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"No matter how you drop me, I'll always land on my feet."

-Solomon's catchphrase

"Perspective changes when something you idolize tries to kill you."

-Solomon in CBS


Body and Facial Features

Most of his body, with the exception of some tan fur on his chest, is brick red. Solomon also has a black streak of hair between his ears that go just below his brow to the back of his neck, which he put into a ponytail. The long hair is the sign of a warrior from the clan he was raised in. His muzzle is tan and has some thick whiskers growing on the sides. One of Solomon's more prominent features are his bright grey/blue/green eyes, which are like the ocean.

He is tall for a Mobian, standing four feet in height. His exercise habits, metabolism, and height also make him very fit yet skinny. Some who haven't seen him eat would say his is malnourished.


Saari Attire

Solomon is almost always seen wearing a black long sleeved fleece jacket with the collar popped up and a red segment going down each arm. his undershirt is a simple white T-Shirt. His pants are dark blue jeans with the colors fading at the knees. His footwear consists of two brown combat boots, which he has worn since his service in the war. One thing that stands out is a necklace holding a silver medallion with the shape of a fierce bobcat head chiseled into it.

Central City Attire

After moving to the big city, Solomon traded his fleece polo and white T for a gray/blue tight-fitted hoodie and a random graphic T-shirt. He kept his blue jeans but threw out his old combat boots for a pair of black non-slip sneakers, which, after some recommendations from his wife, he traded for white shoes with deployable skates. He still wears his old medallion in memory of his mother.


He is dedicated to the defense of his homeland, even if most of the populace hates his kind. His main goal in life is to see that his home is free of any hatred towards his people by unconditionally coming to the aid of the inhabitants. His calmness and restraint make him the polar opposite of his best friend, Jason, who wants the humans to pay for making him a pariah. Some say his silence is with reason, as it seems Solomon holds a great weight upon his shoulders.

Solomon desires to find peace without the need for bloodshed. Despite his claws and grapple hooks, he never goes for the kill. The only time he has killed intelligent beings was when he and several others fought intelligent dinosaurs while trapped on an island, and he was unaware of heir intelligence. The main reason he doesn't want to shed blood is because he feels it will set him on a path his father tried to force Solomon onto. The last thing Solomon wants is to become his father, a monster in Mobian form.

Even though he is unwanted by a large sum of humans on Saari, Solomon loves talking to others, and others like talking to him. He's the guy walking on the street who will pay heed and aknowledge the existence of everyone he passes by. No one feels unwelcome when Solomon is around. When it comes to people he has befriended, he feels like it is his service to guard them and keep them safe from harm. For some, Solomon appears to be the clingy type because of this.

Solomon is not the pinnacle of Mobian-kind, though. He has lost his temper several times, usually in the presence of an evil creature content with its wrongdoings, or if he feels he has failed in some way. One example of the latter is when he tried flirting with a girl and ended up making himself look the fool. He walked off and punched a full grown tree until it fell over.

Recently, he has shown to have an intense fear of blood, at least large amount of blood and gore. If exposed to it, he becomes savage and his father's teachings kick in. This gives him yet another reason to never go for the kill.


Early Life

was born on an island far away from the rest of Mobius, where humans treat the intelligent animals of Mobius like trash. He lived in a secluded village far away from the main city and was raised by a loving mother and an overbearing father, who wanted to train Solomon to become the greatest killing machine of his kind. When Solomon failed to deliver, his father cast him out to die in the slums of the city. When he went back to confront his father, the village was being burned to the ground by his own father, who went on a rampage after he exiled his son. This fired claimed Solomon's mother and the rest of the village. Solomon, fueled by anger and his father's aggressive teachings, he beat his father within an inch of his life and left him to burn. With his back to the flames, Solomon found an amulet belonging to his mother with the symbol of his clan on it inscribed in stone. He wears it around his neck to this day.

