Solidarity is the true final stage/boss in the game Sonic Advance X.


Sonic and Shadow, after collecting the 7 Chaos Emeralds, transform into their super forms and head to space to defeat the Egg Daredevil, a massive robot created by Dr. Eggman and Snively together. Super Sonic and Super Shadow must defeat the sinister duo and save the captured Chao. The massive robot emerges from Dr. Eggman and Snively's space station ready for battle. After the fight, the robot is destroyed and the Chao are free. The villains flee back to their space station but is destroyed by the debri of their own creation.


Like all final stages in the previous Sonic Advance installments, the final battle takes place in outer space. The


player can switch characters during gameplay, Super Sonic or Super Shadow, each with their own unique attack. There is a time limit before the Egg Daredevil charges its full power while the player must collect rings in order to keep his super form. During gameplay, the screen turns sideways, upside down or becomes mirrored, revealing the robot's other side. Due to the energy of the Chao inside the robot, the battlefield turns a slight purplish, pink colour.

Egg Daredevil

The true final boss of the game. The Egg Daredevil is a robot created by the evil duo which feeds off the energy of the Chao kept inside it. The robot has literally two sides: The left half of the robot resembles Dr. Eggman while the right half resembles Snively, each with its own attacks.

During battle with the Dr. Eggman side, Egg Daredevil shoots red laisers from its eye and has cannons as goggles. It throws comets torwards the player, shoots rockets from its hand and rocket's from the nose.

During battle with the Snively side, Egg Daredevil uses its hair which produce electricity to shock the player.Its hand is a drill and shoots multiple fireballs from its eye. Its most powerful attack consists of a cannon which shoots a light blue laiser, the energy of the captured Chao.

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