Solaria is one on the kingdoms in the Sol Dimension.

Life on Solaria

Solaria is where Princess Nikki Percival Kaji was born. All of the the residents in her kingdom are called Solarians. The King of Solaria goes by the name Ferdinand, and the Queen goes by the name Serena. People live in peace and harmony on Solaria. Then there's the villain of the kingdom, Dr.Eggman Nega. Whenever he invades the kingdom, the royal family puts a stop to it.

This is the part of the planet Solaria is on.


In the winter, Solaria usually goes down to -15 dergees at the lowest. In the summer, Solaria reaches about 90 degrees in the summer. In the fall and spring, the temperature is normal, about 70 degrees. People are most likely to go out during the fall and spring because of the beautiful climates.

Notable Places

The palace where the royal family lives
Solar Beach, the best place to go in the summer
Great Migreel, the highest mountain in Solaria


932,563,890 people

Well Known Residents

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Nikki the Hedgehog(moved away to Mobius)

King Ferdinand

Queen Serena

Shaoke the Hedgehog

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