Teenage Years

He was lost. Solomon felt that he had no where else to go except the military life. At the young age of 14, he faked his age (he was tall enough already to pass as an adult) and joined a group of Mobians dedicated to bringing down human rule. Solomon kept quiet about it, but he saw no difference in this faction and the humans. Two years later, in his first and last battle, he found a wounded human, who did not show any hatred for Solomon or the Mobians. He and the human hid in a cave for days, telling each other stories about how they got into the military life. Solomon related to the human. He also had an overbearing father who forced him into the military. When they were found, it was by a human scouting party. Solomon knew then that the rest of the Mobian army was gone, either dead or captured. He surrendered, only to find out that the soldier he hid with was a high ranking officer. The officer pardoned Solomon and offered him a home in the city, an apartment where other Mobians lived. Solomon agreed and adapted to the city life. The apartments is where he met his best friend, Jason The Echidna. They immediately became good friends, mainly due to the fact they shared a room. Solomon did odd jobs while Jason worked taking out garbage and doing other shady business. That was when Solomon encountered Doctor Tangent.

Tangent waged a personal war on the city with an army of robots, but the attacks were small and not commonplace enough for military action. The mayor of the city, the very same officer Solomon rescued, gave Solomon the job of eliminating Tangent as a threat by stopping him and/or taking out the numerous factories scattered throughout the land. Solomon accepted the job without question.

Other than protecting the city he held so dear, Solomon got another reason to continue his "work" when Jason was arrested for assaulting a human after being the recipient of a racial slur. When Jason was put under house arrest, the mayor promised to release him after Solomon has dealt with Doctor Tangent. Solomon still fights Tangent, and Tangent recognizes Solomon as his nemesis. They stop at nothing to find who is the other's better. Around this time, Solomon decided to tinker with some of the garbage Jason brought home, even making twin grapple hooks that can be shot out of his sleeves, amplifying his agility.

War Against Tangent

Solomon and Tangent fought for three years, staying in a frustrating stalemate for all that time. Solomon would come home, scratched and bruised, wanting nothing more than a night's rest only to wake up three hours later because of another Tangent attack of some sort. The doctor's time and resources seemed limitless. He sent wave after wave of robots to harass the city of Jericho or to defend his factories, which were popping out of thin air, according to some conspiracy theorists. One day, after reporting to the mayor, Solomon started talking to the Mayor's attorney, a Mobian girl. Solomon developed a sort of crush on her, and he finally got the courage to say something to her until he found her, huddled up in the corner of a broom closet. They talked for a while, the girl shedding tears as she told a tale of the mayor's dark side. It was full of exploitation, corruption, and awful, dreadful desires. The mayor found them, and Solomon and Jason were arrested. While in prison, they were contacted by Tangent via hologram delivered by Vanguard. Tangent mercilessly showed them the fate of the girl. It was, the very least, tragic. The mayor showed himself to be more than just a corrupt, wanting creature. He became a sadist, a monster. A murderer.

Tangent had Vanguard free them, as they all had a common goal of getting rid of the mayor. The three stormed the mayor's office. They fought fully armed security and even bipedal tanks. They successfully made it to the mayor, where Solomon was very ready to end his life, only to be dissuaded by, of all people, Jason. He reminded Solomon of his duty to the city and Mobians, so Solomon spared him. He instead escorted him outside, where his crimes would be revealed to the world. However, Tangent was a step ahead. He hired an assassin, Turncoat, to end the mayor. He did with a headshot from a silenced pistol in the middle of the screaming crowd. Solomon tried chasing the killer down, but Turncoat blended in and vanished.

Solomon had to deal with a crumbling city. Then, he was hit with an epiphany: Tangent wanted the city to eat itself, to rot from the inside out. The doctor planned to walk into a city full of corpses and cowards. Solomon decided that he has been letting Tangent run free for too long. He used Vanguard to track Tangent to an underground fortress, where he had to deal with robots, traps, and The Think Tank, who was mad, armed to the metaphorical teeth, and rather hilarious. After beating him, he finally confronted the mad doctor. In a long plea for mercy, he told Solomon his entire story. The Think Tank was Tangent's brother, why he launched the nukes, and the fact Tangent himself was an biological abomination to society. His mother and father were not the same species. They were drunks, gamblers, and thieves. Tangent revealed his demented face and shot himself in the head, ending a war that almost broke Solomon.

