bulk of his time trying to learn as much as possible and unravel the secrets of the universe. He mainly does this by manipulating and experimenting on the people of Mobius. His most recent persona is "Solomon Deveron Jr." the estranged son of his previous persona, back to take over the family chemical company; Panacea Enterprises.


  • Resurrection: For as long as he could remember, everytime Solomon has died, his body regenerated back to his eighteen year form. Even if reduced to subatomic matter, he will always return from death. This process usually takes no more than an hour to complete, and he suffers no ill side effects for it.
  • Sabertooth Cat Physiology: Solomon has incredibly powerful and focused senses, including night vision. He also sports above average strength, agility, and reflexes, along with retractable claws and massive fangs.


Thousands of years of living has led to Solomon developing a wide range of skills. He speaks and reads thousands of languages fluently, even several dead languages, and understands numerous foreign cultures. He is an expert tactician and strategist, both from reading and actually participating in various conflicts throughout history. This also gives him skills with various kinds of weapons and hand to hand combat styles from all over the world. His strangest abilities, however, are in reading and manipulating people.


Solomon's biggest weakness is that he is, functionally, a normal mortal Mobian. Anything that can kill, harm, or incapacitate a normal person works just as well on him. He even ages just like normal Mobians, the only difference is that he will return to life when killed. Also, Solomon lacks any unnatural abilities like kinesis or magic, making him highly vulnerable to people with supernatural powers. In addition, due to his regeneration, Solomon is incredibly arrogant and nonchalant. He can greatly underestimate his opponents and overlook key details in his plans.


  • Swordcane: A small, razor sharp straight sword hidden inside a walking cane. The weapon and cane are made of a light and strong metal alloy Solomon himself discovered.








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