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Solex appears a yellow hedgehog with three spines in a mohawk over his head. His skin and muzzle are dark green to the point of blackness, and his eyes are red with black sclera. He wears an open, dark-turquoise jacket and gold-banded, green fingerless gloves. His shoes are dark purple with dark blue linings, and he wears long, dark-blue pants.


Solex is often vacant, lazy and rather unmotivated. His powers over Darkness allow him to basically do anything he wants, and it has become a tool to fuel his general laziness. Though when given a task, he becomes fairly active in the pursuit of his goal, but rarely seeks out things to do.


Solex was once the Powers of the God of Darkness known as Erebaan, though when he was shattered, the Dark Powers commanded by the God took the form that became , though he was cursed to forget his origins, and transported through time to approximately 10 years ago.

Soon after, he was recruited by The Trolls, who ordered him on many missions... All of which failed miserably. Solex slowly gained control over his powers, killing many in dark alleyways. Eventually, he met BloodSonic, though by this point he had left the Troll organisation.

Much of Solex's past was never heard of from his own mouth, and has only been claimed by Blood, though he also explains that Solex wasn't given the memory of his former life.


Solex is the incarnation of Erebaan's dark powers. As such, he has the ability to see and control all darkness, even to the extent of being able to touch a person's heart. Primarily he uses this power to avoid direct combat, creating constructs and waves of darkness to keep his foes at a distance and slowly whittle them down. Failing that, his darkness can also be constructed into a spherical shield around him, blocking almost any attack, or he can meld into the shadows and become untouchable to most attacks. He has created his own technique - a Dark Gas which causes anybody who lacks a resistance to Darkness, or has no naturally Dark abilities, to transform into a kind of shadow and attack anyone nearby.

Solex is powerful enough and fast enough to fight Blood in any of his focused states, even outmatching him in terms of raw strength several times. He has a certain level of connection to the Chaos Force through Defaran, allowing him to use basic Chaos abilities such as Chaos Control.
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