Solar the Hedgehog (HoT) is a member of The Trolls and a former Castle Guard technician from House Thunda.

Solar the Hedgehog (HoT)

Biographical Information
Romantic InterestsNatasha the Bat
Physical Description
  • Fur: Yellow w/ peach skin & Hyper Sonic-styled quills
  • Eyes: Dark gray
  • Has short stubby horns from Antelope ancestry
  • Purple shirt
  • Red tracksuit pants
  • Red Sonic-style sneakers
  • White gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry & Equipmentpending
  • Skilled w/ hydrokinesis
  • Trained with solarakinesis
  • Skilled in hand-to-hand combat
  • Trained to repair and rebuild a large array of engines
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original Creator
  • Flashfire212


A Hyper Sonic recolour, Solar is bright yellow with tan skin and the recognizable quills. He has the same physical structure as Hyper Sonic, although he shares the traditional Troll prejudice against recolours. However, he has two short black horns on his forehead, the only signifier of his antelope heritage.


The main area that distances Solar from Hyper Sonic, he wears a purple long-sleeved shirt and red tracksuit pants, as well as a pair of shoes identical to Sonic and the same white gloves.


Early Life

Solar was born into a proud, noble family. His father was the head of the Castle Guard of House Thunda, while his mother was high-born in the nobility. This put the youth into a prestigious place. As a child, he was always fiddling with things and had a knack for anything mechanical.

Schooling and Apprenticeship

While he was homeschooled for a while, Solar was later enrolled into the same school as the four princes, at roughly the age of eight. However, very quickly a problem stood out - he was often disorganized with his books, and rarely listened in class. Instead, the young hedgehog preferred to tinker with literally everything and anything at hand. Due to his innate skill, his father proposed a compromise - Solar would be removed from school at thirteen, and instead placed as an apprentice in the Castle Guard as a technician and mechanic. His mother reluctantly agreed, while Solar found the idea better than going to school to be bored all day.

However, this apprenticeship was a lot harder than Solar expected. The teen had expected to work on the engines and weapons of the entire Castle Guard with the other mechanics regularly. However, he was put through the traditional taunting from the other mechanics, which included being asked to 'go to the storeroom to get a long weight', and collect 'a left-handed screwdriver'. The other guards even went as far as tricking the youth to focus on and closely examine the powerful searchlight globe mounted on a walker before turning it on, blinding the teen for over an hour, although his solarakinesis did serve to lessen the effect. Due to this, despite his talents in these areas, he began to slacken off. It was around that time when he met Prince Frost, with the technician going so-far as to acquire a set of training dummy parts for the inventive prince to form into twelve full body-sized puppets for his younger brother, Bolt. The prince wasn't the most social person Solar had ever met, but the two had similar interests in engines and technology, although Frost's inventive and fast-paced mind was just as suited for designing as it was for maintainance work.


After a few years of this treatment, Frost came and collected Solar for a job - helping the four princes escape from the castle for good, and to join them. Toxic, the crown prince and eldest of the brothers, reluctantly allowed the yellow hedgehog into the group. He explained that he had been in contact with a Freedom Fighter-like group who was devoted to stamping out recolours. As such, his plan was to escape and join them. However, Toxic's twin brother Poison accidentally revealed this to a friend of his, which forced Toxic to accept the newcomer - Hotdog the Hedgehog - a fact that confused Solar slightly.

On departure, Frost and the former castle guard were instructed to head to an old Eggman base. On arrival, the base appeared to have been freshly raided, but this was followed by a team of Alpha 100 Series robots - robots derived from the design of the E-series unit Alpha - which seemed to think that the two hedgehogs were responsible. Pushed onto the back foot, Frost used his combination of cryokinesis and electrokinesis to buy Solar time to dig out an EMP blaster and get it working again. At that point, the two hedgehogs switched roles, with Frost using his electrokinesis to destroy the robots Solar disabled with the EMP and his own solarakinetic and hydrokinetic abilities. After each robot was disabled and destroyed, the duo were applauded by a black figure, a being who revealed himself to be Mephiles the Dark. He revealed himself as their contact, and used Chaos Control to warp the three of them to the Troll Moonbase, where they were inducted into the Trolls by Rageik. Frost quickly took on the role of "head of mechanical and weapons technology", alongside the standard footsoldier role all Trolls were expected to fill. In this role, Solar served as his right-hand man, although for him to leave the Moonbase was a rarity.


Solar, as a former Castle Guard trainee, is a skilled fighter in his chosen areas - hand-to-hand combat and hydrokinesis, with respectable training into Solarakinesis from his family. However, due in part to his age when he left the guards, he was never taught a weapons form. On occasion he has been seen using a chip launcher (like most Trolls), and in another case he marched into battle armed with a minigun, but for the most part he prefers to fight with his powers and hand-to-hand skill. In a few rare instances, he has been seen using Solar-elemental attacks in combat, with this element being a fusion of Fire and Light. How he gained the knowledge in Fire is believed to be to do with Scorch the Pyrohog of Reaper's Legion, as the man is a prodigy in all forms of fire, and may have taught Solar the theory of Fire to create the advanced element.

However, Solar's main weaknesses are psychological. He has a long-standing fear of ghosts and spirits, and as such ethereal enemies and those who can become intangible are both major fears he has, which in turn limits his effective fighting style against them. After joining the trolls, Solar also gained a paranoia of 'recolours', which basically covers any character with even the slightest resemblance to one of the main characters of the game series. This enrages him and forces him into a wild berserker rage, although it also makes him easier to defeat.

However, a factor that cannot be forgotten or ignored is Solar's natural gift with mechanical engineering. Any piece of technology working with moving parts, ranging from a walker or tank down to a pistol, can be modified and repaired by the hedgehog. This makes him a dangerous foe to have on the battlefield as he can sabotage vehicles with ease, or even hack and take control of these units for The Trolls.

Water Abilities

Light Abilities

Solar Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Forms and Fusions


As a child, Solar was a scatter-brained and forgetful child, although his love for mechanical items was evident even then. This remained in his schooling, prompting his father to pull the child out and into the Castle Guards to learn an art he was interested in - mechanics. However, through bullying he grew lazy and reluctant to socialize, although when he was working it was incredibly difficult to notice anything wrong with him.

After joining the Trolls, Solar lost his lazy nature, but instead grew paranoid about 'recolours'. Indeed, he often stated that the guards that abused him HAD to be recolours, and that he would gladly kill them all. This trait is such a drastic change that Frost has stopped mentioning recolours when Solar is in earshot.






  • Chojiro Redder - A member of the logistics department of the Castle Guard, Chojiro is a anthropomorphic Masquerain who tormented the young hedgehog before he joined the Trolls.



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