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Cquote1 So, this is what the world looked like before Iblis? I never would’ve thought that something this beautiful even existed... Cquote2
Solis upon arriving in the past, Silver: Stage 2 - Back to the Past

As long as hope remains, Solis Magna will always take a stand for the world, even when she knows little about it. She is close friends with Silver the Hedgehog, who she is indebted to for being the only person who showed her any kindness when she found herself in the devastated world and has stuck by his side since.

Solis is a major character in Flames of Fate and Destined Dark, in which she appears most prominently in Episode Silver: Ashes of Despair, where she and Silver have been trying to survive a world devastated by the 'Flames of Disaster' known as Iblis when a possible solution of putting an end to it all presents itself...


Solis is a Mobian lioness standing at four feet, four inches and sporting a lean physique. Her body is covered in a coat of orange-red fur, while she sports a golden yellow mane that reaches her lower back, though the locks on the sides of her head only reach her shoulders, and she sports a light orange muzzle - at the center of which is a small triangular nose. She also sports a set of crimson red eyes, as well as streaks around her arms and back and a tip on her tail that sports a golden yellow coloration.

Her outfit consists of a plain white, form-fitting tank top underneath a black, one-sleeved longcoat that leaves her midriff area exposed and sports gold accents, greyish-white trims and a matching, fuzzy cuff on the sleeve, a pair of black, knee-length trousers held up by an orange-brown sash worn around her waist as a belt. She also sports a pair of white slippers that resemble a mule slipper, though they appear sport small heels, and a slightly-loose golden bangle on her right wrist.


Solis is generally known to be a kind and gentle individual, albeit one who is not afraid to put her foot down when it counts. Though born into a world long-devastated by a destructive force that can seemingly never truly be destroyed, she still maintains the strength of will to stay optimistic and hopeful that a brighter tomorrow is out there somewhere. It is because of this that she still chooses to fight the good fight until the bitter end, even when everything seems hopeless.

Meanwhile, in spite of the generally-warm aura about her, Solis sports a slight hint of dry humor and wit in her and is unafraid of dishing out a quick quip when an opportunity presents itself, even if it comes at another’s expense. This may be due to her noticeable lack of social experience and naivete in regards to interacting with others, which may or may not be because of how she appeared out of nowhere long after Iblis had destroyed the world and thus not being trusted by the rest of the few remaining denizens in the future apart from Silver himself.

On the flipside, she is also fairly level-headed and, between herself and Silver, is more likely to ponder upon a situation first before acting. This is hinted at by her not immediately beginning to look for whoever or wherever the Iblis Trigger could be and instead taking into account the deeper implications of what their actions in the past could result to when she had some peace of mind for once. This same trait does make her fairly indecisive and unsure at times, unfortunately.

In relation to that, while she shows little hesitation in slaying Iblis and its numerous spawn in her future, she somewhat abhors the thought of having to kill another person in order to fulfill the mission - a direct contrast to Silver not even questioning whether doing so really would save the future due to him being overcome by desperation and anger. By proxy, she also has exhibited a level of distrust towards Mephiles for ironically the exact same reason people don’t trust her.

Despite all of her occasional doubts, Solis is a courageous and brave soul when the chips are down and, once she’s finally made up her mind, will not back down from what she determines to be the right path and will fight for justice and all that is good.


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  • Silver the Hedgehog - just about the only friend she has, since he alone was the only one who showed her any semblance of kindness, Solis followed Silver’s lead and has stayed by his side for quite some time. However, after having been split apart upon travelling to the past, some differences between them begin to become apparent...


  • Mephiles - though he did provide them the opportunity to fix what went wrong, Solis doesn’t quite trust Mephiles - ironically for the same reason the few remaining denizens in the future she has met don’t trust her.


  • Iblis - as the infernal entity who ravaged the world, Solis has spent most of her existence fighting Iblis alongside Silver with no visible progress towards taking him down for good until Mephiles came along.

Powers and Abilities

Solis sports the ability of heliokinesis, allowing her to manipulate the very energy that the sun exudes. However, just about her only application of this power is to manipulate the sun’s immense heat and flames, allowing her to create constructs of solar energy such as her signature Star-Blade, which she wields as a powerful melee weapon in combat, launch forth a fiery projectile that she dubs the Comet Flare, among others. Her only other application of her powers thus far is to heal any wounds that anyone may have sustained to an extent.

Meanwhile, Solis sports an impressive physical condition. She is notably nimble and quick on her feet, only her to get around rather quickly with very little difficulty and move around the enemy with grace, both proactively to flank them and reactively to evade incoming blows. She is also strong and durable enough to last in an actual fight, especially when facing multiple foes at once. She also sports some level of resistance towards fire, making her an especially-valuable asset against foes who greatly utilize the element, such as Iblis.


At first glance, there don’t appear to be a whole lot of obvious weaknesses in Solis’ fighting style. Just about her only visible flaw in combat is that she has no particular specialization in fighting, meaning that facing opponents with a stronger emphasis on a certain aspect of combat may ultimately overwhelm her if she is careless. Her only other real flaw in a fight is that she’s rather unfamiliar with the true nature of her powers and, as such, has rather limited usage of it.

On the flipside, for all of her good qualities, she is rather problematic in regards to many things outside of fighting. Having not been around the world for not even as long as even Silver, Solis is fairly inexperienced when it comes to social interaction, as mentioned before. Having been regarded as untrustworthy by the few other people she has met before meeting Silver doesn’t help matters. In addition, also as mentioned earlier, while her level-headedness and tendency to think before acting is normally a good trait, it can make her rather indecisive and unsure of what to do at times due to spending too much time trying to think rather than actually doing something.


  • Solis is essentially a heavy retooling of another character, Sol the Lion, who essentially served a similar role in Sonic Adventure 3: Evolution, an earlier project done by Crimson in collaboration with Mantis several years earlier that was an adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) in itself and no longer exists on the wiki.
    • Of course, it should go without mentioning that Solis basically replaces Blaze in Flames of Fate and Destined Dark for the same reason Crimson created Sol in SA3:E - that reason being that he doesn’t subscribe to any theory as to how Blaze could have possibly been in Sonic 06 while tying it to Sonic Rush and its sequel.
  • Yes, I got that “hope is the last thing to die” quote from someone else - specifically, I got it from a few of the Devil May Cry fan comics made by karaii on DeviantArt, like this one, for instance... I just find it a good quote, okay?
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