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Solarex is an artificial lifeform created after years of research, made with magically enchanted clay. He is a shadow mage who specializes in healing, growing plants, the manipulation of light levels.


Solarex has always, regardless of his personality, always leaned towards his original purpose; defense. He attempts to be pacifistic as much as he can, but if what he is defending is threatened, he will viciously do all he can in order to protect that structure, person, or group. He is fully willing to give his own life to achieve this goal. He will do so regardless of injury, including having his limbs torn off, critically damaged, or even being decapitated.

Despite being a construct, Solarex has a very humane personality. He is caring, and possesses a chronic desire to do his job. He is also friendly despite his imposing figure, and enjoys playing with children in the settlement or group he is defending.

The concept of insubordination is almost incomprehensible to him; he will obey orders regardless of how suicidal, stupid, illogical, or just plain useless it is, with a certain exception. He will never knowingly do something that will or ultimately harm or endanger what he is protecting.

When he can, Solarex loves nature, opting to spend his time near fresh water, preferably a small body with excess flora and fauna. His ability to sense water helps this. If he is protecting a person in need of water, he will actively seek out water without rest.

When damaged, Solarex will only seek out someone to repair him if he truly needs it, and only then if everyone else around him is in favorable conditions.


Solarex looks like he is a hedgehog expertly shaped from blue tinted clay; this is entirely accurate. Despite his entirely realistic look, he still lacks any body hair, skin, or keratin. His eyes are made from white clay and supposedly sand, but produce no tears or liquid, thus looking like they are glass orbs. Solarex has no tongue; he does not need one, as his voice is formed by magical vibrations.

Solarex is of slightly above normal build. He is also rather tall for a Mobian, measuring in at 1.4 meters, or just over 55 inches. His spines are adorned with lapis lazuli styled to appear like stripes, which is cracked due to its lack of magical enchantment. His torso and arms are covered in multiple precious and semiprecious stones which form arcane markings

Solarex wears no clothes. Since he is a golem, he has no need for clothing, since he lacks sexual characteristics and is unaffected by mundane cold and heat.



Solarex was built by a tribe of nomadic jackals during the early Waste War, specifically by their wizard. He was given the strict programming to help protect the jackal tribe. At first, Solarex obeyed the way he was supposed to; like a mindless construct.

In function, he was successful. Roving bands of Echidna Raiders and Jackals were usually driven away from the tribes many settlements. He made an excellent scout, and could bring large amounts of water across great distances.

Developing a persona

After much time fighting without rest, Solarex started to form a conscious when he was able to rest from his constant fighting. He continually watched others enjoy the beautiful peace they had attained. Through this observation, and through the collected gratitude of all those he protected, he started to develop a sentience.

At firs,t this sentience was limited; casual conversation to with tribesmen, to more descriptive and emotional with his reports. When his creator saw this, he decided that he needed to monitor (and possibly destroy) him. however, this feeling waned when he realized he still had control over his golem while he lived.

Identifying Himself

As years passed and the tribe prospered, Solarex's personality grew. During a specific accident, however, Solarex discovered something about himself; if he was in total darkness, he stopped functioning. When he finally started to work again, he questioned his creator why this happened, to which his maker responded that he would not function in complete darkness at all, since he drew his powers from the Shadow world, which could only be accessed through shadows.

He creator told him about the moon and the sun, and how they, like light and darkness, formed a perfect balance. Without the light, the shadow could not exist. But the Light itself permeates darkness, thus creating an area where  neither exist; The Shadow.

With the knowledge, Solarex started to rethink himself. What was his purpose? Obviously he was supposed to defend the tribe and their works. But was there something beyond that? Ultimately, he felt peace with defending these people and their land. It made him happy. The Wasteland was all he knew, and he'd protect the tribe he lived with.

Waste Wars Beginning

After an extended peace, The to be Waste Queen and her Dragoon army fought against the Mage-Warrior Carsot and the united Echidna Warrior Tribes. The battle rocked many reaches of the plains, and several innocent tribes, both Jackal and Echidna.

Solarex spent many days and nights fighting off invaders and scavengers who came to the tribal grounds from the rapidly dying plains. As armies clashed and raiders came through the valley the tribe was in, many were killed or wounded.

Solarex blamed himself for the many deaths, including that of his creator. In his guilt, he kept fighting, slowly becoming more and more damaged as time went on. Eventually, while attempting to defend a house from some raiders, lost his arm to an explosive crossbow bolt. When this happened, he was powerless to prevent the death of a women targeted by raiders. While he ultimately killed them both, he still failed to fulfill his purpose.


Solarex's guilt was great. He couldn't do much as to even look at the tribe he swore to protect. At this point, he was gravely damaged, and nearly unable to keep moving. The golem eventually fell down, and was unable to move due to the extensive wear. Solarex saw it a fitting end for his failure, being left to weather away.

As he closed his eyes, he heard the sounds of running, and found himself surrounded by the people of his tribe, who told the golem that they did not hold him responsible for the deaths, and wanted to repair him. Solarex, filled with joy and relief, was taken for repair.


While the villagers struggled to gather the necessary materials to repair Solarex. They managed to gather enough jewels and magic to fully repair Solarex's body, allowing him to fight again. Overjoyed, the golem went once again went to guarding his home.

But this was not to last. The Waste Wars still raged on.

The Future Waste Queen led her personal legion upon the village that Solarex guarded. While Solarex and the defense force of tribesmen managed to take out a notable chunk of the oncoming jackals. However, the Waste Queen interrupted the battle, and challenged Solarex to a one on one battle, promising to leave the village if Solarex won.

Solarex excepted without hesitation. As he charged for a punch, The Queen simply made a quick gesture and buried Solarex deep in the ground. To add to the wound, the queen created a tremor to bury the temple of the tribe with the golem.

Solarex, cut off from his power source, watched and listened to the carnage above his grave before he deactivated.

To this day, Solarex still remains buried.


Solarex's powers stem directly from his artificial makeup. He is made of magically altered clay adorned with magic lapis lazuli, made to grant him his powers.

Super Powers

  • Super Strength: Solarex can press 20 tons with relative ease. This mostly stems from his makeup. He is also capable of delivering powerful punches or sundering weapons with well time strikes. He does not possess similar ability in his legs.
  • Super Durability: Solarex's clay makeup can withstand large amounts of punishment, requiring powerful blows or continued wear and tear to break his body parts. He can easily take multiple blows from steel weapons and take multiple blasts of energy without flinching.
  • Immunity to Mundane Illness/Poison: Due to his inorganic makeup, Solarex cannot be affected by most diseases and poisons.
  • Total Pain Immunity: Solarex has no nervous system, and thus cannot feel pain.
  • Golem Sustenance: Solarex is an inorganic magical construct. As long as he has access to light, he can keep functioning for as long as needed.
  • Resistance to Fire: Solarex is resistant to fire due to being made of clay.


Solarex has several weaknesses, his most notable being his dependence on light. Without a constant connection to that shadow, Solarex will cease to function entirely, since he rapidly loses energy otherwise. Despite his incredible powers, he also lacks an healing ability; any damage sustained by him must be repaired manually.

His design also came with a lack of agility. He cannot move quickly actually moving slower than a normal person. While this is slightly countered by his tirelessness, he cannot catch fast opponents.

While he is unaware of it, Solarex has a vulnerability to sonic attacks; they due severe damage to his entirely solid body.


  • Solarex was originally an Alchemically engineered being. This was changed when his author remade his setting.
  • Solarex's connection to shadows is inspired by the Shadow Wizards of the Dungeons & Dragons setting "Dark Sun".
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