Soleanna Forest is a location that appears occasionally in The Legend of Fox the Brave. It first debuted in the infamous Sonic the Hedgehog 2006(known better as Sonic '06) for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It is one of the hubworlds all three hedgehog characters visit in the game(as well as the one Silver the Hedgehog starts out in), and is possibly the largest and emptiest. In The Legend of Fox the Brave, it is the home of various foxes and wolves. It temporarily served as the home of both Cody the Wolfdog and the Red Fox Pack.


The forest isn't much of a forest for the first few miles outside its namesake city, as there is what appears to be a large canyon. Inward, it becomes more of a forest, complete with trees and undergrowth. There is also a pond that has a Mirror leading to the stage Tropical Jungle(which does not appear in The Legend of Fox the Brave). A fox burrow is under one of the trees by the pond's shore.


The weather is generally clear, with occasional rainstorms and even snow every now and then.


Soleanna's history is relatively unknown, but has become a bit of a famous location since it housed the kin of Fox the Brave, a living descendant of Redstone, the famous fox who was the first to defeat the infamous Sonic.EXE. Because Sonic.EXE was willing to visit it, it has also become a bit of a repellant to some people who believe that Redstone's kin is a magnet to evil. As of an unknown story, the old burrow Torch used to live in is now home to Austin.

Significant Populations

The most well known wildlife are foxes-red, gray, and silver-and gray wolves, with the occasional timber wolf. There are known to be "clans" of each species of fox, with the only confirmed member being a red fox named Nightfoot.

The forest was confirmed by the creator to be the home of Mega Force members Luxray and Sceptile.

Notable Areas

The most notable areas are the aforementioned pond, and the "Fox Canyon", named so for the high concentration


As the clans of foxes did not appear in previous appearances of the forest, it is currently unknown if they existed in Fox's youth. It's possible they formed some time after, especially when news of the Red Fox Pack's existence became common knowledge. As of yet, this has no explanation.

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