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Solasite is an uncommon type of crystal.


Raw solasite occurs as a rough chunk of rounded crystal that comes in different shades of yellow, with a naturally resinous lustre. It is naturally luminescent, constantly giving off a soft, warm glow. Exposure to light makes it seem to glimmer.



Solasite's main use is as jewelry. Solasite gemstones come in a wide variety of shapes, and generally tend to be faceted, although cabochon gemstones (ones that have been shaped and polished) are not unheard of.

Solasite gemstones typically carry over the resinous lustre of their raw, uncut forms, but can also occur in a pearly lustre. Solasite gemstones are primarily golden yellow in color, with variations in color shade, from pale yellow to a dark goldenrod.


Solasite is known as one of Mobius' many "magic minerals", which basically describe any ore, mineral, or gemstone that has supernatural properties. Solasite bears an alignment with the Element of Light, and both raw solasite and solasite gemstones have their uses.

Weapon Enhancements

Due to solasite's natural sub-alignment of Light, refining them into gemstones also allows them to generate their power more easily and make the Elemental essence in them more purified; solasite gemstones have been known to be fused to weapons in order to infuse them with a moderate amount of Light-Element energy.

Special Properties

Being classed as a "magic mineral", solasite has supernatural properties; it carries a natural sub-alignment to the Element of Light, which becomes "purified" and concentrated when it is refined into a gemstone.

Solasite, in both its raw form and its gem form, is naturally luminescent, with the intensity of the light being stronger in the gemstones. The amount of light given off is dependent on the size of the gemstone itself, with larger gemstones giving off brighter light.

Raw solasite, when ground into a fine powder, can be used to create flashbangs.

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Anyone who uses solasite in any form, for any reason.


  • Solasite's name is derived from the word "solar".
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