The Fall of Jericho

To be added soon

A New Home

After he and several others escaped Jericho, Solomon took a boat to Central City, hiding his grief and heavy drinking from Jason's flask as best as he could. Upon arrival, he enjoyed some pizza and drug-busting with a vigilante by the name of Red, now a simple living boy named Yu. They fought crime bosses and stopped petty theft attempts, forming a bond with each other and becoming more like brother figures to each other. Solomon also ran into a familiar demon, one of the people who escaped Saari with him. Solomon now lived with the demon, known as Eden, for a time. He continued his vigilante work, perched atop buildings looking over dark alleys.

Despite this, he never got paid for his crime fighting and decided to get a job. That was when he met Dodger, a dingo that owned a ranch in the outskirts of the city. She let Solomon work there as an extra set of hands, even giving him his own cabin. Soon enough, Solomon grew fond of her, and they began to date. For the first time since Jason's death, Solomon didn't feel alone. Dodger even helped Solomon quit drinking, though he kept the flask.


Some time on the ranch passed when Solomon's sister, Miriam arrived to keep an eye on her brother. despite the resemblance, Solomon wasn't aware he had a sibling and it stayed like that for some time. The brother and sister got along, but Solomon was more keen on spending time with his girlfriend while Miriam secretly kept watch over the ranch, waiting for the worst to come.

After a year of dating, Solomon proposed to Dodger and they became engaged. During this time, Dodger's brother Marshall decided to pay a visit. At first, Solomon showed hostility towards the newcomer, not knowing his motives. This somehow led to Miriam putting laxative in his coffee, which Solomon found hilarious. Marshall's plan for Solomon was to make him go through rigorous training to make sure he was ready for the responsibilities. This involved fake bomb rescues, hundreds of drills, and gallons of sweat. Given his break from vigilante work, Solomon barely kept up, no longer in his prime. He did get a pass, though, by the skin of his teeth. months later, Dodger and Solomon married.

Every high point in someone's life always ends with a crash. Solomon's was his father. He arrived with numerous deadly weapons in hand. When Marshall and Saul began to fight, Solomon found himself unable to help. His father revealed that Solomon was put through mental conditioning as a child, and could only fight Saul when no one else was left, meaning all other opposition was dead. Solomon never got the chance to fight though. Marshall took a knife to the gut in order to lure Saul into a trap. Dodger fired through the main house of the ranch and shot Saul through the head, killing him instantly.

The ordeal caused Solomon some stress to say the least, and he went back to drinking in secret, once again using Jason's flask. His wife has not found out yet, but the truth always tends to find ways to reveal itself, whether or not anyone is prepared.


Solomon has none.

Special Abilities

  • Cat eyes (can see in dimly lit areas and total darkness)
  • Super speed (30 km/h)
  • Super agility (Catlike reflexes and ability to jump 10 meters into the air)
  • Razor sharp claws


  • Larger than average IQ (adept at calculus and can create weapons and simple machinery from garbage).
  • Impressive hand-to-hand combat abilities
  • can scale walls and cliffs with ease


Over time, Solomon has equipped himself with a wide range of gadgets he assembled himself. These are all nonlethal and their purpose in combat is to either help him escape or avoid a confrontation or to clear the gap between him and a target.

  • His wrist-mounted grappling hooks. They work under a pulley system. A bending piece of metal holds the hook back and stores a large amount of force. When activated, the metal moves out of place and the hook is launched forward.
  • Smoke bombs. These round metal grenades explode on impact if it hits a surface or person with enough force. It also creates a flash of light along with said smoke.
  • EMP laser pointer. Stolen from Tangent's lab, this overloads some smaller electronic devices like cameras and energy-based firearms. It can also overload most artificial light sources, allowing Solomon to sneak in the darkness.


He cannot and will not take a life. He has kept this single rule his entire life, despite everything. His sentimentality and love towards his friends and family can be used to his enemies' advantage, and his fear of blood should also be noted as a potential phobia to exploit.


  • Solomon is named after the wise king of The Bible. He is known for having the clean hands his father and former king lacked to build the temple of God.
  • Solomon, like his creator, has a fondness for potatoes.
  • His birthday is on March 8th.
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