Solceaus is the techinical term for Sol the Fairy, as Lunaceaus is for Luna. Solceaus was awakened by Dr. Eggman when he split the moon in half. Sol turned into this form and attacked the Earth, enraged at his early awakening. Solceaus has

Sol's Appearence As A Fairy
Name Solceaus "Sol" the Fairy


Species Fairy/Sun Spirit
Age ???
Height 1'3"
Weight 10lbs
Birthdate The Universe's Beginning
Hair Orange (Short and spikey)
Eyes Purple

Red tunic

Black choker

Large Orange Wings

Gold Crown

Brown boots

Family Lunaceaus "Luna" the Fairy

many minions that work under him. He only appears in Sonic unleashed 2, but only shows his true form once and that is at the end. Solceaus has a sister named Luna, who is the Moon Spirit. Solceaus is the Sun Spirit. 

Appearence As Solceaus 

Solceaus appears as a large, flame-colored beast with two large horns on its head. It has two giant wings that are on fire, as well as his horns. His feet are like a hawk's, and his talons are flames, too. Solceaus has five spiked tails and four arms with razor-sharp claws. He has four purple eyes, too. His weaknesses are his eyes, tails, wings, and horns.

Allies and Enemies

Since Solceaus went out of control, he was used by Eggman, since he couldn't control his rage.


Dr. Eggman

Shima the Werehog

Shadow the Werehog

Knuckles the Echidna


Sonic the Hedgehog/Sonic the Werehog

Luna the Fairy

Miles "Tails" Prower

Amy Rose

Rouge the Bat

E-123 Omega

Professor Rindle

Professor Ivy


  • He is one of the oldest beings, next to Solaris, Chip, Luna, Dark Nebulae, and Choas.
  • Though they don't resemble each other, Sol and Luna are called "siblings" in the ancient tablets.
  • Sol's name came from his creator's Pokemon, Solrock
  • Can you guess which character he sort of resembles? (look at his outfit!)
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